Thursday, October 16, 2008

V.A. - Endless Journey (Phase Three)

Last volume of this classic series (Psycho 19 / 1983).

1. Them - Gloria
2. Them - Baby Please Don't Go
taken from the album In Reality (Happy Tiger HT-1012) 1971
Line-up: Jim Parker (lead gtr, vcls), Alan Henderson (bs), John Stark (drms, lead vcls).
Band origin: Belfast (Northern Ireland) → Los Angeles (California)
3. Rubayyat - If I Were A Carpenter
taken from the single
If I Were A Carpenter/Ever Ever Land (International Artists IA 124) 1967
Line-up: Al Acosta (vcls), Cassell Webb (back vcls), Bill Hallmark (gtr), Robert Galindo (gtr), Dan Galindo (bs), Sam Allen (drms).
Band origin: Houston (Texas)
4. Clear Light - Sand
taken from the album Clear Light (Elektra EKS 74011) 1967
Line-up: Cliff De Young (vcls), Bob Seal (gtr, vcls), Douglas Lubahn (bs), Ralph Schuckett (organ, piano, celeste), Michael Ney (drms, perc), Dallas Taylor (drms). Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
5. Cykle - Lesson To Learn
6. Cykle - Do My Thing
taken from the album Cykle (Label 9-261) 1969
Line-up: Ken Allen (lead vcls), Ralph Stephens (lead gtr, rhythm gtr, vcls), Jeff Hardin (rhythm gtr, vcls), Grady Pope (bs, vcls), Rickey Wilson (organ, vcls), Jimmy Sossamon (drms, piano, harpsichord, vibraphone).
Band origin: Fayettevile (North Carolina)
7. 49th Parallel - Close The Barn Door
taken from the single
Twilight Woman/Close The Barn Door (Venture 1004X) 1969
Line-up: Denny Abbott (vcls), Bobby Carlson (gtr), Danny Lowe (gtr), Alf Cook (bs), Dennis Mundy (organ), Terry Bare (drms).
Band origin: Calgary (Alberta/Canada)
8. T. Swift & The Electric Bag - Are You Experienced?
taken from the album Are You Experienced? (Custom 1115) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: US
9. Golden Dawn - My Time
taken from the album Power Plant (International Artists IA-LP-4) 1967
Line-up: George Kinney (vcls), Tom Ramsey (lead gtr), Jimmy Bird (rhythm gtr), Bill Hallmark (bs), Bobby Rector (drms).
Band origin: Austin (Texas)
10. Frumious Bandersnatch - Hearts To Cry
taken from the E.P.
Hearts To Cry/Misty Cloudy/Cheshire
(Muggles Gramophone Works FB-A/B) 1968

Line-up: David Denny (lead gtr, vcls), Jimmy Warner (lead gtr, vcls), Bob Winkelman (gtr, vcls, bs), Ross Valory (bs, vcls), Jack King (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Lafayette (California)
11. Dirty Filthy Mud - The Forest Of Black
taken from the single
The Forest Of Black/Morning Sunflower (Worex R-2340) 1968
Line-up: Kyle Hunter (vcls, drms), Roger Sabine (gtr, vcls), Jim Thorsen (gtr), Gary Kennings (bs), Art Doran (organ), Mark Minzyk (drms), "Len" [nln] (synth). Band origin: Berkeley (California)
12. Strange - Ruler Of The Universe
taken from the album
Translucent World (Outer Galaxie TW 1000) 1973
Line-up: Terry Brooks (lead gtr, vcls), Bob Griffin (bs), Donald L. Hall (strings), Don Hastle (drms). Band origin: Orlando (Florida)

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Listen to Rubayyat - If I Were A Carpenter

Listen to Dirty Filthy Mud - The Forest Of Black

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Boy Pete - Homage To Catatonia (1966-69)

Pete Miller is yet another fascinating figure from the underexpiored recesses of the British '60s beat under-world. He released two tremendous, utterly twisted singles: "Baby I Got News For You" (as Miller) in 1965, and "Cold Turkey" as (Big Boy Pete) in 1968. Prior to this, he had been lead guitarist for Peter Jay & the Jaywalkers, whose output included several singles produced by Joe Meek. Judging by some of the quirky, inventive and just plain WEIRD sounds on this collection, Miller had been watching Meek closely during his Jaywalkers days, (though he'd have to have been doing so furtively as Joe was secretive to the point of paranoia about his sound techniques). In his home studio in Norwich -"sur-rounded by lava lamps and Hindi visuals" - Miller and his musician friends spent most of 1966-69 conjur-ing up bizarre feats of pop and psychedelia, utilizing some of the echo and compression techniques he'd observed at Meek's studio along with many of his own electronic innovations. Fourteen of these songs make their first public showing on Homage To Catatonia, amply displayed in a magnificent gatefold sleeve complete with lyrics and all-telling liner notes. Combine a razor-sharp studio instinct, simple but superior '60s recording technology, madcap psycho-pop songsmithing ala (maybe) Roy Wood/Jeff Lynne with p'raps a little Edward Lear-esque nonsensical wordplay thrown in, and you may - just may - have same idea what you'll find on songs like "Knit Me A Kiss" or "A Dog Called Doug"-but it still won't begin to explain the impossible-to-pigeonhole (and amazing) "I Am Seldom 21", "Chinaman" or 'The Procession." Miller's tapes truly are a very unique secret horde of English psychedelia, and, incredibly, several of these recordings pre-date even the Beatles "Revolver", let alone the subsequent psychedelic stampede. Perhaps the strangest but most strangely satisfying set since I Hear A New World. A grower. I recommended.
(Mike Stax in "Ugly Things")

