Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Dedikation (1969)

The Dedikation were from Upper Hutt near Wellington and their interpretation of the Marmalade number "Wait For Me Mary-Anne" reached number 2 in the New Zealand charts. It was a pretty good piece of psych-pop with lots of phasing. Their follow up "Ruby Tuesday" (charted at No. 12) was a ridiculous version of the Rolling Stones song. Every time I hear the track I can't get Kermit the Frog out of my mind. Their only album (reissued on Breeder Backtrack Archive Series BY 843088 / 2001) contains the two hit singles and a really great remake of the Cryan' Shames "Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones", with loads of phasing and psychedelic behaviour. Also notable is "Pretender" that could easily fit onto a mod-allnighter. If you dig late sixties sounds like Apple and/or Grapefruit (it's not as good as THAT though) this one's might be for you.

- Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones
- Here Comes Jane
- Be A Woman
- Bare Footin'
- Roly
- Season Of The Witch
- Wait For Me Marie-Anne
- Travelling Circus
- Pretender
- Ruby Tuesday
- Reach Out
- Mr. Diengly Sad

Graeme Collins (organ, piano, lead vcls) [AB]
Graham Harvey (bs) [AB]
Ray Mercer (lead gtr) [AB]
Michael Parlane (drms) [A]
Bruce Whitelaw (drms) [B]

Band origin:
Hutt Valley (New Zealand)

1. (B) The Dedikation (Philips BY 843088) 1969

1. Hayride/Bare Footin' (Polydor 425211) 1969
2. Wait For Me Marie-Anne/Sally Had A Party
   (Polydor 425213) 1969
3. Ruby Tuesday/Be A Woman (Polydor 425224) 1969

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Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

T.I.M.E. - Time/Smooth Ball (1968-69)

T.I.M.E. stands for Trust In Men Everywhere. They were from Los Angeles and the guitarists Larry Byrom and Bill Richardson had their origins in The Hardtimes who released one album and five 45's, all on the World Pacific label. The first T.I.M.E. longplayer is a pretty good mixture of psychedelic, sunshine pop and late sixties rock. On "Smooth Ball", their second and final release, they were shown in a heavier format. It contains "Trust In Men Everywhere", to my ears one of their strongest and most psychedelic songs. See For Miles released both albums on one CD in 1996 (See For Miles C5HCD 643). To complete their history I have attached their only non-LP A-side from their last single, "What Would Life Be Without It".

[T.I.M.E. / 1968]
- Tripping Into Sunshine
- Label It Love
- Finder's Keepers
- Love You, Cherish You
- Make It Alright
- Let The Colors Keep On
- You Changed It All
- I Really Love You
- Make Love To You
- I Can't Find It
- What Can It Be
- Take Me Along

[Smooth Ball / 1969]
- Preparation G
- Leavin' My Home
- See Me As I Am
- I Think You'd Cry
- I'll Write A Song
- Lazy Day Blues
- Do You Feel It
- Flowers
- Morning Come
- Trust In Men Everywhere

- What Would Life Be Without It

Larry Byrom (gtr) [AB]
Bill Richardson (gtr) [AB]
Steve Rumph (drms) [A]
Nick St. Nicholas (bs) [A]
Pat Couchois (drms) [B]
Richard Tepp (bs) [B]

Band origin:
Los Angeles (California/US)

1. T.I.M.E. (Liberty LST 7558) 1968
2. Smooth Ball (Liberty LST 7605) 1969

1. Make It Alright/Take Me Along (Liberty 56020) 1968
2. What Would Life Be Without It/Tripping Into Sunshine
   (Liberty 56060) 1968

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V.A. - Collecting Peppermint Clouds Vol. 3

The third and final effort of this fine set so far. Eventually they took a look on UK Pop and Psychedelia (Technicolor Dream Records T.D.R. 003 / 2002).

01. Cat's Eyes - Where Is She Now
taken from the single
Where Is She Now?/Tom Drum (Deram DM 251) 1969

Personnel incl.: William Filby (vcls), Roger Banning.
Band origin:
Evesham (Worcestershire/UK)
02. John Woolley & Just Born - Look And You Will Find
taken from the single
You're Lying/Look And You Will Find (Ronnex R 1428) 1971

