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V.A. - Biet Het Vol. 2

Volume 2 (Distortions/Waterpipe) is in the same mould as its predecessor. Good tracks by The Softs, Symptomes, Het or Met & Zonder are accompanied by the pure rubbish of Willem O.P. Schepper, Erik or Tinus Plotseling for instance. Again, the dutch people will have more fun with the lyrics than the foreign speaker.

1. Spiders - Oze-Wieze-Woze
taken from the single
Oze-Wieze-Woze/Thank You Girl (Fontana YF 278043) 1964
Line-up: Heinz van Tuyl (gtr), Jos Panhuizen (vcls, gtr), Hans Vermeulen (bs), Peter van Breemen (drms).
Band origin: Eindhoven (Noord Brabant/Netherlands)
2. Softs - Kassie Kijken
taken from the single Kassie Kijken/Paarse Broek (Omega 35481) 1966
Line-up: Felix op't Einde (vcls), Peter Bakker (gtr), Klaas Groot (bs), Rene Vlieger (drms). Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
3. Fabien Collin - Ophoepelen
taken from the single Water en brood/Ophoepelen (Passe Partout 010) 1967
Line-up incl.: Fabien Collin (vcls). Origin: Antwerpen (Belgium)
4. Symptomes - Zij Liet Me Staan
taken from the single Paulien/Zij Liet Me Staan (Philips JF 333666) 1967
Line-up: Jan Cornelissen (lead gtr), Martin Cornelissen (rhythm gtr, vcls), Cees in t'Groen (rhythm gtr), Cees Bogers (bs), Henk Ernst (drms).
Band origin: Dongen/Rijen (Noord Brabant/Netherlands)
5. Het - Allen Op Het Kerkhof
taken from the single
Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan/Alleen Op Het Kerkhof
(Fontana 278115 YF) 1965

Line-up: Jacques Zwart (lead vcls), Adri de Hont (gtr), Pim van der Linden (bs), Dennis Witbraad (drms).
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
6. Ronnie & De Ronnies - Zo Lui
taken from the single Help! Help!/Zo Lui (Delta DS 1264) 1967
Line-up incl.: Ronnie Schutte.
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
7. Ernie Bender & The Jets - Hey Lulu
taken from the single Strandfeest/Hey Lulu (Fontana YF 278092) 1965
Line-up incl.: Ernie Bender [real name Ernst Beneder].
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
8. 12345 - Hullabaloo!
taken from the single
Neem Me Mee Sexy Natel/Hullabaloo (Fontana YF 278149) 1967
Line-up: Peter Grinwis (vcls), Herman Kroese (lead gtr), Jan van den Broek (rhythm gtr), Leo van de Corput (bs), Henk van Genderen (drms).
Band origin: Breda (Noord Brabant/Netherlands)
9. Joske Harry's & The King Creoles - Louie Louie
taken from the single
Louie Louie/Hoor! Nu Zeg Ik Het Weer (Arsa AR 107) 1964
Line-up incl.: Joske Harris [real name Georges Lisabeth] (gtr, vcls).
Band origin: Brugge (West Vlaanderen/Belgium)
10. Cavaliers - Assepoes
taken from the single Assepoes/Claudette (Imperial IH 641) 1965
Line-up: Piet Souer (vcls, gtr), Ton Sprenger (gtr), Frits van Antwerpen (keyb'ds), Dick Stigter (bs), Cees van Antwerpen (drms).
Band origin: Eindhoven (Noord Brabant/Netherlands)
11. Fabien Collin - Mariwana Maruwana
taken from the single
Mariwana Maruwana/Met jou aan m'n zij (EMI GBP 225) 1967
Line-up/Origin: See Track 3
12. Andre van Duin - Moet ik lopen? [She's About A Mover]
taken from the single
Stoelen stoelen! [Wooly Bully]/Moet ik lopen? [She's About A Mover]
(Philips JF 327894) 1965

Line-up incl.: Andre van Duin (vcls).
Origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)