This album was released on the Tenth Planet label (Tenth Planet TP 026 / 1996). There's nothing much to say against his pop-psych tunes but he polished his old tapes a bit too much. So I've got the feeling that it sounds more like the '90s than the '60s. But I'm nagging and nagging and nagging... In fact it's a good album with some great songs like "Knit Me A Kiss", "Paranoia" or "The Procession". More info about his music on his website

- Sheer Lunacy
- Crocogators
- I Am Seldom Twenty One
- Knit Me A Kiss
- 1,500,000 Volts
- Captain Of My Toy Balloon
- John Celery
- Paranoia
- Chinaman
- Music Created By Dust
- A Dog Called Doug
- The Procession
- The Candleman
- The Treacle Dance

Personnel incl.:
Peter Miller (gtr, bs, sitar, vcls)

Norwich (Norfolk/UK)

1. Cold Turkey/My Love Is Like A Spaceship
   (Camp 602005) 1968

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Listen to The Procession

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Listening (1968)

From Boston and rated highly by some, this album includes some fine guitar and organ work on cuts like Baby: Where Are You?. Still an undiscovered gem this is worth searching out. Most of the vocals were performed by drummer Ernie Kamanis, and Peter Malick who was 16 at the time the album was recorded. Walter Powers had previously been in the famed punk band The Lost. A reworked version of the album's opener, Michael Tschudin's You're Not There, appears on the highly-touted album ...Setting Forth... Improvising Against The Future by Odyssey. Michael Tschudin later played with Cynara and produced the Fort Mudge Memorial Dump album. He became a session man and producer during the seventies, notably working with Tim Curry. Peter Malick played with the James Montgomery Band and is is still active, fronting his own Peter Malick Band playing blues / R&B influenced music in/around Boston. Walter Powers teamed up with his old Lost companion Willie "Loco" Alexander in the final incarnation of The Velvet Underground. The uplifting baroque-pop of Hello You can be found on Bring Flowers To U.S. (LP), whilst one track from the album, Stoned Is has also resurfaced on Marijuana Unknowns (LP & CD).
(taken from "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers")

The rip is from the Akarma re-issue (Akarma 050 / 1999).

- You're Not There
- Laugh At The Stars
- 9/8 Song
- Stoned Is
- Forget It, Man!
- I Can Teach You
- So Happy
- Cuando
- Baby: Where Are You?
- Fantasy
- See You Again

Michael Tschudin (organ, keyb'ds, vcls)
Peter Malick (gtr)
Walter Powers (bs)
Ernie Kamanis (drms)

Band origin:
Boston (Massachusetts)

1. Listening (Vanguard 6504) 1968

1. I Can Teach You/Cuando (Vanguard 35077) 1968
2. Life Stories/Hello You (Vanguard 35094) 1968

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Monday, October 13, 2008

V.A. - Endless Journey (Phase Two)

This is my favourite volume (Psycho 3 / 1983) of this series. All of the tracks were taken from the bands albums except C.A. Qunitet's 45 "Blow To My Soul" and the two songs by The Mint that were originally released on the '71 compilation "A New Hi: Dallas". Only "Do You Understand The Words" by Help is not playing in the same league as the remaining now legendary psychedelic tracks.