Personnel: John Woolley (vcls, gtr, hrmnca), Jef "Jeff Stone" Van Den Steen (lead gtr), Luc Ardyns (rhythm gtr), Willy Van De Velde (bs), Jean-Pierre "De Champy" Germanus (drms).
Band origin:
Aalst (Belgium)
03. Sleepy - Love's Immortal Fire
taken from the single
Love’s Immortal Fire/Is It Really The Same (CBS 3592) 1968
Personnel: John "Sleepy" Redfurn (vcls, keyb’ds), Rodney Hill (gtr), Dave Forster (vcls, bs), Michael "Mick" Fowler (vcls, keyb’ds), John Deakin (sax), Ian Wallace (drms), Jon Anderson (vcls).
Band origin:
Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
04. Julian Kirsch - Clever Little Man
taken from the single
Clever Little Man/Adventures Of A Young Cuckoo (Columbia DB 8541) 1969

Personnel: Julian Brook Smith (lead vcls, keyb’ds), Barry Kirsch (lead vcls, gtr), Paul Mason (bs), Paul Pinder (drms).
Band origin:
Canterbury (Kent/UK)
05. Paul Jones - The Dog Presides
taken from the single
And The Sun Will shine/The Dog Presides (Columbia DB 8379) 1968

Personnel incl.: Paul Jones (vcls).
Band origin:
London (UK)
06. Sleepy - Is It Really The Same
see Track 3
07. Cat's Eyes - The Wizzard
taken from the single
The Wizzard/Hey Open Your Eyes (MCA MK 5056) 1970

Personnel/Band origin: see Track 1
08. Screaming Lord Sutch - The Cheat
taken from the single
The Cheat/Black And Hairy (CBS 202080) 1966

Personnel (1965-66): Lord sutch [real name David Sutch] (vcls) [ABC], Ritchie Blackmore (lead gtr) [A], Avid Anderson [real name Andy Anderson] (bs) [A], Tornado Evans [real name Jimmy Evans] (drms) [A], Bill Parkinson (gtr, vcls) [B], Tony Dangefield (bs) [BC], Paul Raymond (organ) [B], Brian Keith [real name Brian O'Shea] (trombone, vcls) [B], Carlo Little (drms) [BC], Johnny Bedder (gtr) [C], Tony Marsh (piano) [C], Peter Green (alto sax) [C]
Band origin:
London [UK]
09. Mike Batt - Suddenly
taken from the single
Your Mother Should Know/Suddenly (Liberty LBF 15210) 1969

Personnel incl.: Mike Batt (vcls, keyb'ds).
Band origin:
London (UK)
10. Esprit De Corps - Do You Remember Me
taken from the single
Lonely/Do You Remember Me (Jam JAM 32) 1973

Personnel: David Ballantyne, Mike Read.
Band origin:
London (UK)
11. Hayden Wood - The House Beside The Mine
taken from the single
The House Beside The Mine/The Lady Wants More (NEMS 56-4499) 1970

Personnel incl.: Hayden Wood [real name Tony Jones] (vcls, piano).
Band origin:
Wellington (New Zealand)
12. Act - Cobbled Streets
taken from the single
Cobbled Streets/One Heart (Columbia DB 8179) 1967

Personnel: Brian Patton (vocals), John Dennis (lead guitar), Michael Gangham (bass), David Simpson (drums).
Band origin:
Dagenham (Essex/UK)
13. Subterranean Monastery - Realistic Patterns
taken from the single
Curiosity/Realistic Patterns (RCA 479512) 1968

Personnel: unknown.
Band origin:
14. Kaplan - I Like
taken from the single
Do You Believe In Magic/I Like (Philips BF 1636) 1968

Personnel incl.: Kaplan Kaye.
Band origin:
London (UK)

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Listen to Cat's Eyes: Where Is She Now

Listen to Kaplan: I Like

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Faine Jade - It Ain't True (1966-69)

Most of you will know Long Islander Faine Jade and his classic "Introspection"-album. Distortions released in 1992 (Distortions 1007) a collection of earlier and unreleased material. It contains his fantastic b-side from 1966 "It Ain't True", demo versions of "Cold Winter Sun" & "I Lived Tomorrow Yesterday" and the cool "Can't Get You Out Of My Heart" from his first band The Rustics. Also notable are the two acid-punkers "I'm A Wanderer Too" and "December's Children". Garage and psychedelic fans will find a lot on this album. Check out his website.

