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Rokes (1964-69)

The Rokes achieved much more success in Italy, than they did in their homeland, but their UK 45s are now quite collectable and When The Wind Arises was quite psychedelic. Norman Shapiro was born in London in 1943 and by the time he was seventeen was playing guitar and singing with Rob Storm & The Whispers (who later became Robb Storme Group). Norman then played for a while backing Gene Vincent's Blue Caps, followed by a stint in The Shel Carson Combo in 1961, touring Germany's clubs such as Top Ten Club in Hamburg, and supporting Tony "Colin" Hicks for a two month tour in Italy in 1963, where the band changed their name to "The Cabin Boys". Spotted on tour by their (soon to be) new manager, they were renamed The Rokes and backed the young girl vocalist Rita Pavone before recording a demo for RCA Italiana. This led to the release of "Shake Rattle and Roll" on RCA subsiduary ARC Records, but this failed to create any impact. A second 45 followed after they played at the "Festival Degli Sconosciuti" (Contest For Unknown) in Ariccia (Rome), performing "Un Anima Pura" sung in broken Italian. The song was received favourably, and although it was unsuccesful, it did point the way ahead for the remainder of the bands existence. In 1965 The Rokes began writing original songs and had some hit's: Grazie A Te (aka Clint Ballard Jr.'s I'm Alive) which reached No. 12 and C'e Una Strana Espressione Nei Tuoi Occhi (a version of Jackie DeShannon's When You Walk In The Room) which got to No. 11 in the Italian Charts. They also released their debut album The Rokes. The following year, the band had further success with Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi and E La Pioggia Che Va, both of which remained in the Top 20 for over 25 weeks, and they were also voted second best Beat Group in Italy at "Cantagiro 1966". Another track Piangi Con Me written by Shapiro/Mogul was released in the UK as Let's Live For Today and also covered by The Living Daylights. In the US, The Grassroots also covered the song, where it sold over two million records, although the band never received any money from the song. In 1967 their first entry in the "Festival Di San Remo" Bisogna Saper Perdere was poorly received by the critics, but went to No. 2 in the Italian Charts, and remained in the Top 20 for fourteen weeks. They returned to the festival the next year where they performed Le Opere Di Bartolemo with US group Cowsills, and again the following year where they backed a little girl vocalist Nada with the song "Ma Che Freddo Fa", coming 5th for the journalists and critics. 1970 saw a decline in the groups fortunes, as the public taste changed, and they played their last concert in front of 3,500 people at the "Festival De L'Unità" on the 8th August. The concert was organised by the Communist Party! The Rokes are still remembered fondly in Italy, although they never managed to recreate their success elsewhere. Shel Shapiro has remained active in the music business, as songwriter, producer and manager, and in 1977 founded "Spaghetti Records" in Milan, discovering new talent such as Luca Barbarossa. He now works in TV collaborating with music journalist. Gianni Minà. Mike Shepstone later played with Mick Brill (ex Thane Russal Band) in Pax, whilst Johnny Charlton became an Art expert, and now runs an Art Gallery in Rome. Bobby Posner returned to England and lives in Hastings. Shapiro and Shepstone also released a single in 1966 under the name Les and Kim La Mia Ispirazione/Unchained Melody (ARC 4096).
(taken from "Tapestry Of Delights")

This 2 CD-Set was released by BMG (BMG 74321963432(2) / 2002). This will be my last post for the next 2 weeks. I'm on vacation now.

[Disc 1]
- Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi
- Un'Anima Pura
- Grazie A Te
- Eravamo Amici
- C'è Una Strana Espressione Nei Tuoi Occhi
- Piangi Con Me
- Spegni Questa Luce
- Bambina
- Summertime
- Quando Eri Con Me
- La Mia Città
- Ma C'è Un Momento Del Giorno
- Bisogna Saper Perdere
- Shake, Rattle And Roll
- Ci Vedremo Domani
- She Asks Of You
- Eccola Di Nuovo
- Cercate Di Abbracciare Tutto Il Mondo Come Noi
- Ascolta Nel Vento

[Disc 2]
- È La Pioggia Che Va
- Ricordo Quando Ero Bambino
- Finchè C'è Musica Mi Tengo Su
- Che Mondo Strano
- Baby Blue
- Le Opere Di Bartolomeo
- Se Io Fossi Povero
- Lascia L'Ultimo Ballo Per Me
- Qui Non C'è Nessuno
- Somewhere
- Io Vivrò Senza Te
- Baby, Come Back (Non C'è Pace Per Me)
- Ma Che Freddo Fa
- 28 Giugno
- Roll Over Beethoven
- Per Te Per Me
- Ombre Blu
- When The Wind Arises (Il Vento)