1. Paisleys - Wind
taken from the album Cosmic Mind At Play (Peace 70P-1) 1970
Line-up: Brad Stodden (vcls, gtr), Rick "The Wizard" Timm (bs, back vcls), Bill Smith (keyb'ds, back vcls), Bob Belknap (drms, back vcls), Mike Cornelius (drms, vcls). Band origin: Minneapolis (Minnesota)
2. Finchley Boys - It All Ends
taken from the album Everlasting Tributes (Golden Throat 200-19) 1972
Line-up: George Faber (vcls, harp), Garret Oostdyk (gtr), Tabe (bs),
J. Michael Powers (drms, perc). Band origin: Champaign (Illinois)

3. Creme Soda - Tonight
taken from the album Tricky Zingers (Trinity CST-11-LA) 1975
Line-up: Ron Juntunen (lead gtr, bs), Bill Tanon (gtr, bs, harp, mandolin, vcls), Jim Wilson (bs, keyb'ds, vcls), Art Hicks (drms).
Band origin: Milwaukie (Wisconsin)
4. Flat Earth Society - Feelin' Much Better
taken from the album Waleeco (Fleetwood FCLP 3027) 1968
Line-up: Rick Doyle (lead gtr, vcls), Phil Dubuque (gtr, vcls, recorder), Paul Carter (bs, vcls), Jack Kerivan (keyb'ds, vcls), Curt Girard (drms).
Band origin: Lynn (Massachusetts)
5. Mint - Can't Be Free
6. Mint - We're Friends
taken from the V.A.-Album A New Hi: Dallas 1971 – Part 1 (Tempo 2) 1971
Line-up: Randall Phillips (vcls), Jimmy Wallace (lead gtr), Danny Baucum (bs), Steve Sainton (keyb'ds), Clay Cunningham (drms).
Band origin: Dallas (Texas)
7. Help - Do You Understand The Words
taken from the album Second Coming (Decca DL 75304) 1971
Line-up: Jack Merrill (gtr, keyb'ds, lead vcls), Rob Rochan (bs, congas, vcls), Chet McCracken (drms, perc, vcls). Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
8. C.A. Quintet - Blow To My Soul
taken from the single
Blow To My Soul/She's Got To Be True (Falcon 71) 1967
Line-up: Ken Erwin (trumpet, gtr, vcls), Jim Erwin (bs, vcls), Tom Pohling (lead gtr, vcls), Doug Reynolds (keyb'ds, lead vcls), Paul Samuels (drms).
Band origin: Minneapolis (Minnesota)
9. Hunger - Workshop
taken from the album Strictly From Hunger (Public 1006) 1969
Line-up: Mike Lane (vcls), John Morton (lead gtr, vcls), Steve Hansen (rhythm gtr, vcls), Tom Tanory (bs), Mike Parkison (keyb'ds, vcls), Bill Daffern (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Portland (Oregon) → Los Angeles (California)
10. C.A. Quintet - Cold Spider
taken from the album Trip Thru Hell (Candy Floss 7764) 1969
Line-up: Ken Erwin (trumpet, gtr, bs, vcls), Jim Erwin (bs, vcls), Tom Pohling (lead gtr, vcls), Doug Reynolds (keyb'ds, vcls), Rick Patron (drms).
Band origin: Minneapolis (Minnesota)
11. Faine Jade - People Games Play
12. Faine Jade - Cold Winter Sun
taken from the album
Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital (RSVP ES 8002) 1968
Line-up: Faine Jade (lead vcls, rhythm gtr, bs), Nick Manzi (lead gtr, bs, vcls), Randy Pollock (gtr), Victor Muglia (bs), Brian Cooke (organ), Chuck Monica (drms). Band origin: New York City (New York)
13. Kak - Trieulogy: (I) Golgotha/(II) Mirage/(III) Rain
taken from the album Kak (Epic 26429) 1969
Line-up: Dehner C. Patten (lead gtr, vcls), Gary Lee Yoder (lead vcls, rhythm gtr, acoustic gtr), Joseph D. Damrell (bs, gtr, sitar, tambourine), Christopher A. Lockheed (drms, tabla, harp, vcls, maracas).
Band origin: Sacramento (California)
14. Creme Soda - Keep It Heavy
See Track 3

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Listen to Mint - We're Friends

Listen to Creme Soda - Keep It Heavy

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Duncan Browne (1973)

Duncan Browne's self-titled second album plays like a direct sequel to his debut long-player, Give Me Take You; he uses the same acoustic guitar and writes in a similar idiom, especially on tracks like "Country Song" and "The Martlet." Indeed, apart from the fact that it's generally better recorded, most of Duncan Browne could easily have slotted into the earlier album; the only exceptions are the more elaborately produced songs, such as "Ragged Rain Life," with its electric guitar sound, the keyboard-embellished "Babe Rainbow," and the bluesier, Dylan-esque "Journey," which was a substantial hit in England. Browne's style elsewhere on the record is unique unto himself, built around hauntingly beautiful melodies, mostly in a folk idiom, with some choice results, including the exquisite "Over the Reef" and "My Old Friends." He saved the best for last, a valedictory number entitled "Last Time Around," featuring extensive and impressive acoustic guitar ornamentation that gives way to some surprisingly tasteful progressive rock electronic sounds on the choruses. The RAK album was reissued on CD by EMI (EMI 724353562328) in 2002 with four bonus tracks, comprised of odd single sides and a pair of outtakes that extended the record's stylistic range considerably, into a more purely electric rock, more standard (though still enjoyable and attractive) singer/songwriter mode - although the last of the bonus tracks, the previously unissued "Mignon," is easily the prettiest song that Browne ever recorded and is thoroughly in the style of his first LP. Even overlooking its own intrinsic merits, Duncan Browne is worth owning as a more mature and developed, if slightly less spontaneous, expression of the sensibilities that forged Give Me Take You.
(Bruce Eder in "allmusic Guide")

You can also find his wonderful first album on the Time Has Told Me blogspot.