13. Sharks - Pas Op Voor De Sharks
taken from the single
Pas Op Voor De Sharks/Made In USA (Funckler DL 45108) 1963
Line-up: Hans van Tol [aka Tol Hansse] (gtr, vcls), Fred Bachofner (gtr), Ton Schreuder (bs), Clous van Mechelen (sax, piano, gtr), Chris Uittenboogaard (drms). Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
14. Clungels - Geen Cent!
taken from the single
Dat Had Ik Nog Nooit Gedaan/Geen Cent! (Artone DS 25337) 1966
Line-up: Axel van Duin (vcls, gtr), Paul Brachel (gtr), Jaap Gerritsen (bs), Arthur de Groot (piano), Theo Pietersen (drms).
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
15. Rolf De Meijer - Leef Alleen Om 'Ja' Te Zeggen
taken from the single
Leef Alleen Om 'Ja' Te Zeggen/Wat Wil Ik Nog Meer (?) 1968
Line-up incl.: Rolf De Meijer. Origin: Netherlands
16. Erik - Hippie Hip
taken from the single Alexander Bell/Hippie Hip (Decca 23727) 1967
Line-up incl.: Erik van Malder (vcls). Origin: Antwerpen (Belgium)
17. 12345 - Neem Me Mee Sexy Natel
See Track 8
18. Confetti Combo - Die Pil
taken from the single
Ik Weet Dat Jij Niet Nee Kan Zeggen/Die Pil (Philips JF 334641) 1969
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Netherlands
19. Babs, Marina & De Hippe Vogels - LSD
taken from the Soundtrack-album De Stunt (Philips 844056 PY) 1967
Line-up: Mary van den Berg (vcls), Marian Berk (vcls), Carola Baay (vcls), Maelys Morel (vcls), Lia Karon (vcls), John Kuipers (vcls), Frank Sanders (vcls), Beer Bossu (vcls), Jan Bolt (vcls).
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
20. Softs - Paarse Broek
See Track 2
21. Het - S.O.S.
taken from the single S.O.S/I Call You Bluff (Fontana 278146 YF) 1967
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 5
22. Willem O.P. Schepper - De Tien Geboden
taken from the single
De Tien Geboden/De Pantoffelheld (CNR UH 9853) 1966
Line-up incl.: Willem O.P. Schepper (vcls). Origin: Netherlands
23. Tinus Plotseling - Trip Trap Door De Tulpjes
taken from the single
Trip Trap Door De Tulpjes/Quinn The Eskimo (Havoc SH 149) 1968
Line-up: Tinus Plotseling [aka Peter Tetteroo] (vcls).
Origin: Delft (Zuid Holland/Netherlands)
24. Met & Zonder - Meneertje Pils
taken from the single
Meneertje Pils/Rood En Oranje In De Schemering (Fontana YF 278150) 1967
Line-up: Tony Leroy (gtr), Martijn Dresden (bs, vcls), Hessel de Vries (keyb'ds, vcls), Pierre van den Linden (drms).
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
25. Ronnie & De Ronnies - Help! Help!
See Track 6
26. Selfkick - Zo Is Het Toevallig Nog Eens Een Keer
taken from the single
Zo Is Het Toevallig Ook Nog Eens Een Keer/Blues For Us By Us
(Delta DS 1187) 1966

Line-up: Yme de Jong (vcls), Ton van der Woude (lead gtr), Dick Kuyer (rhythm gtr), Fred de la Rie (bs), Wim van Beek (drms).
Band origin: Beverwijk (Noord Holland/Netherlands)

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Listen to Symptomes - Zij Liet Me Staan

Listen to Softs - Paarse Broek

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Action - Action Speaks Louder Than... (1968)

I assume that you all know The Action. The Mods and Beat fans love them for their 65-67 recordings respectively the retrospective "Ultimate Action" album, the Psychedelic entusiasts prefer the "Brain" aka "Rolled Gold" releases. "Action Speaks Louder Than..." contains five studio demos from '68 shortly before they became Mighty Baby and was released 1985 on the Castle label (Castle DOJOLP 3). Although it's already the Mighty Baby line-up the sound is better comparable with the "Brain" recordings and highly recommended for every Psychedelic connoisseur. All the tracks were written by Ian Whiteman and presumably recorded as they've picked up the name Azoth for a short while. "The Tapestry of Delights" described it as "a soft, West Coast psychedelic feel with very pleasant harmonies". The tracks also appeared on Big Beats CD re-issue of the first "Mighty Baby" album and if you have this release you don't need necessarily "Action Speaks Louder Than...". If you haven't you should grab these songs for your complete Action discography!