- Look At Me [as The Rustics]
- Can't Get You Out Of My Heart [as The Rustics]
- I'm A Wanderer Too [as The Rustics]
- Don't Underestimate Me [as The Rustics]
- Gonna Love You Anyway [as The Rustics]
- Can't Let You Go [as The Rustics]
- I Tried To Save This Love Of Ours [as The Rustics]
- Look Before You Leap
- December's Children
- I Lived Tomorrow Yesterday [demo]
- Cold Winter Sun [demo]
- It Ain't True
- USA Now

Rustics line-up
Faine Jade[aka Chuck Laskowski] (lead vcls, rhythm gtr)
Nick Manzi (lead gtr, bs, vcls)
Scott Davidson (bs)
Jeff Jade (drms, tamb)
Tom Starr (bs)

Faine Jade line-up:
Faine Jade (lead vcls, rhythm gtr, bs) [AB]
Bruce Bradt (organ, harpsichord) [A]
Jeff Jade (drms, tamb) [A]
Randy Skrah (drms) [B]
additional musicians from The Bohemian Vendetta with:
Nick Manzi (lead gtr, bs, vcls) [B]
Randy Pollock (gtr) [B]
Victor Muglia (bs) [B]
Brian Cooke (organ) [B]
Chuck Monica (drms) [B]

Band origin:
New York City (New York/US)

1. (B) Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital
       (RSVP ES 8002) 1968

1. ( ) Can't Get You Out Of My Heart/Look At Me
       (Ye Old King Records 1000) 1966
2. (A) Love On A Candy Apple Day/It Ain't true
       (Providence 420) 1967
3. (B) Introspection/Doctor Paul (RSVP ) 1968

[1. as The Rustics]

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Listen to Can't Get You Out Of My Heart

Monday, December 17, 2007

John Peterson - Where Does It Go From Here (1976)

Now I confess that I have a heart for the so called "real people" scene. Ron Moore described this album in his Underground Sounds edition as an "acoustic and electric mix with a deep acid vibe" whilst the Acid Archives found "A couple of good psychy tracks and the rest singer/songwriter mediocrity". Well in fact it's a little bit of a poor man's Tim Buckley but has a certain charme that pleases me (sometimes). The best track is arguably "Summer Is Over". But I must admit that if I'm in the mood for the "real people" thing, I'd rather go for the first "Cosmic Michael" or Peter Grudzien's "Unicorn". John Peterson was from Illinois and his album was reissued in 1997 (Psychedelic Archive Rec. PALP 1005)

- Look Around You
- Leave With The Storm
- Summer Is Over
- Where Does It Go From Here
- What Does It Matter
- Night And Day
- Growing Stronger
- I Still See You
- Many A Stream

John Peterson (vcls, gtr)

additional musicians:

Paul Bruton (lead gtr)
Dave Sellers (bs)
Steve Salisbury (drms)
[Wendy Boeke (piano)]

Band origin:
Illinois (US)

1. Where Does It Go From Here (T.J. Phoenix no#) 1976

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Smoke (1968)

Produced by Kim Fowley and Michael Lloyd (of West Coast Pop Art Experimental fame) this album is a real gem. It's an amalgam of soft psychedelia and pop-sike on a high level. Nearly every song is a winner, only "The Hobbit Symphony" lose its bearings. Strangely the only known reissues were on EMI Greece (Sidewalk/EMI 062-2610441 / 1986) where this rip is from and recently on CD on the South Korean Acid Ray label. Read more about The Smoke here.

- Cowboys And Indians
- Looking Thru The Mirror
- Self-Analysis
- Gold Is The Colour Of Thought
- The Hobbit Symphony
- The Daisy - Intermission
- Fogbound
- Song Thru Perception
- Philosophy
- Umbrella
- Ritual Gypsy Music Opus 1
- October Country
- Odyssey

Michael Lloyd (lead vcls, bs, keyb'ds)
Stan Ayeroff (gtr)
Steve Baim (drms)

Band origin:
Los Angeles (California/US)

1. The Smoke (Sidewalk ST 5912) 1968

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Listen to Umbrella

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fantastic Dee-Jays (1966)

You all might know that the Fantastic Dee-Jays from McKeesport/Pennsylvania later transformed into the legendary Swamp Rats. Their one and only album from 1966 contains their great version of "Fight Fire", the strong self compositions "Get Away Girl" and "Love Is Tuff" as well as competent covers of "What A Shame" and "What You're Doing". "Apache" on the other hand sounds like it was taped at their first practice session. The other stuff is in the beat/garage style. The sound is pretty crude but this shouldn't scare you away. The tracks were taken from the reissue on EVA records (EVA 12028 / 1984).