Norman David [aka Shel Shapiro] (gtr, vcls)
Johnny Charlton (gtr, vcls)
Bobby Posner (bs, vcls)
Mike Roger Shepstone (drms, vcls)

Band origin:
London → Rome (Italy)

Albums [Italy only]:
1. The Rokes (ARC SA 4) 1965
2. The Rokes Vol. 2 (ARC SA 8) 1966
3. Che Mondo Strano (ARC SA 15) 1966
4. The Rokes (ARC ALP 11006) 1968

45's [Italy]:
 1. Shake Rattle and Roll/Quando Eri Con Me
    (ARC 4013) 1964
 2. Un'Anima Pura/She Asks For You (ARC 4021) 1964
 3. C'e Una Strana Espressione Nei Tuoi Occhi/
    Ci Vedremo Domani (ARC 4046) 1965
 4. Grazie A Te/La Mia Città (ARC 4067) 1965
 5. Ascolta Nel Vento/Il Primo Sintomo (ARC 4075) 1966
 6. Che Colpa Abbiamo Noi/Piangi Con Me (ARC 4081) 1966
 7. E La Pioggia Che Va/Finche c'e Musica Mi Tengo Su
    (ARC 4100) 1966
 8. Ride On/Che Mondo Strano (ARC - Juke Box Only) 1966
 9. Bisogna Saper Perdere/Non Far Finta Di No
    (ARC 4109) 1967
10. Eccola Di Nuovo/Ricordo Quando Ero Bambino
    (ARC 4122) 1967
11. Cercate Di Abbracciare Tutto Il Mondo Come Noi/
    Regency Sue (ARC 4137) 1967
12. Le Opere di Bartolomeo/Siamo Sotto Il Sole
    (ARC 4142) 1968
13. Lascia L'Ultimo Ballo Per Me/Io Vivrò Senza Te
    (ARC 4152) 1968
14. Qui non c'e Nessuno/La Luna Bianca La Notte Nera
    (ARC 4156) 1968
15. Baby Come Back/Hello Come Stai (ARC 4169) 1968
16. Ma Che Freddo Fa/Per Te Per Me (ARC 4172) 1969
17. 28 Giugno/Mary (ARC 4182) 1969
18. Ombre Blu/Sempre Giorno (ARC 4194) 1969

45's [UK]:
1. Let's Live For Today/Ride On (RCA RCA 1587) 1967
2. Hold My Hand/Regency Sue (RCA RCA 1646) 1967
3. When The Wind Arises/The Works Of Bartholemew
   (RCA RCA 1694) 1968

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Listen to Grazie A Te

Listen to Finchè C'è Musica Mi Tengo Su

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V.A. - The History Of Michigan Garage Bands
In The '60s (3 CD Set)

This compilation (Collectables COL-8818 / 1994) gathers together most of the garage bands that released or recorded for the Dearborn/Michigan label "Wheels-4". Disc 1 of this 3 CD Set is the best (Disc 2 the weakest) and there are more fillers than killers. Most of the (good) material was already released on various "Cicadelic" compilations (Cicadelic '60s or Green Crystal Ties).

[Disc 1]
1. Couriers - I Couldn't Care Less
2. Couriers - Just Tell Me
[unreleased / 1965]
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan
3. Hearsemen - Christianne
taken from the single
Christianne/I Get That Feeling (Wheel's 4 WH 3619) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
4. Lykes Of Us - 7:30 Said
5. Lykes Of Us - Tell Me Why Your Light Shines
taken from the single
7:30 Said/Tell Me Why Your Light Shines (Molt MO 6802) 1968
Line-up: Larry Micallef (lead gtr), John Tyno (rhythm gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Larry Lamb (bs, lead vcls), Dennis Odine (drms).
Band origin: Trenton (Michigan/US)
6. Trees - Do You Think About It Now (Feeling Groovy)
7. Trees - The Only Life For Me
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Dearborn (Michigan/US)
8. Questors - The Last Time
[unreleased / 1966]
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Dearborn (Michigan/US)
9. Kings Court - Don't Put Me On
10. Kings Court - In The Midnight Hour
taken from the single
Don't Put Me On/Midnight Hour (Wheel's 4 WH 3613) 1966
Line-up incl.: John Holowicki (lead vcls), Aaron Dytiniak (lead gtr), Craig Suba (rhythm gtr), Mike Grihorash (bs), Brian Cramer (keyb'ds).
Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
11. Hearsemen - I Get That Feeling
See Track 3
12. Teen Beats - I Shouldn't Love Her
13. Teen Beats - Dance, Dance, Dance
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan
14. Questors - Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl
See Track 8
15. Plague - Big City
16. Plague - Hootchy Cootchy Man
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan
17. Questors - Little Red Rooster
18. Questors - She Was Mine
19. Questors - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
20. Questors - Tarantula '65
See Track 8