- Ragged Rain Life
- Country Song
- The Martlet
- My Only Son
- Baby Rainbow
- Journey
- Cast No Shadow
- Over The Reef
- My Old Friends
- Last Time Around
- In A Mist (bonus)
- Send Me The Bill For Your Friendship (bonus)
- Guitar Piece (bonus)
- Mignon (bonus)

Duncan Browne (vcls)

Band origin:

1. Give Me Take You (Immediate IMSP 018) 1968
2. Duncan Browne (Rak SRKA 6754) 1973

1. On The Bombsite/Alfred Bell (Immediate IM 70) 1968
2. Resurrection Joe/Final Asylum (Bell BLL 1119) 1970
3. Journey/In A Mist (Rak RAK 135) 1972
4. Send Me The Bill/My Only Son (Rak RAK 162) 1973

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Listen to Baby Rainbow

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Overspill (1968-69)

Mandrake Paddlesteamer made one, now legendary, psychedelic 45 which inevitably interests collectors. The original release of Strange Walking Man is now very expensive to purchase but aside from the disc's reissue by Bam-Caruso in 1988, the 'A' side, Strange Walking Man has also been heavily compiled. It's unusual for a tempo change towards the end where the vocal parts end and the song culminates with an instrumental passage. The track also features some great understated guitar work, and superb trippy lyrics. The flip side, Steam, is a pretty decent keyboard-driven instrumental. Their second 45, Sunlight Glide/Len (Parlophone SD 6072) 1969, was only released in Sweden, though no-one seems to know quite how this came about. It was written by Clae Fellbom and Calvin Floyd, two film producers responsible for a minor Swedish film called 'Skottet', which the songs were included in. Sunlight Glide is a melancholic, slow number, quite unlike this first 45. The flip side, Len, is a fuzzy instrumental.
(taken from "Tapestry Of Delights")

This collection (Scaner Jots Records BD 20002 / 199?) contains acetates and recordings from John Peel's Top Gear show from '69. A pretty rough sound indeed but you can hear their pontential on songs like "Overspill", "Cooger And Dark" or "Ivory Castle Of Solitaire Husk". They did never reach the heights of "Strange Walking Man" again though. I've added "Strange Walking Man" and their sole swedish single where they've shortened their name to Mandrake as bonus cuts. There's also an official website where you can find more information about the band.

- Overspill
- Carmen
- Cooger And Dark
- Steam
- Slo Blo
- Senlac Lament
- Cooger And Dark
- Janus Suite
- Ivory Castle Of Solitaire Husk
- East Wing
- Strange Walking Man (bonus)
- Sunlight Glide (bonus)
- Len (bonus)

Brian Engel (vcls) [A]
Martin Briley (lead gtr, vcls) [AB]
Paul Riordan (bs) [ABC]
Martin Hooker (keyb'ds) [ABC]
Barry Nightingale (drms) [AB]
David Hooker (drms) [C]

Band origin:

1. Strange Walking Man/Steam (Parlophone R 5780) 1969
2. Sunlight Glide/Len (Parlophone SD 6072) 1969

[2. as Mandrake /Sweden only release]

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Listen to Cooger And Dark

Friday, October 10, 2008

V.A. - Endless Journey (Phase One)

The three "Endless Journey" compilations were a good introduction into rare psychedelic music. Today bands like Moving Sidewalks, Faine Jade, Kak or Hunger are no longer unknown to most of us but in the early eighties these groups were quite a mystery. On "Phase One" (Psycho 1 / 1982) you will find predominately acid-drenched songs, only the three Rising Storm tracks from their only (great) album are in the garage vein. Mystic Tide's glorious "Psychedelic Journey Pts. 1+2" is represented here as a single track but Part 1 and Part 2 were originally released on two different 45's as b-sides.
I will post the other two volumes in the near future.

