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Dean Carter - Call Of The Wild (1959-69)

WHAT'S THAT? "Old School Rock'n'Roll" on MY Blog? A greasy Rockabilly Cat imitating Elvis the Pelvis? Neither nor! It's Arlie Neaville aka Arlie Nevil aka DEAN CARTER! And who's dat? Well, that's the loony guy from Champaign/Illinois who's responsible for the mayhem version of "Jail House Rock" and the Fuzz Garage classic "Rebel Woman". Both are included on the Ear-Piercing Punk compilation and exactly these two songs forced me to buy this CD (Big Beat CDWIKD 213 / 2003). Four tracks from the 45's plus tons of unreleased material this release proves that he has more to offer than the aforementioned double-sided 7-inch jewel from 1967. The first half of "Call Of The Wild" is simply excellent and a must for every garage aficionado. "Mary Sue", "Sizzlin' Hot" and especially "Call Of The Wild" (where he sounds pretty much like Sean Bonniwell's Music Machine) are among the best of '60s Garage Punk while his version of "Fever" is the wildest I've ever heard. Also notable is the cool "Love's A-Workin'" and the strange modulated "Midnight Sun". The second half of this CD is more in the classic Rock'n'Roll vein with the exception of the excellent "Good Side Of My Mind" and "Would You Believe", a crazed poundin' Rocker. Most of the material dates from 67/68 and the sleeve notes on the back cover puts his work in the right context: "Who was Dean Carter, the missing link between rockabilly's rebel yell and the snarl of garage punk?" That's exactly what it is!

- Jail House Rock
- Mary Sue
- I Got A Girl
- Rebel Woman
- Call Of The Wild
- Sizzlin' Hot
- Love's A-Workin'
- Don't Try To Change Me
- Fever
- I'm Leavin'
- Dr. Feelgood
- You Tear Me Up
- Run Rabbit Run
- Midnight Sun
- Sugaree
- Black Boots
- Love Eyes
- Dobro Pickin' Man
- The Lucky One
- Shadow Of Evil
- Boppin' The Bug
- Hannah Hannah
- Cry Blue
- Good Side Of My Mind
- Forty Days
- School Work
- Would You Believe
- Sock It To Me Baby

Dean Carter [real name Arlie Neaville]
(vcls, gtr, dobro, organ) [ABC]

Additional musicians:
Arlie Miller (gtr) [A]
Dave Marten (bs) [A]
Kookie Cook (drms) [A]
Jack Johnson (gtr) [B]
Tom Harrigan (piano) [B]
Dennis Elliott (drms) [B]
Ray Miller (ukulele) [B]
Rick Miller (accordion) [B]
Roy Miller (bs) [B]
Barbara Montgerard (clarinet) [B]
Jerry Merritt (lead gtr) [C]
Bud Green (bs) [C]
Lee Spires (drms) [C]
Christine Williams (back vcls)
Janice Rodgers (back vcls)

Champaign (Illinois/US)

 1. ( ) River Of Life/Angel Love (Ping 8001) 1961
 2. ( ) The Skip/Alone On A Star (Fraternity F-900) 1962
 3. (A) Sixteen Tons/The Lucky One (Limelight Y-3019) 1964
 4. (A) Fever/Number One Girl (Milky Way MW-003) 1965
 5. (A) Care/Rockin' Bandit (Milky Way MW-004) 1965
 6. ( ) Run, Rabbit, Run/Soul Feelin'
    (Milky Way MW-010) 1967
 7. (B) Jailhouse Rock/Rebel Woman (Milky Way MW-011) 1967
 8. (C) Mary Sue/Wanderin' Soul
    (Tell International 45-369) 1967
 9. (C) Good Side Of My Mind/Do I Need A Reason
    (Tell International 45-373) 1968
10. ( ) Drink My Wine/Tawney
    (Tell International 45-378) 1969
11. ( ) Indianapolis/Good Samaritan
    (Shout 'N' Shine 215) 19??
12. ( ) Don't Throw Any Stones/Brighter Days
    (Fraternity F-1202) 1972