Get Disc 1 here (Artwork included)

Listen to Lykes Of Us - Tell Me Why Your Light Shines

[Disc 2]
1. House Of Commons - Summertime
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Garden City (Michigan/US)
2. Lost Souls - Diamond Head
3. Lost Souls - On Broadway
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Dearborn (Michigan/US)
4. House Of Commons - Here I Am
5. House Of Commons - Sally Put The Whammy
See Track 1
6. Lost Souls - Come Home
See Track 2
7. Questors - You Can't Sit Down
See Disc 1 / Track 8
8. Solitary Confinement - A Winner Never Quits
taken from the single
A Winner Never Quits/You Send Me (Sound Impression 6803/4) 1968
Line-up incl.: Rick Sutherland (gtr, vcls).
Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
9. Marlans - Twist And Shout
10. Marlans - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
11. Marlans - Treat Her Right
12. Marlans - Bring It On Home To Me
13. Marlans - Ooh Poo Pah Doo
14. Marlans - Unchained Melody
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan
15. Dearborn City Limits - Shake
16. Dearborn City Limits - Come See About Me
17. Dearborn City Limits - Stay
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Dearborn (Michigan/US)
18. House Of Commons - Till Tomorrow
taken from the single
Till Tomorrow/Love Is A Funny Thing (Wheel's 4 WH 3609) 1965
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 1
19. Human Affair - Free Love
20. Human Affair - Forever Yours
taken from the single
Free Love/Forever Yours (Boss 002) 196?
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan

Get Disc 2 here

Listen to House Of Commons - Till Tomorrow

[Disc 3]
1. Innsmen - Things Are Different Now
2. Innsmen - I Don't Know
taken from the single
Things Are Different Now/I Don't Know (Wheel's 4 WH 3611) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Dearborn (Michigan/US)
3. Marlans - Love That Never Was
See Disc 2 / Track 9
4. Trees - Fly Like An Angel
See Disc 1 / Track 6
5. Dearborn City Limits - I'm Not Sure Yet
See Disc 2 / Track 15
6. Marlans - Two Things
See Disc 2 / Track 9
7. Vehicle - Feelin' Free
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Michigan
8. Lost Souls - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
See Disc 2 / Track 2
9. House Of Commons - No Regrets
10. House Of Commons - Why I Worry About You
See Disc 2 / Track 1
11. Pagens - Mystic Cloud
12. Pagens - Someone Like You
taken from the single
Mystic Cloud/Someone Like You (Ish-Koom 6901) 1969
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Dearborn (Michigan/US)
13. Felix - Outside Woman Blues
14. Felix - A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Line-up: unknown. Origin: Michigan
15. Silver Hawk - Awaiting On You All
16. Silver Hawk - All I Can Do
taken from the single
Awaiting On You All/All I Can Do (Westbound 178) 1971
Line-up: Mark Devar [real name Mark DerVartanian] (lead gtr), Bryan Dombrowsky, Mark Scott, Bob Rose (drms).
Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
17. House Of Commons - Here I Am
18. House Of Commons - Love Is A Funny Thing
19. House Of Commons - As I'm Walking
20. House Of Commons - It Comes And It Goes
See Disc 2 / Track 1

Get Disc 3 here

Listen to Pagens - Mystic Cloud

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Charlatans (1969)