1. Moving Sidewalks - I Want To Hold Your Hand
taken from the single
I Want To Hold Your Hand/Joe's Blues (Tantara 3108) 1968
Line-up: Bill Gibbons (gtr, vcls), Don Summers (bs), Tom Moore (organ, piano), Dan Mitchell (drms). Band origin: Houston (Texas)
2. Rising Storm - Baby Please Don't Go
taken from the album Calm Before... (Remnant BBA-3571) 1967
Line-up: Rich Weinberg (vcls, hrmnca, tamb, cowbell), Bob Cohen (lead gtr), Tony Thompson (rhythm gtr, vcls), Todd Cohen (bs), Charlie Rockwell (organ), Tom Scheft (drms, bongos, tamb).
Band origin: Andover (Massachusetts)
3. Outcasts - Smokestack Lightning
taken from the single
1523 Blair/Smokestack Lightning (Gallant 101) 1967
Line-up: Galen Niles (gtr), Jim Carsten (gtr), Jim Ryan (bs), Eugene Carson (keyb'ds, hmnca), Ricky Wright (drms). Band origin: San Antonio (Texas)
4. Oxford Circle - Foolish Woman
5. Oxford Circle - Mind Destruction
taken from the single
Foolish Woman/Mind Destruction (World United 1002) 1966
Line-up: Gary Yoder (rhythm gtr, vcls), Dehner Patten (gtr), Jim Keylor (bs), Paul Whaley (drms). Band origin: Sacramento (California)
6. Unsettled Society - 17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs
taken from the single
17 Diamond Studded Cadillacs/Passion Seed (Charm 6084/85) 1970
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Pennelville (New York)

7. Finchley Boys - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
taken from the album Everlasting Tributes (Golden Throat 200-19) 1972
Line-up: George Faber (vcls, harp), Garret Oostdyk (gtr), Tabe (bs),
J. Michael Powers (drms, perc).
Band origin: Champaign (Illinois)
8. Rising Storm - A Message To Pretty
9. Rising Storm - Don't Look Back
See Track 2
10. Clique - Splash 1
taken from the single
Splash 1/Stay By Me (Cinema 001/Scepter 12202) 1967
Line-up: Randy Shaw (lead vcls, trumpet, sax), Cooper Hawthorne (lead gtr), Bruce Tinch (bs), Larry Lawson (vcls, keyb'ds, sax, trumpet), David Dunham (sax, vcls), John Kanesaw (drms). Band origin: Houston (Texas)
11. Mystic Tide - Psychedelic Journey Pts. 1+2
taken from the singles
Frustration/Psychedelic Journey Pt. I (Solid Sound 156/7) 1967
Running Through The Night/Psychedelic Journey Pt. II
(Solid Sound 158/9) 1967

Line-up: Joe Docko (gtr, lead vcls), Jim Thomas (gtr, vcls), Paul Picell (bs, vcls), John Williams (drms). Band origin: Woodbury (New York)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Oxford Circle - Foolish Woman

Listen to Clique - Splash 1

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jack Bedient & The Chessmen -
Where Did She Go (1967)

Obscure local album by Northwest frat/lounge/pop band of the tuxedo dancehall variety. Seemingly patterned on the Raiders' "Here they come" with half crooner ballads & half teen rockers. The charming Orbisonstyle smoothies are a bit cheesier than the Raiders' but the garage fuzz tracks (I counted 3½) are good with a fat rocking NW sound and neato teen vocals. Bizarre closing Dylan cover.
(Patrick The Lama in "The Acid Archives")

As far as I know "Where Did She Go" (Satori 1001) was their third and last album. The A-side is eminently forgettable and the songs fit better to an aged crooner with too much pomade in his hair than to a garage band. The flip-side is way-out better and much more in the garage-vein. The guitar on their cover of Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" sounds pretty much like Punk-Rock '77 than '67. Definitely not a lost gem but hard to get and before you pay silly money for this better have a listen first, although the quality of this rip (which is not mine) is not the best. You can find more information on the Garage Hangover site.

- Where Did She Go
- Candy Roses And Love
- My Girl
- Pretty One
- My Prayer
- Stay Away From My Girl
- Rapunzel
- Glimmer, Glimmer, Sunshine
- Love Work Shop
- I Used To Feel Bad
- Subterranian Homesick Blues
- Don't Go Home

Jack Bedient (lead vcls, rhythm gtr) [ABCD]
Kevin Woods (lead gtr, vcls) [ABC]
Bill Britt (bs, vcls) [ABC]
Jewell Hendricks (drms) [AB]
Walter Hanna (keyb'ds) [BC]
Ira Orr (drms) [C]
Jerry Bledsoe (drms) [C]
Steve Eggleston (bs) [D]
Sam Wisner (drms) [D]
Dennis Hayes (organ)
Bill Vitt (drms)

Band origin:
California → Carson City (Nevada)

 1. Two Sides of Jack Bedient (Trophy 101) 1964
 2. Live at Harvey's Fantasy 3365 1965
 3. Where Did She Go (Satori 1001) 1967
 4. Songs You Requested (Chessmen no #) 196?
 5. In Concert [Harolds] (Chessmen no #) 1969
 6. Jack Bedient (Executive Productions no #) 196?