[1., 10. + 11. as Arlie Neaville]
[2. + 12. as Arlie Nevil]
[8. + 9. as Dean Carter Sound]

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Apple - Thank U Very Much [45] (1968)

I think we all agree that Apple was responsible for one of the great albums of the UK '60s era. Their lone longplayer and the two 45's for Page One (both included on "An Apple A Day") are still at top of my list for British Psychedelic music. Prior to their releases on Larry Page's label they had a US/Holland only single on Smash/Philips. "Thank U Very Much/Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind" never made it onto the recent re-issues or any compilation and I've always wondering if this 7-inch is something special. A while ago I purchased the Smash release for an acceptable price and I can tell you that I was rather disappointed. "Thank U Very Much" is a Roger McGee composition and if you like the Scaffold, well, than you will go along with this version too. "Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind" was a small hit for Vicki Carr and the Apple cover is even greasier than the soppy original. Both songs are in comparison with their later material nondescript and for completists only.

- Thank U Very Much
- Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind

Dennis Regan (vcls)
Rob Ingram (gtr)
Jeffrey Harrod (bs)
Charlie Barber (piano)
David Brassington (drms)

Band origin:

1. An Apple A Day... (Page One POLS 016) 1969

1. Thank U Very Much/Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind
   (Smash S-2143) 1968
2. Let's Take A Trip Down The Rhine/Buffalo Billycan
   (Page One POF 101) 1968
3. Doctor Rock/The Otherside (Page One POF 110) 1968

[1. US release / also released in Holland
"Philips 320269 BF"]

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

V.A. - Biet-Het Vol. 1

This is quite an interesting compilation (Distortions/Waterpipe Records / 1998) with Nederbiet/Garage done in Dutch language. There are some cool songs by Ruud Knolraap & The Sweet Vegetable (what a name!), Fallouts, Clungels or Art Brouwer but also a few throwaway tracks like "Ik Wil Me Donalduckie" or Hugo De Groot's "Ze Nemen Me Eindelijk Mee Haha" (every country seems to have their own version of "They're Coming To Take Me Away"). Perhaps this is more attractive to people who understand the lyrics but also the foreign listener will be satisfied with at least half of the material.