- Fight fire
- Get away girl
- Shy girl
- Mr. Sad
- Two tymes two
- Apache
- You're the one
- What a shame
- What you're doing
- Love is tuff
- Just a boy
- This love of ours

Dick Newton (gtr, vlcs) [AB]
Denny Nicholson (gtr, vcls) [AB]
Tom Junecko (drms) [A]
Bob Hocko (drms, vcls) [B]

Band origin:
McKeesport (Pennsylvania/US)

1. (B) The Fantastic Dee-Jays (Stone 4003) 1966

1. Apache/This Love Of Ours (Sherry 309) 1965
2. Love Is Tuff/Two Tymes Two (Fleetwood 1096) 1965
3. You're The One/Two Tymes Two (Red Fox 102) 1965
4. Fight Fire/Get Away Girl (Tri Power 421) 1966
5. Love Is So Tuff/Just A Boy (Stone 044) 1968

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Friday, December 14, 2007

V.A. - Collecting Peppermint Clouds Vol. 2

The second installment of this series (Technicolor Dream T.D.R. 002 / 2001). This time they treated the european psychedelic scene from 1967-1971.

01. Frank Stein & B.G. System - My Lady
taken from the single
My Lady/Mysterious Barricades (Diamond DI 1725) 1969

Personnel incl.: Ekard Kissling (vcls) [A], Richard North (gtr) [A], Jean-Claude Tschannen (bs) [A], Bernard Gugelmann (drms) [A], Jean-Jacques Egli.
Band origin:
Geneva (Switzreland)
02. Neptune's Empire - Witchita Falls
taken from the album
Neptune's Empire (Polymax PXX 01) 1971

Personnel: Charles Forbes (vcls), Bjørn G. Gjerstrøm (vcls), Arne Dahlø (vcls).
Band origin:
Oslo (Norway)
03. Shakespeares - Burning My Fingers
taken from the single
Burning My Fingers/Something To Believe In (RCA 54-4025) 1968
Personnel: Martin Piggot (vcls), Chris Kritzinger (lead gtr, vcls), Chris Stone [Chris Sox] (rhythm gtr, vcls), Alan Escombe (bs), Johnny Kreuger (drms).
Band origin:
Brussels (Belgium)
04. Klan - And I Love It So
taken from the single
Fifi The Fly/And I Love It So (Palette PB 22528) 1967

Personnel: Luc Hensill (gtr, vcls), Dany Longlegs (gtr), Christopher John Lühr (bs, vcls), Jack Hitchin (drms).
Band origin:
Brussels (Belgium)
05. Cedars - Hide If You Want To Hide
taken from the single
For Your Information/Hide If You Want To Hide (Decca F 22720) 1968

Personnel: Albert Haddad (lead gtr), Joe Shehadeh (rhythm gtr), Raymond Azoury (bs), Zad Tarmush (drms).
Band origin:
Beirut (Lebanon) → relocated to London (UK)
06. George Cash - Nightingale
taken from the single
Nightingale/Splat (Philips JF 336108) 1970

Personnel: Johnny Frederiksz (vcls), Ron Meyes (gtr), Roel Smits (bs), Hessel de Vries (vcls, organ, piano), Paul Lagaay (drms).
Band origin:
Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
07. Berry Window & The Movements - I'll Wait For You
taken from the single
I'll Wait For You/Hear Me, Help Me (Intercord 209-02) 1968

Personnel: Barry Window [real name Urs Fenster] (vcls), Ronald Bryer (lead gtr), Peter Gisske (bs), Joel Vandroogenbroeck (organ, flute, sitar), Wolfgang Paap (drms).
Band origin:
Basel (Switzerland)
08. Amsterdam - Indian Pipe
taken from the single
Indian pipe/Blue Steel 44 (Polydor 2050005) 1970

Personnel: Donald van Os (gtr, vcls), Michel van Dijk (gtr), Egon Verhoeven (bs), Martin van Os (drms).
Band origin:
Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
09. Motions - Green Chewing Gum Machine
taken from the album
Impressions Of Wonderful (Havoc HALP021) 1968

Personnel: Rudy Bennett (vcls, gtr), Leo Bennink (gtr, vcls), Henk Smitskamp (bs, vcls), Gerard Romeyn (bs, vcls), Sieb Warner (drms, vcls).
Band origin:
York The Hague (Zuid Holland/Netherlands)
10. Les Sauterelles - Montgolfier
taken from the single
Montgolfier/Big Old Sun (Decca D 19973) 1968