 1. The Mystic One/Question (Era 3050) 1961
 2. Pretty One/Silver Haired Daddy (Trophy 1001) 1964
 3. See The Little Girl/Here I Am (Fantasy 595) 1965
 4. See The Little Girl/Looking For A Good Love
    (Fantasy 595) 1965
 5. Double Whammy/I Want You To Know (Fantasy 598) 1965
 6. Drummer Boy [Play Us A Song]/Dream Boy
    [Count Your Dreams] (Palomar 2212) 1965
 7. Glimmer Sunshine/Where Did She Go (Rev 104/5-66) 1966
 8. Love WorkshopI Could Have Loved You So Well
    (Columbia 4-44302) 1967
 9. Pretty One/See That Girl (Columbia 4-44481) 1968
10. The Pleasures Of You/It’s Over (Columbia 4-44565) 1968
11. My Prayer/Independence Day (Columbia 4-44671) 1968
12. I've Been Loving You/I Could Never Lose My Love
    For You (Executive Productions 21) 1969
13. Beautiful [Takes A Trip]/Release Me
    (Executive Productions 21) 1969

[4. as Chessmen]

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Listen to I Used To Feel Bad

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"14" - 14 In A Bunch... And More (1965-68)

This group originated from Finspång/Sweden. Their only album from 1966 is a pleasant affair with nice vocal harmonies and melodies that were heavily influenced by the "Beatles-Revolver"-era. This CD (EMI 724385930225 / 1998) contains all their singles and the above mentioned album.

- Wondering
- Nothing But Moan
- Little Down-Hearted Arthur
- Im Krankenhaus
- Please Girl Put Me On Your List
- Suit-Men Crowd
- He's A Friend Of Mine
- I Can't Catch Them
- Mr. Great Blues
- Restless Feeling One Hour After Dinner
- The Taperecorder
- The Leaves Of The Summer
- Frosty Stars On A Window-Pane
- Meet Mr. Edgar
- Through My Door
- Displeasing Message
- One Way Ticket (To The Blues)
- Take My Suzy
- Wrong Side
- Easy To Fool
- Umbrella
- Drizzle
- Puzzled
- I Can't Sleep
- Only Love

Olle Nilsson (gtr, vcls) [A]
Kenneth Larsson (gtr, vcls) [A]
Conny Larsson (bs, vcls) [A]
Thomas Palmkvist (drms) [A]
Torgny Lind (drms)
Curt Bergh (drms)

Band origin:
Finspång (Östergötland/Sweden)

1. 14 In A Bunch (Olga LPO 03) 1966

1. Wondering/Nothing But Moan (Olga SO 16) 1965
2. I Can't Catch Them/Through My Door (Olga SO 22) 1966
3. Displeasing Message/Little Down-Hearted Arthur
   (Olga SO 30) 1966
4. One Way Ticket/Take My Suzy (Olga SO 35) 1967
5. Im Krankenhaus/Meet Mr. Edgar (Olga SO 39) 1967
6. Wrong Side/Easy To Fool (Olga SO 42) 1967
7. Easy To Fool/Frosty Stars On A Window Pane
   (Olga SO 51) 1967
8. Through My Door/Meet Mr. Edgar (Olga OLE 002) 1968
9. Umbrella/Drizzle [Rain] (Olga OLE 006) 1968

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Listen to Little Down-Hearted Arthur

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

V.A. - Pebbles Vol. 8

Most of the material on Volume 8 (BFD-5025 / 1980) is well-known today. This Pebbles release contains my all time garage favourite "I Never Loved Her" by The Starfires (and other classics for sure).