- Only Dreaming
- Dustbin Full Of Rubbish
- An Understanding Love
- My Favourite Day
- A Saying For Today

Reggie King (vcls) [ABCD]
Peter Watson (lead gtr, vcls) [A]
Alan 'Bam' King (gtr, vcls) [ABCDE]
Mike Evans (bass, gtr) [ABCDE]
Roger Powell (drums, gtr) [ABCDE]
Ian Whiteman (keyb'ds, sax, oboe, clarinet) [CE]
Martin Stone (lead gtr) [DE]

Band origin:

1. (A/B) The Ultimate Action (Edsel ED 101) 1980
2. (E) Action Speaks Louder Than (Castle DOJOLP 3) 1985
3. ( ) Rolled Gold (Dig The Fuzz Records DIG 025) 1998

[1. singles and unreleased 65-67]
[2. '68 demo recordings]
[3. '67/'68 demo recordings]

1. (A) Land Of A Thousand Dances/In My Lonely Room
   (Parlophone R 5354) 1965
2. (A) I'll Keep On Holding On/Hey Sha-Lo-Ney
   (Parlophone R 5410) 1966
3. (A) Baby You've Got It/ Since I Lost My Baby
   (Parlophone R 5474) 1966
4. (B) Never Ever/Twenty Fourth Hour
   (Parlophone R 5572) 1967
5. (B) Shadows And Reflections/Something Has Hit Me
   (Parlophone R 5610) 1967
6. (B) Harlem Shuffle/Wasn't It You (Hansa 14321 AT) 1968

[6. German-only release]

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Listen to A Saying For Today

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Dave Clark Five (1962-63) + Washington DC's (1964-68)

There was no real connection between the two bands except that they shared the same label (Ember Records) in their early days. After the Dave Clark Five started to hit the charts high Ember Records used them as a lure to promote the Wahington DC's and released the "Dave Clark Five with The Washington DC's" album. It contains only two songs of the DC5 but eight tracks of The Wahington DC's, who had prior to this release a number 1 hit in Turkey with "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine", but failed to make the charts in England. The LP didn't make any impact too and very little was heard of the group over the next two years. They then got a record deal with CBS and reappear on the scene in '66 with the excellent "32nd Floor" 7-inch, followed by the even superior "Seek And Find" single. Again success eluded them and as a consequence the band headed to the continent where they were seemingly better recognized than in their homeland. The end of '68 saw the release of their final 45, the cool Mod/Freakbeat "I've Done It All Wrong/Anytime". Not long after the group finally split.

The CD-only release on Repertoire (Repertoire REP 4314-WY / 1993) contains the first three DC5 singles, white-bread early '60s Pop if you ask me. More interesting is the tracklist of the Washington DC's (17 tracks in total) that contains their whole output plus 2 unreleased songs.

[Dave Clark Five]
- Chaquita
- In Your Heart
- First Love
- I Walk The Line
- That's What I Said
- I Knew It All The Time

[Washington DC's]
- Seek And Find
- I Love Gerald Chevin The Great
- 32nd Floor
- Whole Lot More
- Any Time
- I've Done It All Wrong
- Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
- Where Did You Go
- Shimmy Shimmy
- Sweet Little Rock'n'roller
- Yakety Yak
- Little One
- Is It Me
- Have You Seen My Baby
- Carol
- Return To Me
- Have You Seen My Baby [alt. take]