Personnel: Toni Vescoli (gtr, vcls), Rolf Antener (gtr, back vcls), Peter Rietmann (bs, back vcls), Fritz Trippel (keyb'ds), Düde [Kurt] Dürst (drms, back vcls).
Band origin:
Zurich (Switzerland)
11. Calcium - Elle Regarde Et Elle Rit
taken from the single
Elle Regarde Et Elle Rit/Il Fait Jour (Odeon C006-10557) 1969

Personnel: Zouzou [real name Danièle Ciarlet] (vcls), Stephen Villar (gtr, vcls), Christopher Vilar (gtr, vcls), Patrick Greussay (keyb'ds), Jacques Zins (bs), Alain Sirguy (drms).
Band origin:
Paris (France)
12. Motions - Make It Legal
taken from the single
Nellie The Horse/Make It Legal (Havoc SH 137) 1967

Personnel: Rudy Bennett (vcls, gtr), Gerard Romeyn (gtr, vcls), Henk Smitskamp (bs, vcls), Sieb Warner (drms, vcls).
Band origin:
The Hague (Zuid Holland/Netherlands)
13. Tower - In Your Life
taken from the single
In Your Life/Slow Motion Mind (Decca AT 10364) 1968

Personnel: Boudewijn de Groot (vcls, gtr), Eelco Gelling (gtr), Herman Deinum (bs), Kees Kranenburg (drms).
Band origin:
Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
14. O.P.M.C. - The Head
taken from the album
Amalgamation (Pink Elephant 877.001) 1970

Personnel: Barrie Webb (vcls, gtr), Teun van der Slikke (vcls, harp, autoharp, gtr), Peter van der Sande (bs, piano), Onny Lopulalan (lead gtr), "Mighty Max" (drms), Herman Erbe (gtr).
Band origin:
Noord Holland (Netherlands)

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Listen to Neptune's Empire: Witchita Falls

Listen to Motions: Green Chewing Gum Machine

Mandrake Memorial - Medium (1969)

Mandrake Memorial's second album could have been one of the great records of late sixties psychedelic rock. Could have, because after the incredible opener "Snake Charmer" and the terrific "Witness The End/Celebration" the songs become pretty dull. Whilst the relaxed "Last Number" and the acid-rocking "Smokescreen" keep a good standard the thumbs going down on the remaining numbers. Especially the tedious "After Pascal" and "Cassandra" make you feel that it's time to go to bed. The band was from Philadelphia and this reissue came out on Collectables (Collectables COL-0692 / 1996).

- Snake Charmer
- Witness The End/Celebration
- Other Side
- Last Number
- After Pascal
- Smokescreen
- Barnaby Plum
- Cassandra

Craig Anderton (gtr, sitar)
Randy Monaco (vcls, bs)
Michael Kac (keyb'ds, vcls)
Kevin Lally (drms)

Band origin:
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania/US)

1. The Mandrake Memorial (Poppy 40002) 1968
2. Medium (Poppy 40003) 1969
3. Puzzle (Poppy 40006) 1970

1. Musical Man/Something In The Air (Poppy 90103) 1969

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Listen to Snake Charmer

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Squires - Going All The Way With The Squires (1966)

You know their superb folk-punker "Going All The Way". You loved their sugary Beau Brummels styled "Go Ahead". Now here's more of that great garage band from Bristol/Connecticut. In 1986 Crypt (Crypt LP 008) released an album that contains not only their unreleased songs but their first 45 under the moniker The Rogues. This early incarnation of The Squires produced the outstanding punker "It's The Same All Over The World". And even if you think you have heard "Gloria" a thousand times, give the version of the Squires a try.

- Going all the way
- It's the same all over the world
- Oh no!
- I can't do it
- Gloria
- The original
- Go ahead
- We can try
- Walkin'
- Rink bash
- It's the same all over the world [demo]

Tom Flanigan (lead gtr)
Jim Lynch (gtr)
John Folcik (bs)
Kurt Robinson (keyb'ds)
Mike Bouyea (drms, violin, vcls)

Band origin:
Bristol (Connecticut/US)

1. It's The Same All Over The World/Oh No
   (Peyton P-1001) 1966
2. The Original (Blue Echo acetate) 1966
3. Going All The Way/Go Ahead (Atco 6442) 1966

[1.+2. as The Rogues]

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Listen to It's The Same All Over The World [demo]

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Xit - Entrance (1974)

A group of Sioux Indians from Albuquerque/New Mexico. This album collects their early work in the sixties as they were known as the Lincoln Street Exit (nevertheless it was released under their then known name Xit). It contains their great acid punk-rocker "Sunny Sunday Dream" as well as some unreleased material. "Half A Man" for instance is a cool late sixties rocker, "Open Doorway" and "She's Upon Her Way" are pretty much in the sunshine-pop mould whilst "Orange Benevolence" and "Forever Or Not At All" are melancholic soft-rock ballads. Only the boring "Soulful Drifter" (their last 45 as Lincoln Street Exit) and the standard bluesy numbers "Mississippi Riverboat Gamblin' Man" and "St. Louis Mama" are a waste of time. All in all much better than their "Drive It" album. This is the re-release from 1996 (Sound Of America Records SOAR-145-CD).