1. Lollipop Shoppe - You Must Be A Witch
taken from the single
You Must Be A Witch/Don't Close The Door On Me (UNI 55050) 1967
Line-up: Fred Cole (vcls), Ed Bowen (lead gtr), Ron Buzzell (rhythm gtr), Bob Atkins (bs), Tim Rockson (drms). Band origin: Portland (Oregon)
2. Starfires - I Never Loved Her
taken from the single I Never Loved Her/Linda (G.I. 4001) 1965
Line-up: Chuck Butler (lead vcls, tamb), Dave Anderson (lead gtr), Sonny Lathrop (gtr), Freddy Fields (bs), Jack Emerick (drms).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
3. Gants - I Wonder
taken from the single Greener Days/I Wonder (Liberty 55940) 1967
Line-up: Sid Herring (vcls, gtr), Johnny Sanders (gtr), Vince Montgomery (bs), Don Wood (drms). Band origin: Greenwood (Mississippi)
4. Sound Barrier - (My) Baby's Gone
taken from the single (My) Baby's Gone/Hey Hey (Zounds 1004) 1967
Line-up: Paul Hess (lead gtr, vcls), Chuck Jackson (rhythm gtr), Terry Davis (bs, vcls), Mike Riffle (keyb'ds), Larry Davis (drms).
Band origin: Salem (Ohio)
5. JuJus - Hey Little Girl
taken from the single You Treat Me Bad/Hey Little Girl (Fenton 1004) 1965
Line-up: Ray Hummel (lead vcls, gtr, hrmnca), Rod Shepard (bs), Max Colley (sax), Bill Gorski (drms). Band origin: Grand Rapids (Michigan/US)
6. Uncalled For - Do Like Me
taken from the single
Do Like Me/Get Out Of The Way (Dollie 509/Laurie 3394) 1967
Line-up: Tollie Lee (lead vcls), Larry Welding (lead gtr), Doug Wurst (rhythm gtr), Russell Riddle (bs), Cliff Wurst (keyb'ds), Ray Cobb (drms).
Band origin: Manchester (Tennessee)
7. Bruthers - Bad Way To Go
taken from the single Bad Way To Go/Bad Love (RCA-Victor 47-8920) 1966
Line-up: Frank Delia (gtr, vcls), Alf Delia (bs, vcls), Joe Delia (keyb'ds, vcls), Mike Delia (drms). Band origin: Pearl River (New York)
8. Clue - Bad Times
taken from the single She's The Reason/Bad Times (Byron 101) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Midland (Texas)
9. Faine Jade - It Ain't True
taken from the single
Love On A Candy Apple Day/It Ain't True (Providence 420) 1967
Line-up: Faine Jade (lead vcls, rhythm gtr, bs), Bruce Bradt (organ, harpsichord), Jeff Jade (drms, tamb).
Band origin: New York City (New York)
10. Caravelles - Lovin' Just My Style
taken from the single
Lovin' Just My Style/Self-Service (Onacrest 502) 1966
Line-up: John Fitzgerald (lead vcls, hrmnca), Mike Lipman (lead gtr), Jerry Breci (gtr), Rick Anderson (bs), Danny Reed (keybd's), Doug Steiner (drms).
Band origin: Phoenix (Arizona)
11. Human Beingz - My Generation
taken from the single
My Generation/Evil Hearted You (Elysian 820F 8687) 1966
Line-up: Richard Belley (lead gtr, vcls), Ting Markulin (rhythm gtr, vcls), Mel Pachuta (bs), Mike Tatman (drms). Band origin: Youngstown (Ohio)
12. Question Mark & The Mysterians - Make You Mine
taken from the single Make You Mine/I Love You Baby (Capitol 2162) 1968
Line-up: Rudy Martinez (lead vcls), Bobby Balderamma (gtr), Frank Lugo (bs), Frank Rodriguez (organ), Eddie Serrato (drms).
Band origin: Bay City (Michigan)
13. Others - I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye
taken from the single
I Can't Stand This Love Goodbye/Until I Heard It From You
(RCA 47-8669) 1965

Line-up: Pete Shepley (lead vcls), Jim DeStout (lead gtr, vcls), Mike Brand (rhythm gtr), John Costa (bs, vcls), Mike Patalano (drms).
Band origin: Kingston (Rhode Island)
14. Cindermen - Don't Do It Some More
taken from the single
Don't Do It Some More/True Love (Moonglow 5012) 1966
Line-up: Jim Kelley (lead gtr), Fred Perry (rhythm gtr, lead vcls), Don Whaley (bs), Sam Sinopoli (drms). Band origin: Fresno (Caifornia)
15. Rovin' Flames - How Many Times
taken from the single
How Many Times/Love Song No. 6 (Decca 32191) 1967
Line-up: John Delise (lead vcls), Jimmy "Mouse" Morris (lead gtr), J.R. Maietta (bs), Johnny Rogers (organ), Eddie Taylor (drms).
Band origin: Tampa (Florida)
16. Rockin' Ramrods - She Lied
taken from the single
She Lied/The Girl Can't Help It (Bon-Bon 1315) 1964
Line-up: Bill Linnane (lead gtr), Vin Campisi (rhythm gtr), Ronn Campisi (bs, lead vcls), Bob Henderson (drms, perc, vcls)
Band origin: Boston (Massachusetts)
17. Movin' Morfomen - Run Girl Run
taken from the single
When You Were Mine/Run Girl Run (Delta 2242) 1967
Line-up: Danny Gavurnik (trumpet, gtr, vcls), Rudy Maestas (gtr, vcls), Anthony Martinez (bs), Dave Rarick (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Ed Valdez (drms).
Band origin: Espanola (New Mexico)
18. Lemon Drops - I Live In The Springtime
taken from the single
I Live In The Springtime/Listen Girl (Rembrandt 5009) 1967
Line-up: Danny Smola (vcls), Ricky Erickson (lead gtr), Bobby Lunaik (rhythm gtr), Eddie Weiss (rhythm gtr), Jeff Brand (bs), Gary Weiss (drms).
Band origin: Chicago (Illinois)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Uncalled For - Do Like Me