Personnel [Washington DC's]:
Pat Curley (lead gtr) [AB]
Barry Fitzgerald (gtr) [ABCD]
Roger Creed (bs) [AB]
Baz (drms) [A]
Glen Duke (drms) [BC]
Roger Saunders (vcls, lead gtr, keyb'ds) [CD]
Berbie Trott (bs) [C]
Gary Lee Illingworth (keyb'ds) [C]
Walt Monaghan (bs, gtr, keyb'ds) [D]
Brian Hillman (drms) [D]

Band origin:

1. (C) The Dave Clark Five With The Washington DC's
   (Ember FA 2003) 1965

1. (B) Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/Where Did You Go
   (Ember EMB S 190) 1964
2. (C) 32nd Floor/Whole Lot More (CBS 202226) 1966
3. (C) Seek And Find/I Love Gerald Chevin The Great
   (CBS 202464) 1967
4. (D) I've Done It All Wrong/Anytime (Domain D 9) 1968

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V.A. - California Love-In

This unofficial release went about six volumes and was compiled "from members for members" of the (now gone) U-Spaces group. Some illustrious people were involved like Max Waller, Patrick Lundborg or Alec Palao, to name a few. By the time of finishing "California Love-in" contains previously uncompiled or forgotten material of Psychedelic and Pop groups from the californian '60s. For my taste more than half of the material is well worth hearing. As I was never a member of any group or forum I've picked it up a while ago at Soulseek.