The Charlatans were the very first San Francisco underground rock band. At the start the group played Chuck Berry numbers and R&B standards like Got My Mojo Working and My Babe but gradually they evolved the folk rock repertoire for which they had become famous. Eventually the group were offered a residency at the Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada. Here The Charlatans acted as a magnet for the whole hippy scene. News of them soon got around and acid heads came from Reno, 'Frisco and as far afield as Seattle and Los Angeles to hear them play. The Red Dog Saloon predated any of the San Francisco venues, and at the time it was the only place on the West Coast where you could hear the new music. But things began to go wrong. Despite being packed almost every night, the saloon made a loss because no admission charge was levied so profits could only be made from beer and wine sales. The owner had left his 22 year old son in charge and was not pleased when he found, on returning to discover the reasons for this loss, that everyone was having a ball at his expense. To make matters worse his visit coincided with two members of the group getting busted on the way back from San Francisco with more drug supplies for the group. Eventually the band headed back to San Francisco for good, taking with them a reputation on a par with anybody. Before long, record companies began to take an interest in them and they eventually signed with the Lovin' Spoonful's label, Kama Sutra. In retrospect, they would have done better to wait for a company to offer them the sort of advance RCA had offered The Jefferson Airplane. The group cut a nine-track album for Kama Sutra which included the Buffy St. Marie song Codine (later recorded by many other 'Frisco bands), amazing versions of traditional songs like Alabama Bound and 32-20 Blues, and the old Coasters' song The Shadow Knows and two songs featuring Lynne Hughes, who worked as a barmaid at the Red Dog Saloon (and later sang with Tongue and Groove and Stoneground) on vocals - Side Track and I'd Rather Be The Devil. The Charlatans had wanted Codine backed by 32-20 released as a single, but the record company got cold feet because of the mention of 'drugs' in Codine and cut off all contact with the band. This was disasterous for The Charlatans and ironic when one considers that the song was condemning drugs rather than advocating their use. At this point, Mike Ferguson left the group to join Tongue and Groove with Lynne Hughes, to be replaced by Patrick Bogery, and Dan Hicks gave up the drums to concentrate on the rhythm guitar. So Terry Wilson, who had been playing with David LaFlamme and Jaime Leapold in a group called The Orkustra came in on the drums. But they struggled to get work and Hicks, Bogerty and Hunter left the group for good. Hicks to set up Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks. The remaining three (Wilhelm, Olsen and Wilson) recruited a keyboard player Darryl De Vore and were determined to have a final fling. The tragic story of The Charlatans, probably one of San Francisco's most talented bands, that of a group taken for a ride by its record company, was sadly typical of this era.
(taken from "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers")

Their album (Philips PHS 600-309 / 1969) was a bit disappointing if you compare it with their earlier works but it's not a "mediocre affair" as it described in "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers". They did a competent version of Van Dyke Park's "High Coin" and "Time To Get Straight" is a fine folk rocker. Also notable is the last song "When The Movies Are Over", which is a weird and trippy number.

- High Coin
- Easy When I'm Dead
- Ain't Got The Time
- Folsom Prison Blues
- The Blues Ain’t Nothin'
- Time To Get Straight
- When I Go Sailin' By
- Doubtful Waltz
- Wabash Cannonball
- Alabama Bound
- When The Movies Are Over

Georger Hunter (vcls, harp) [ABC]
Mike Wilhelm (gtr) [ABD]
Mike Ferguson (piano) [AB]
Sam Linde (drms) [AB]
Dan Hicks (gtr, vcls) [BC]
Richard Olsen (bs) [ABCD]
(Lynn Hughes (guest vcls) [B])
Darryl de Vore (keybd’s) [D]
Terry Wilson (drms) [CD]
Patrick Bogerty (piano) [C]

Band origin:
San Francisco (California/US)

1. (B) Charlatans (Philips PHS 600-309) 1969

1. The Shadow Knows/32-20 (Kapp 779) 1965
2. High Coin/When I Go Sailin' By (Philips 40610) 1969

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Underground Set (1970)

This instrumental exploito album from Italy got some good reviews and I really ask myself why. The opening cut is pretty groovy but the rest of the set is more or less lame. Listeners who enjoy "Bokaj Retsiem" or "101 Strings" could be pleased with "The Underground Set" but I'm not really into that cash-in records. The musicians were in fact from Nuovo Idea but for contractual reasons they have chosen a different name. This re-issue was released on Shagadelic (Shagadelic SDCD 4 / 2002) and I saw it on e-bay gone for 35$. So before you pay for unfulfilled expectations you should listen first! More info about the band can be found on the Italian Prog site

- Arcipelago
- Emisfero
- Atollo
- Longitudine Est
- 36° Parallelo
- Samba Natalizia
- Underground in Blue
- Shake 26
- Equatore
- 7° Meridiano
- Emisfero

Personnel [aka Nuovo Idea]:
Marco Zoccheddu (gtr, vcls)
Claudio Ghiglino (gtr, vcls)
Giorgio Usai (keyb'ds)
Enrico Casagni (bs, flute, vcls)
Paolo Siani (drms, vcls)

Band origin:
Genova (Italy)