- Half a man
- Open doorway
- Yellow man of Paris
- She's upon her way
- Orange Benevolence
- Mississippi Riverboat Gamblin' Man
- Sunny Sunday dream
- Soulful drifter
- St. Louis Mama
- Forever or not at all
- She's my everything

Personnel incl.:
Tom Bee (drms) [ABC]
R.C. Garis Jr. (ld gtr, vcls, keyb'ds) [AB]
Lee Herrera (drms, vcls, perc) [ABC]
A. Michael Martin (vcls, gtr) [A]
Mac Suazo (bs) [ABC]
Tyrone King [B]
Jomac Suazo [C]
Obie Sullivan [C]
Chili Yazzie

Band origin:
Albuquerque (New Mexico/US)

1. (A) Drive It! (Mainstream S/6126) 1970
2. (B) Plight Of The Red Man (Rare Earth R 536 L) 1972
3. (C) Silent Warrior (Rare Earth R 545 L) 1973
4. (A) Entrance (Canyon C 7114) 1974
5. ( ) Relocation (Canyon C 721) 1978

[1. as Lincoln St. Exit]

 1. Who's Been Driving My Little Yellow Taxi Cab/
    Paper Place (Lance 109/110) 1966
 2. The Bummer/Sunny Sunday Dream (Ecco ER 1001) 1967
 3. Whatever Happened To Baby Jesus part 1 /part 2
    (N/K) 196?
 4. Mississippi Riverboat Gamblin' Man/St. Louis Mama
    (Souled Out 104) 196?
 5. Soulful Drifter/Time Has Come, Gonna Die
    (Mainstream 722) 1969
 6. Open Doorway/Orange Benevolence
    (Audio Recording acetate) 196?
 7. Nihaa Shil Hozho (I Am Happy About You)/End
    (Rare Earth 5044) 1972
 8. Reservation Of Education/Color Nature Gone
    (Rare Earth 5055) 1973
 9. I Need Your Love (Give It To Me)/Movin' From The City
    (Motown 1304) 1974
10. Renegade/Cement Prairie (Motown 1320) 1974

[1.-6. as Lincoln St. Exit]

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Half A Man

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Magic Bubble (1970)

This one's by request. Don't expect psychedelic music here. The album is comprised of late sixties heavy rock, but in a good way (even it's not my favourite music). The best songs to my ears are the melancholic opener "I'm Alive" and the heavy psych-rock stomper "Whiskey Fire". The band was from Hamilton (Ontario).

- I'm Alive
- Whiskey Fire
- If I Should Ever Love Again
- Changes
- Cry Cry
- Circles
- Sunshine Man
- Back To Toronto
- Me & Mr. Hohner
- Summertime

Frank Rondell (vcls)
Rita Rondell (vcls)
Wade Brown (gtr)
Brian Kirkwood (bs)
Paul Benton (organ, piano)
Sonny J. Milne (drms, perc)

Band origin:
Hamilton (Ontario/Canada)

1. Magic Bubble (Columbia 90038) 1970

1. I'm Alive/Sunshine Man (Columbia C4-2980) 1970
2. Whiskey Fire/Circles (Columbia C4-3004) 1971
3. Who Turned The World Around/Ohio And Sun
   (Columbia C4-3030) 1971

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Whiskey Fire

Firebeats, Inc. (1967)

This Norwegian group from Oslo were working predominately as studio musicians for EMI. Despite its year release this is pretty much of a beat affair (and NOT somewhat of a freakbeat classic as in "Scented Gardens Of The Mind" stated). Only the doomy "Goodbye To This World" and the unusual "This Rain" differ from the other songs. But if you have an ear for early Kinks (like I do) you will be pleased with this album, that was reissued on Orange Doubledome (Orange Doubledome NCLP 5) in 2000.