1. The Love-Ins
Cinema Trailer Edit
2. Family Tree - He Spins Around
taken from the single
He Spins Around/She Had To Fly (RCA 9671) 1968
Line-up: Bob Segarini (gtr, vcls, keyb'ds), Mike Dure (gtr), Bill 'Kootch' Troachim (bs, vcls), Jim Decocq (keyb'ds), Van Slatter (drms).
Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)
3. Hobbits - Jolly Good Fellow
taken from the single
Frodo Lives/Jolly Good Fellow (ZAR 25) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: California
4. Gladstone - What A Day
taken from the single Upsome/What A Day (A&M 1061) 1968
Line-up: Ned Torney (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Jim Sawyers (gtr), Alan Graham (vcls, bs), Ken Matthew (drms, vcls).
Band origin: San Jose (California/US)
5. Travel Agency - Time
taken from the single Time/Made For You (Tanqueray 20102) 1966
Line-up: Steve Haehl (gtr, vcls), Tom Beal, Busby.
Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)
6. Avant Garde - Honey And Gall
taken from the single
Naturally Stoned/Honey And Gall (Columbia 4-44590) 1968
Line-up: Elkin "Bubba" Fowler (vcls), Chuck Woolery (vcls) + session musicians. Band origin: California
7. Ariel - It Feels Like I'm Crying
taken from the single
I Love You/It Feels Like I'm Crying (Brent 7060) 1966
Line-up: Jack Walters (lead gtr), Chris Guiver, Paul Studebaker, Dennis Studebaker. Band origin: Burlingame (California/US)
8. Now - I Want
taken from the single
I Want/Like A Flying Bird (Embassy C-1968) 1968
Line-up: Frank Straight (lead gtr), David Zandonatti (bs, vcls), Oliver McKinney (keyb'ds), Randy Guzman [aka Randy Gordon] (drms).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
9. Tow-Away Zone - Searchin'
taken from the single Searchin'/Shabd (Epic 5-10369) 1968
Line-up: Phil Franks (gtr), Bjorn Nymann (gtr), Randy Molitor (bs), Bill DeHaan (drms). Band origin: San Leandro (California/US)
10. Weathervane - My Original Blue Jeans
taken from the single
4-4,4-5/My Original Blue Jeans (Plamie P 1026) 1968
Line-up: Kevin Beamish (lead gtr), Bob Wilson (rhythm gtr), Ed Bowman (bs), Steffen Presley (organ), Mike O'Bryan (drms, lead vcls).
Band origin: Modesto (California/US)
11. Vandells - American Eagle
taken from the single
Hunter's Fox/American Eagle (Bay Town BT 021/022) 1969
Line-up: Drew Serb (lead gtr), Joe Serb (rhythm gtr, lead vcls), Mike Raffanelli (bs), Gary Raffanelli (organ), Paul George (drms).
Band origin: Richmond (California/US)
12. Stained Glass - Mediocre Me
taken from the single
A Scene In Between/Mediocre Me (RCA Victor 47-9354) 1967
Line-up: Bob Rominger (gtr), Jim McPherson (bs, vcls), Dennis Carrasco (drms). Band origin: San Jose (California/US)
13. Spring Fever - You Made My Life
taken from the single Stop!/You Made My Life (Capitol 2337) 1968
Line-up incl.: David Bryan Orgill.
Band origin: Salt Lake City (Utah) → San Francisco (California/US)
14. Drongos - Under My Thumb
taken from the single
Under My Thumb/If You Want To Know (White Whale WW-235) 1966
Line-up: Bruce Clausen (lead gtr), Arnold Levinson (rhythm gtr), Michael Friedman (bs), Todd Anderson (vcls, piano, sax), Alec Axt (drms).
Band origin: Berkeley (California/US)
15. White Haven Pillow - Music Man
taken from the single Wreck It/Music Man (MTA 142) 1968
Line-up: Dave Corboy (vcls), Mick Cantrell (lead gtr), Kenn Simms Jr. (gtr), Dennis Brock (bs), Don E. Cantrell Jr. (keyb'ds), Roger Corboy (drms).
Band origin: Hayward (California/US)
16. Flying Circus - Got To Learn To Love
taken from the single
Green Eyes Green World/Got To Learn To Love (MTA 130) 1967
Line-up: Bill Berry (vcls), Kevon "Kid" Haapala (gtr), Jim Grandjean (gtr), John Haapala (bs), Don Perkins (drms).
Band origin: San Anselmo (California/US)
17. Kensington Forest - Movin' On
taken from the single
Bells/Movin' On (Baysound 6901) 1967
Line-up: Jack Walters (lead gtr), Chris Guiver, Dennis Studebaker, ? Walters. Band origin: Burlingame (California/US)
18. Recurring Love Habit - Faiola Bros.
taken from the single
A Day In The Life/Faiola Bros. (Buddah BDA 4) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)
19. Captain Zoom - I Really Want You
taken from the single
I Really Want You/Long Tall Texan (A&M 785) 1965
Line-up: Ron Cornelius (gtr), Joe Davis (bs), Robin Reich, Gary Vasquez.
Band origin: Richmond (California/US)
20. Weird Herald - Saratoga James
taken from the single
Saratoga James/Just Yesterday (Onyx 2202) 1968
Line-up: Billy Dean Andrus (lead gtr), Paul Ziegler (gtr), Cecil Bollinger (bs), Patrick ? (drms). Band origin: San Jose (California/US)
21. Tommy Faia & The True Blue Facts -
    The Boy I Left Behind

taken from the single
Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain/The Boy I Left Behind (A&M 945) 1968
Line-up incl.: Tommy Faia (vcls, gtr), David Rosenkranz (drms).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
22. Vandells - Hunter's Fox
See Track 11
23. Now - Like A Flying Bird
See Track 8
24. Travel Agency - Made For You
See Track 5
25. Spring Fever – Stop!
See Track 13
26. Broken Arrow - Every Night ­ You Never Give Me Money
taken from the single
Keep On Truckin'/Every Night – You Never Give Me Your Money
(Vault V-968) 1970

Line-up: unknown. Band origin: California
27. Tow-Away Zone - Shabd
See Track 9
28. Gladstone - Upsome
See Track 4
29. Wildwood - Swimming
taken from the single Plastic People/Swimming (Magnum 420) 1968
Line-up incl.: John Turner (gtr), Frank John Colli (vcls, bs), Mike Ross (keyb'ds), Tim Mora, William Chalker.
Band origin: Stockton (California/US)

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Listen to Spring Fever - You Made My Life

Listen to Wildwood - Swimming