1. The Underground Set (Radio RRS 134) 1970
2. War In The Night Before (Tickle TLPS 5002) 1971

1. Arcipelago/La Filibusta (Radio RR 1030) 1970
2. Motor Road Underground/Slaughter On The Motor Road
   (Radio RR 1043) 1970
3. Tanto Per Cambiare/Emisfero (Radio RR 1048) 1970
4. Una Lettera/Libitum (Tickle TSP 1301) 1971
5. La Casa Aperta Agli Ospiti/Messaggio
   (Tickle TSP 1304) 1972

[1. + 5. B-Side by Gian Piero Reverberi Orchestra]

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V.A. - The Upside Down World Of John Pantry

John Pantry worked as a recording engineer at IBC studios and was a member of the Essex group Peter & The Wolves (aka Sounds Around aka Norman Conquest). He was also a songwriter for other bands and responsible for both sides of Factory's last single "Try A Little Sunshine/Red Chalk Hill". Tenth Planet released a 19 track album (Tenth Planet TP 040 /1999) of his work. Most of the songs appeared later on Factory's "Complete Story!" CD without Pantry's demo recordings.

1. Factory - Try A Little Sunshine
taken from the single
Try A Little Sunshine/Red Chalk Hill (CBS 4540) 1969
Line-up: Ian Oates (lead gtr), Jack Brand (vcls, bs), Bill MacLeod (drms).
Band origin: London
2. Peter & The Wolves - Birthday
taken from the single Julie/Birthday (MGM MGM 1397) 1968
Line-up: Ken Todd (vcls), Jon Richmond (gtr), John Pantry (vcls, keyb'ds), Nick Ryan (bs), Garry Nicholls (drms). Band origin: Leigh-on-Sea (Essex/UK)
3. John Pantry - Red Chalk Hill
[unreleased / 1969]
4. John Pantry - Glasshouse Green, Splinter Red
[unreleased / 1967]
Line-up incl.: John Pantry (vcls, keyb'ds).
Origin: Leigh-on-Sea (Essex/UK)
5. Peter & The Wolves - Lantern Light
taken from the single
Lantern Light/Break Up-Break Down (MGM MGM 1374) 1968
6. Peter & The Wolves - Woman On My Mind
taken from the single
Woman On My Mind/The Old And The New (MGM MGM 1452) 1968
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 2
7. Peter & The Wolves - Break Up-Break Down
See Track 5
8. John Pantry - Upside Down
[unreleased / 1967]
Line-up/Origin: See Track 4
9. Norman Conquest - Two People
taken from the single
Two People/Upside Down (MGM MGM 1376) 1968
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 2 [= Peter & The Wolves]
Band origin: Leigh-on-Sea (Essex/UK)
10. Bunch - Spare A Shilling
taken from the single
Looking Glass Alice/Spare A Shilling (CBS 3060) 1967
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 2 [= Peter & The Wolves]
11. Peter & The Wolves - Little Girl Lost And Found
taken from the single
Little Girl Lost And Found/Is Me (MGM MGM 1352) 1967
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 2
12. Factory - Red Chalk Hill
See Track 1
13. John Pantry - Every Single Word
[unreleased / 196?]
Line-up/Origin: See Track 4
14. Peter & The Wolves - The Old And The New
See Track 6
15. John Pantry - Smokey Wood Air
[unreleased / 1968]
16. John Pantry - How It Is
[unreleased / 196?]
Line-up/Origin: See Track 4
17. Peter & The Wolves - Lantern Light
[unreleased demo / 1967]
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 2
18. Peter & The Wolves - Julie
See Track 2
19. Norman Conquest - Upside Down
See Track 9

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Listen to Peter & The Wolves - Woman On My Mind

Listen to Bunch - Spare A Shilling

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Queen's Nectarine Machine - The Mystical Powers Of Roving Tarot Gamble (1969)

From New Jersey, their album (ABC ABCS 666 / 1969) was a "Super K" production by Kasenetz-Katz, with a psychedelic side and a bubblegum side. Among its better tracks are 4th Dimension and Seance, and overall it's worth hearing. One of the tracks, The Seance started when Jeff Katz came into the studio whilst the engineer was trying to get a volume and EQ level. As usual, the band were goofin-off - playing dissonant jibberish to irritate and annoy the engineer, but Jeff thought that THAT SOUND was' just what he was looking for ' to finish the album... One track from the album, Mysterious Martha has been compiled on Psychosis From The 13th Dimension.
(taken from "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers")

More info about the band can be found here.