- Don't throw stones
- Why have I that feeling
- Let me tell you
- Little girl
- Goodbye to this world
- More and more each day
- It's no matter how I try
- Trying to make you see
- I can't find nobody
- Baby, go on home
- Hemmeling agent
- Don't believe them
- Jack the ripper
- Alone again
- Funny things
- I never knew the sun could shine so brightly at night
- This rain
- The girl that I depend on
- Crying
- I didn't know

Yngve Bjerke (vcls, gtr) [ABCDE]
Øystein Bråthen (gtr) [ABCD]
Jan Arild Rikdal (bs) [A]
Bjørn Løkkeberg (drms) [AB]
Walter Bjerke (bs) [BCDE]
Aage Mjøs (drms) [C]
Arild Hansen (drms) [DE]
Ole Petter Engebretsen (hrmnca) [D]
Bjørn Borg (gtr) [E]

Band origin:
Oslo (Norway)

1. (E) Firebeats Inc. (HMV NCLP 5) 1967

1. Don't Throw Stones/Why Have I That Feeling
   (HMV AL 6125) 1964
2. Let Me Tell You/Little Girl (HMV AL 6132) 1965
3. Hemmelig Agent/Vi Skal Ikke Klage (HMV AL 6136) 1966
4. Alone Again/Trying To Make You See (HMV AL 6141) 1966
5. Oh, Carol/Be My Baby (HMV AL 6156) 1968

[1.+2. as Firebeats]

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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Cleves - Cleves (1971)

This is by request. Although The Cleves' album was highly rated by some and sought after, I do not feel much comfortable with progressive music and this one doesn't make an exception. But the two bonus tracks are pretty good pop with hints of psychedelia. I think other people are happier with them than I am. The band was originally from New Zealand and relocated at Sydney. This reissue was released on Vicious Sloth Collectables (Vicious Sloth Collectables VSC009 / 1998).

- Work out
- There is a place
- Keep trying
- Time has come
- Summertime
- Wait for a moment
- For a time
- Waterfall

[Bonus tracks]
- You and me
- Music from Michael

Gaye Brown (bs, vcls, organ) [ABC]
Graham Brown (drms) [AB]
Ron Brown (gtr) [ABC]
Milton Lane (bs) [A]
Rob Aitkin (bs) [BC]
Ace Follington (drms) [C]
Vince Melouney (gtr) [C]

Band origin:
Sydney (New South Wales/Australia)

1. (A) Cleves (Festival/Infinity SFL 934031) 1971

1. Tintookies 2000 (The Push Theme)/Endings Happy
   (Marionette PRS 2189) 1968
2. Sticks And Stones/Don't Turn Your Back
   (Festival FK 3306) 1969
3. You And Me/Cassie (Festival FK 3489) 1970

1. (A) A Taste Of Energy (Infinity MX-36307) 1970
2. (A) Music From Michael (Infinity INX-11736) 1971

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

V.A. - Collecting Peppermint Clouds Vol. 1

This compilation was relased in 1999 on the Technicolor Dream label (Technicolor Dream Records 001). It's mainly psychedelic-pop on the menu (and NOT that stupid Toytown-Pop that some labels/dealers want to sell you as psychedelic), and if you're a fan of that music you won't be disappointed. One word to the Beloved Ones: they used this name for UK releases and for the US they have chosen the name Arch Of Triumph. In fact they were teenage classmates at the American School of Paris and better known in France as Les Irresistibles. My favourite is the Whatt Four track "Dandelion Wine".

01. Fourmyula - I Know Why
taken from the single
I Know Why/It's Only Make Believe (HMV HR 335) 1968

Personnel: Martin Hope (lead gtr, vcls) [ABC], Wayne Mason (gtr, organ, vcls) [AB], Chris Parry (drms) [ABC], Ali Richardson (bs, vcls) [ABC], Carl Evenson (lead vcls) [BC], Paul Pryde (gtr, organ) [C].
Band origin:
Upper Hutt (New Zealand)
02. Los Yorks - Mi Mente En Ti [When My Mind Is Not Live]
taken from the single
Mi Mente En Ti/Insignia (Virrey V 3334 F) 1970

Personnel incl.: Pablo Luna Mansilla (vcls), Roman Palacios (lead gtr), Walter Paz (rhythm gtr), Jesus Vilchez (bs), Robert Aguilar (drms).
Band origin:
Lima (Peru)
03. Philwit & Pegasus - The Elephants Song
taken from the single
The Elephants Song/Pseudo Phoney Mixed Up Croney
(Chapter One CH 137) 1970