Listen to Human Beingz - My Generation

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's All Meat (1970)

From Toronto, Ontario. The stand-out track on their album is Sunday Love, which ranges from soft to strident keyboard-dominated psychedelia. Crying Into The Deep Lake is also excellent, a superb slice of psychedelia with a haunting keyboard intro. The remainder of the album pales into insignificance alongside these two tracks, but is nonetheless worth obtaining. Both their 45s were issued in black and white picture sleeves. The first is a wild non-LP punker, written by Jed MacKay and Rick McKim, with particularly eerie lyrics and frantic delivery. MacKay and McKim also produced the Underworld's single Go Away, and wrote the flip side Bound.
(taken from "Dreams, Fantasies & Nightmares")

This re-issue (Void 18 / 2001) came with a bonus 45 (which was a reprint of their first single). More info on the Garagehangover site.

- You Don't Notice The Time You Waste
- Make Some Use Of Your Friends
- Crying Into The Deep Lake
- Roll My Own
- Self Confessed Lover
- If Only
- You Brought Me Back To My Senses
- Sunday Love
- Feel It [Bonus]
- (I Need Some Kind Of) Definite Commitment (Baby) [Bonus]

Wayne Roworth (gtr)
Norm White (gtr)
Rick Aston (bs, vcls)
Jed MacKay (organ, piano, lead vcls)
Rick McKim (drms)

Band origin:
Toronto (Ontario/Canada)

1. It's All Meat (Columbia ELS-374) 1970

1. Feel It/[I Need Some Kind Of] Definite Commitment
   [Baby] (Columbia C4-2910) 1969
2. You Don't Notice The Time You Waste/If Only
   (Columbia C4-2930) 1969

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Listen to You Brought Me Back To My Senses

Friday, October 3, 2008

Les 5 Gentlemen - Plus Grands Succés (1965-68)

This highly talented band from Marseille is definitely my favourite french group. They released five E.P.'s on the Riviera label and one as "Les Ambitieux" on Columbia. They also tried to get a foot on the british market and released one 45 under the moniker "Darwin's Theory" but "Daytime" (which was "Dis-Nous Dylan" with english lyrics) didn't make any impact there. This cool sixteen-track compilation (Belle Amie 0100 / 2000) contains their best work from 1965-68. From my personnal view "LSD 25", "Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi" and "Twiggy" are absolutely essential for every psych/freakbeat connoisseur.

- Cara-Lin
- Hosanna
- Dis-Moi
- Je Te Veux
- Prie!
- Lsd 25
- Dis-Nous Dylan
- Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi
- Cette Fille-La
- Trop Tard
- Ces Mots
- Oum Tse Oum Papa
- Olivier
- Longue, Longue Nuit D'Amor
- Twiggy
- Mets Du Sucre Dans Ton Café

Claude Olmos (lead gtr, back vcls)
Francois "La Canard" Paoli (gtr, tambourine, back vcls)
Jean Fredenucci (vcls, bs)
Guy Matteoni (keybd's, vcls)
Michel Donat (drms)

Band origin:
Marseille (France)

1. Cosa Mi Vieni A Dire/Quel Che Ho Fatto
   (Pathé AQ 1323) 1965
2. Daytime/Hosanna (Major Minor MM 50) 1966

[1. italian release]
[2. as Darwin's Theory]

1. Danse, Danse Encore/Ces Mots/Dis-Moi/C'est Pas Vrai
   (Columbia ESRF 1662) 1965
2. Cara-Lin/Trop Tard/Oublie-Moi/Cette Fille-La
   (Riviera 231142) 1966
3. Dis-Nous Dylan/Hosanna/Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi/Prie!
   (Riviera 231181) 1966
4. Qu'as-Tu Katioucha/LSD 25/Je Te Veux/Olivier
   (Riviera 231212) 1967
5. Oum Tse Oum Papa/Anna/Longue, Longue Nuit D'amor/
   1.000.000 D'annees Avant Jesus Christ
   (Riviera 231265) 1967
6. Twiggy/Mets Du Sucre Dans Ton Café/Cinema Muet/
   La Fabrique De Savon (Riviera 231321) 1968

[1. as Les Ambitieux]

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Si Tu Reviens Chez Moi