- Where Are We Goin' To
- 4th Dimension
- Gypsy Lady
- I Got Troubles (You Got Trouble)
- The Seance
- Mysterious Martha Garoo
- The Book
- Land Of The Krepus
- Mrs Fortune Teller
- Everybody's Got A Song To Sing

Jimmie Jersie (vcls, perc)
Joe Ribaudo (gtr)
Drew Troeder (bs, vcls)
Guy Rigano (drms)

Band origin:
Garfield (New Jersey/US)

1. The Mystical Powers Of Roving Tarot Gamble
   (ABC ABCS 666) 1969

1. I Got Troubles/Gypsy Lady (ABC Paramount 11172) 1969

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Jackpots - Jack In The Box (1966-68)

This band from Gothenburg/Sweden is best known for their appearance on the Rubbles ("Jack In The Box") and Fading Yellow (the great "King Of The World") compilations. They were more a pop and vocal group than a psychedelic band although they experienced at times with psych-pop ("Miss Judith Lee" for instance). This compilation of singles and album tracks (they released two lp's) was released by Universal (Universal 018 333-2 /2003).

- Walk Like A Man
- Younger Girl
- Back To The City
- Funny How Love Can Be
- Tossing And Turning
- Jack In The Box
- Tiny Goddess
- When I Whisper Your Name
- I Hear Trumpets Blow
- Lincoln City
- Power Of Love
- See You In September
- You'll Never Get The Chance Again
- Miss Judith Lee
- Will You Love Me Tomorrow
- The Little Girl I Once Knew
- King Of The World
- Shadows And Reflections

Personnel incl.:
Peter Winsnes (vcls) [A]
Lars-Erik Göransson (gtr) [ABC]
Roland Mattsson (gtr) [AB]
Ulf Agervi (bs) [A]
Morgan Agervi (drms) [AB]
Hasse Sylwan (vcls) [B]
Conny Hagberg (bs, drms, vcls) [BC]
Lasse Berntsson (vcls) [C]
Lasse Larsson (keyb'ds, vcls) [C]
Bosse Linnell (bs) [C]
Kristina Persson (vcls)
Per Sjösten (piano)
Thomas Johansson (drms)
Svenke Egnell (piano)
Kjell Arefjäll (drms)

Band origin:
Gothenburg (Västra Götalands län/Sweden)

1. (C) Tic-Tac-Toe (Sonet SLP-57) 1967
2. (C) Jack In The Box (Sonet SLP-68) 1968

1. Zip-A-De-Doo-Dah/Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
   (Manu MA 88) 1964
2. Dancing In The Streets/Younger Girl (Sonet T-7235) 1966
3. Walk Like A Man/Funny How Love Can Be
   (Sonet T-7679) 1967
4. Tossing And Turning/Wherever You Are
   (Sonet T-7701) 1967
5. Tiny Goddess/When I Whisper Your Name
   (Sonet T-7705) 1967
6. I Hear Trumpets Blow/Livin' Above Your Head
   (Sonet T-7717) 1967
7. Back To The City/Lincoln City (Sonet T-7735) 1968

[1. as Jack Pott & The Jackpots]

1. I'll Take Good Care Of You/Jack In The Box
   (Discotheque Number One »Grand Prix GP-9949« / 1969)
2. King Of The World
   (Juke Box »JSEP 5587« / 1969)
3. Jack In The Box
   (Juke Box »JSEP 5591« / 1969)
4. I Love You
   (Juke Box »JSEP 5597« / 1970)

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Listen to Miss Judith Lee

Saturday, May 17, 2008

V.A. - Magic Spectacles

This is by request. This 28 collection of rare UK pop/psych groups was released by Hyacinth Records (Hyacinth HR 003 / 1999). I've grabbed this once at soulseek and sadly no artwork was attached.