Personnel/Musicians: John Carter (vcls), Peter Lee Stirling (vcls), Roger Greenaway (vcls), Guy Fletcher (vcls), Chas Mills (vcls), Martin Kershaw (gtr), Joe Moretti (gtr), Chis Bedding [aka Spedding] (gtr), Roger McKew (gtr), Clem Cattini (drms), Rex Bennett (drms), Terry Cox (drms), Randy Jones (drms), Les Hurdle (bs), Adrian Cros (piano, organ), Mark Wirtz (production).
Band origin:
London (UK)
04. Twilights - Comin' On Down
taken from the single
Tell Me Goodbye/Comin' On Down (Columbia DO-8448) 1968

Personnel: Paddy [Clem] McCartney (vcls) [ABC], Glen Shorrock (vcls) [ABC], Mike Sykes (vcls) [A], Frank Barnard (drms) [B], Peter Brideoake (gtr) [BC], Terry Britten (gtr) [BC], John Bywaters (gtr) [BC], Laurie Pryor (drms) [C].
Band origin:
Adelaide (South Australia/Australia)
05. Lighthouse - Little Kind Words
taken from the single
One Fine Morning/Little Kind Words (GRT 1230-10) 1971

Personnel incl.: Dick Armin (cello), Ralph Cole (gtr), Don Dinovo (violin), Paul Hoffert (keyb'ds, vibes), Keith Jollimore (sax, flute), Bob McBride (vcls), Peter Pantaluk (trumpet), Skip Prokop (drms), Howard Shore (sax, flute), Larry Smith (trombone), Louis Yackniw (bs), Victor Cauvin.
Band origin:
Toronto (Ontario/Canada)
06. Young Idea - Mr. Loving Luggage Man
taken from the single
Mister Lovin' Luggage Man/Room With A View (Columbia DB 8284) 1967

Personnel: Tony Cox (piano, gtr, vcls), Douglas MacCrae-Brown (gtr, vcls).
Band origin:
London (UK)
07. Whatt Four - Dandelion Wine
taken from the single
Dandelion Wine/You're Wishin' I Was Someone Else (Mercury 72716) 1967

Personnel: John Langdon (lead gtr), Tom Bitters (gtr), Greg Sanders (bs, vcls), Tom Ference (drms).
Band origin:
Riverside (California/US)
08. Rotary Connection - Paper Castle
taken from the single
Paper Castle/Teach Me How To Fly (Cadet 7007) 1968

Personnel incl.: Bobby Simms (vcls), Judy Hauff (vcls), Minnie Riperton (vcls), Mitch Aliota (vcls), Sidney Barnes (vcls), Tommy Vincent (vcls).
Band origin:
Chicago (Illinois/US)
09. Angel Pavement - Green Mello Hill
taken from the single
Baby You've Gotta Stay/Green Mello Hill (Fontana TF 1059) 1969

Personnel: Clive "Alfie" Shepherd (lead gtr) [ABC], Graham Harris (bs) [ABC], Mike Candler (drms) [ABC], Paul Smith (lead vcls) [ABC], Dave Smith (gtr) [A], John Cartwright (gtr, trumpet) [C].
Band origin:
York (Yorkshire/UK)
10. Neil MacArthur - She's Not There
taken from the single
She's Not There/World Of Glass (Deram DM 225) 1969

Personnel: Neal MacArthur [aka Colin Blunstone].
Band origin:
Hatfield (Hertfordshire)
11. Beloved Ones - My Year Is A Day
taken from the single
My Year Is A Day/She And I (Date 2-1618) 1968

Personnel: Jim McMains (lead vcls, keyb'ds, gtr), Tom Arena (lead gtr), Steve McMains (bs), Andy Cornelius (drms).
Band origin:
Paris (France)
12. Vipers - Town Of Tuxley
taken from the single
Looky Looky/Town Of Tuxley (Basart BB 641) 1970

Personnel: Guido De Ley (lead vcls), Geert De Vuyst (gtr), George Bracke (bs), Marc Malyster (organ, vcls), Maarten Geerts (drms, vcls).
Band origin:
Ghent (Belgium)
13. Angel Pavement - Baby You've Gotta Stay
see Track 9
14. Living Daylights - I'm Real
taken from the single
Let's Live For Today/I'm Real (Philips BF 1561) 1967

Personnel: Curt Cresswell (gtr), Garth Watt-Roy (gtr, vcls), Norman Watt-Roy (bs, vcls), Roy Heather (drms).
Band origin:
Newcastle (Tyne and Wear)

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Listen to Whatt Four: Dandelion Wine

Listen to Neil MacArthur: She's Not There