1. Legay - No One
taken from the single
No One/The Fantastic Story Of The Steam Driven Banana
(Fontana TF 904) 1969
Line-up: John Knapp (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Robin Pizer (gtr, vcls), Rod Read (gtr, vcls), Dave McCarthy (bs), Moth Smith (drms).
Band origin: Leicester (Leicestershire/UK)
2. Opal Butterfly - Beautiful Biege
taken from the single Beautiful Biege/Speak Up (CBS 3576) 1968
Line-up: Allan Love (vcls), Robbie Milne (lead gtr), Tommy Doherty (gtr), Richard Bardy (bs), Simon King (drms). Band origin: London
3. Answers - You've Gotta Believe Me
taken from the single
(It's) Just A Fear/You've Gotta Believe Me (Columbia DB 7847) 1966
Line-up: Tony Hill (lead gtr, vcls), Ron (gtr), Bob (bs), Vince Edwards (drms, vcls). Band origin: Newcastle (Tyne and Wear/UK)
4. Dead Sea Fruit - Kensington High Street
taken from the single
Kensington High Street/Put Another Record On (Camp 602 001) 1967
Line-up: Clive Kennedy (vcls), Dave "Beano" Lashmar (gtr, vcls), Christopher Hall (bs, gtr, vcls), Si Clifford (keyb'ds), John Errington-Townsend (perc, vcls). Band origin: London
5. Nerve - Come The Day
taken from the single
Magic Spectacles/Come The Day (Page One POF 055) 1968
Line-up: Robert Hirst (vcls), Steve Taylor (lead gtr), Rob Duffy (rhythm gtr), Ian Day (bs), Barry Satchelle (drms).
Band origin: Nottingham (Nottinghampshire/UK)
6. Vamp - Thinkin' Too Much
taken from the single Floatin'/Thinkin' Too Much (Atlantic 584 213) 1968
Line-up: Mick Hutchinson (lead gtr), Pete Sears (bs, gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Andy Clark (organ, vcls), Viv Prince (drms). Band origin: London
7. Lomax Alliance - Try As You May
taken from the single Try As You May/See The People (CBS 2729) 1967
Line-up: John Cannon (lead gtr, vcls), Jackie Lomax (vcls, gtr), Tony Caccetta (bs), Bugs Pemberton (drms).
Band origin: Liverpool (Merseyside/UK)
8. Tangerine Peel - Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man
taken from the single
Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man Will Show You/Trapped
(United Artists UP 1193) 1968

Line-up incl.: Mike Chapman (vcls), Alan Ross (lead gtr), Warwick Rose (bs).
Band origin: London
9. Opal Butterfly - Gigging Song
taken from the single
You're A Groupie Girl/Gigging Song (Polydor 2058 041) 1970
Line-up: Ray Major (vcls, lead gtr), Tommy Doherty (gtr), Ian "Lemmy" Willis [aka Lemmy Kilmister] (vcls, lead gtr, bs), Simon King (drms).
Band origin: London
10. Breakthru' - Julius Caesar
taken from the single Ice Cream Tree/Julius Caesar (Mercury MF 1066) 1968
Line-up: Gary Affalo (lead vcls), Keith "Smoke" Abingdon (lead gtr), Bob Booth (bs), Geoff "Gladys" Garrattley (organ), Richard "Plug" Thomas (drms). Band origin: Sutton Coldfield (West Midlands/UK)
11. Cupid's Inspiration - Dream
taken from the single Yesterday Has Gone/Dream (NEMS 56-3500) 1968
Line-up: Terry Rice-Milton (vcls), Wyndham George (lead gtr), Laughton James (bs), Roger Gray (drms). Band origin: Stamford (Lincolnshire/UK)
12. Huddersfield [Transit Authority] - Bayou Farm
taken from the single Bayou Farm/Runaway (Polydor 2001284) 1972
Line-up incl.: Tim Rice (vcls). Band origin: London
13. Nerve - Magic Spectacles
See Track 5
14. Junior's Eyes - Circus Days
taken from the single
Woman Love/Circus Days (Regal Zonophone RZ 3018) 1969
Line-up: Graham 'Grom' Kelly (vcls), Mick Wayne (lead gtr, vcls), John 'Honk' Lodge (bs, vcls), Steve Chapman (drms). Band origin: London
15. Frame - My Feet Don't Fit His Shoes
taken from the single
My Feet Don't Fit His Shoes/She (RCA Victor RCA 1556) 1966
Line-up: Mick Webley (lead gtr), Bob Adams (vcls, gtr), Brian Harbison (vcls, hrmnca, bs), Derek Woodward (drms).
Band origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
16. Pandamonium - The Sun Shines From His Eyes
taken from the single
No Presents For Me/The Sun Shines From His Eyes (CBS 2664) 1967
Line-up: Bob Ponton (vcls, lead gtr, rhythm gtr, ukulele), Martin Curtis (rhythm gtr, bs, drms, vcls), Ray Jenns (lead gtr, rhythm gtr, bs), Steve Chapman (drms). Band origin: Gravesend (Kent/UK)
17. Spice - In Love
taken from the single
What About The Music/In Love (United Artists UP 2246) 1968
Line-up: David Byron [aka David Garrick] (vcls), Mick Box (lead gtr), Paul Newton (vcls, bs), Nigel Pegrum (drms). Band origin: Walthamstow (Essex/UK)
18. Hush - Elephant Rider
taken from the single Elephant Rider/Grey (Fontana TF 944) 1968
Line-up: Chris Angelo (vcls), John Beattie (lead gtr), Geoff Smith (bs), Peter "Twiggy" Wood (keyb'ds), Mac Poole (drms).
Band origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)
19. Voids - I'm In A Fix
taken from the single Come On Out/I'm In A Fix (Polydor BM 56073) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Somerset (UK)
20. Chances-R - Talking Out The Back Of My Head
taken from the single
Talking Out The Back Of My Head/I Aimed Too High (CBS 202614) 1967
Line-up: Rob Chance (vcls), Tom Bannister (lead gtr), Pete Scott (gtr), Ron Callaway (bs), Jim Bourne (drms).
Band origin: Southampton (Hampshire/UK)

21. Opal Butterfly - Speak Up
See Track 2
22. Voice - The Truth
taken from the single
The Train To Disaster/The Truth (Mercury MF 905) 1966
Line-up: Stuart Halbert (vcls), Miller Anderson (lead gtr, vcls), Ian MacDonald (bs), Eddie Hammill (organ), Jimmy McNally (drms).
Band origin: London
23. Weeds - Getting It Together
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
24. Lovin' - I'm In Command
taken from the single
Keep On Believin'/I'm In Command (Page One POF 035) 1967
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 5 (= The Nerve)
25. Sons Of Fred - You Told Me
taken from the single
Baby What Do You Want Me To Do/You Told Me (Parlophone R 5415) 1966
Line-up: Mick Hutchinson (lead gtr), Ray Redway (gtr), Alan Bohling (bs), Pete Sears (vcls, bs, gtr, keyb'ds), Tim Boyle (drms).
Band origin: Great Yarmouth (Norfolk/UK)
26. Opal Butterfly - Mary Anne With The Shakey Hand
taken from the single
Mary Anne With The Shakey Hands/My Gration Or? (CBS 3921) 1969
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 2
27. Orange Machine - Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room
taken from the single
You Can All Join In/Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room (Pye 7N 17680) 1969
Line-up: Robin Crowley (lead gtr), Ernie Durkin (lead vcls, rhythm gtr), Tommy Kinsella (bs), Jimmy Greeley (drms). Band origin: Dublin (Ireland)
28. Paper Blitz Tissue - Grey Man
taken from the single Boy Meets Girl/Grey Man (RCA Victor RCA 1652) 1967
Line-up: Miller Anderson (lead gtr, vcls), Terry Keatley (gtr, vcls), Derek Needham (bs), Dave DuFort (drms). Band origin: London

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Tangerine Peel - Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man

Listen to Opal Butterfly - Speak Up

Blizzards - I'm Your Guy (1965)

This great band from Stade released along with The Boots one of the best Beat records that came out of Germany. Their music were pretty close to early Kinks and they had an astonishing potential of original songs. They also covered on a later single Het's "Ik Heb Geen Zin Om Op Te Staan". This re-issue from 2001 was an exact repro of their '65 album (Fontana 885424 TY).

- I'm Your Guy
- Mister Tambourine Man
- Be Mine
- I Will Love You
- Stranger In Town
- Blue Star
- I'm Alive
- Mr. Goofy
- Faithless Sleep
- Dr. Jekyll
- Walk By My Side
- Blizzards

Dieter "Dieten" Meyer (drms) [ABC]
Joachim Beutler (lead gtr) [ABCD]
Gernot Schäfer (bs, rhythm gtr) [A]
Gerd "Jerry" Dethlefs (vcls, rhythm gtr) [AB]
Jürgen Nehrke (bs) [BCD]
Horst "Örtel" George (organ) [BCD]
Horst Kupschik (drms) [D]

Band origin:
Stade (Lower Saxony/Germany)

1. (D) I'm Your Guy (Fontana 885424 TY) 1965

1. (C) Isabel/Zu schön (Star Club 148516 STF) 1965
2. (D) Grausame Stadt/Wie gewonnen so zeronnen
   (Fontana 269327 TF) 1964
3. (D) Ohne Dich/Ich sag ihr Adieu
   (Fontana 269330 TF) 1964
4. (D) I'm Your Guy/108 Pounds Of Heartache
   (Fontana 269333 TF) 1964
5. (D) Hab keine Lust heut' aufzusteh'n/Exodus
   (Fontana 269341 TF) 1965

1. You Really Got Me
   (World Beat »Fontana 881559« / 1965)
2. Mr. Goofy/Hang On Sloopy
   (Scandinavia Beatfestifal Hithouse Copenhagen / 1965)
3. Eiszapfen (Arktis)
   (Gitarren von Beat bis Bach »Philips 843555 PY« / 1965)
4. 108 Pounds Of Heartache
   (Sweet Beat »Star Club 158022 STL« / 1966)

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