1. Mokum Beat Five - Trouw Nooit
taken from the single
Trouw Nooit/Wat Scheelt Je Nou? (Delta DS 1197) 1966
Line-up: Rens Mans (vcls), Jaap van der Wouden (gtr, vcls), Ton Wiertz (gtr, vcls), Barend v.d. Brink (bs), Fred Wiertz (drms).
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
2. Eurfians - Waaro!
taken from the single
Opa's Beat/Waaro [Wild Thing] (Imperial IH 702) 1966
Line-up: Cees de Groot (vcls), Pino Tomé (lead gtr), Eddy Eksteen (rhythm gtr), Henk van Greuningen (bs), Wim Voorhaar (drms).
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
3. Jokers - Zet Die TV Af!
taken from the single
Cecilia Rock/Zet Die TV Af (Philips 319609 PF) 1960
Line-up: Jos Clauwers (gtr), Tim Visterin (gtr), Jos Raes (bs), Danny Peppermans (drms). Band origin: Antwerp (Belgium)
4. Fallouts - De Vlieg
taken from the single
De Vlieg/Hartstikke Dood (Funckler Artone DF 45233) 1966
Line-up: Frans van Daal (vcls), Will Theus (lead gtr), Henk Jacobs (rhythm gtr), Ad van Daal (bs), Jan Theus (drms).
Band origin: Valkenswaard (Noord Brabant/Netherlands)
5. Peter J. Muller - Links De Kinks
taken from the single
Links De Kinks/Peter Moet Hangen (Delta DS 1196) 1966
Line-up incl.: Peter J. Muller (vcls).
Origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
6. Bob Bouber - Ik Wil Me Donalduckie
taken from the single
Ik Wil Me Donalddukkie Terug/Kie Ka Katetoe (Philips JF 334665) 1968
Line-up incl.: Bob Bouber [real name Boris Blom] (vcls).
Origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
7. Eddy Dyan & The Saints - Lady Sex
taken from the single Lady Sex/Een Droom (Monopole 093) 1970
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Lebbeke (East Flanders/Belgium)
8. Ronnie & De Ronnies - Daar In De Wildernis
taken from the single
Boem Boem Is Ho/Daar In De Wildernis (Delta DS 1206) 1966
Line-up incl.: Ronnie Schutte.
Origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
9. N.V. Groep '65 - Tanger
taken from the single Dankzij De Heer/Tanger (Delta DS 1162) 1966
Line-up: Warner Landkroon (vcls), Pim Abbestee (gtr), Frits Kerkhof (gtr), Paul Frie (bs), Hans Michielsen (drms).
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
10. Ruud Knolraap & Sweet Vegetable - Nieuwe Sperzibonen
taken from the single
Nieuwe Sperzibonen/Geurende Gouden Tuinen (Reward RW 1012) 1969
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Netherlands
11. Ernie Bender & The Robbins - Cleopatra
taken from the single
Cleopatra/Commando Pimpelen (Delta DS 1181) 1966
Line-up incl.: Ernie Bender [real name Ernst Beneder].
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
12. Clungels - Dat Had Ik Nog Nooit Gedaan
taken from the single
Dat Had Ik Nog Nooit Gedaan/Geen Cent! (Artone DS 25337) 1966
Line-up: Axel van Duin (vcls, gtr), Paul Brachel (gtr), Jaap Gerritsen (bs), Arthur de Groot (piano), Theo Pietersen (drms).
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
13. Aart Brouwer - Hé Pssst...
taken from the single Vies/Hé Pssst... (Philips JF 327575) 1964
Line-up incl.: Aart Brouwer (vcls), Jan Akkermans (lead gtr).
Origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
14. Dukes - In Istanboel
taken from the single Abra-Kadabra/In Istanboel (Decca AT 10214) 1967
Line-up: Joop van der Plas (vcls, gtr), Ed Holshuysen (vcls, gtr), Wim Heijnen (bs), Jan van den Werf (drms).
Band origin: Nijmegen (Gelderland/Netherlands)
15. Fallouts - Hardstikke Dood
See Track 4
16. Hugo De Groot - Ze Nemen Me Eindelijk Mee Haha
taken from the single
Ze Nemen Me Eindelijk Mee Aha.../...Aha Eem Kijlednie Em Nemen Ez
(Havoc SH 119) 1966

Line-up incl.: Cees de Man. Origin: Hilversum (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
17. De Fouryo's - Surf City
taken from the single Op Een Dag/Surf City (Decca AT 10015) 1963
Line-up incl.: Dick van Niehoff, Jan Schouten, Jetty Schouten, Joyce Schouten. Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
18. Tony Light - Laat Me Gaan
taken from the single
Laat Me Gaan/Wees Niet Bang, Little Woman (Funckler DB 42.811) 1965
Line-up incl.: Tony Light [real name Ton Ligtvoet].
Origin: Leiden (Zuid Holland/Netherlands)
19. De Clicheemannetjes - Lekker Legbad
taken from the single
Wat Is Mijn Bal Nou?/Lekker Legbad (Omega 35777) 1966
Line-up: Kees van Kooten (vcls), Wim de Bie (vcls).
Band origin: The Hague (Zuid Holland/Netherlands)
20. Mokum Beat Five - Wat Scheelt Je Nou?
See Track 1
21. Het Poco Mania - Peterselie
taken from the single Heikrekel/Peterselie (Fontana YF 278161) 1968
Line-up: Jacques Zwart (lead vcls), Adri de Hont (gtr), Pim van der Linden (bs), Dennis Witbraad (drms).
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
22. Eurfians - Opa's Beat
See Track 2
23. Ruud Knolraap & Sweet Vegetable -
Geurige Gouden Tinten

See Track 10
24. Sparklings - Barst
taken from the single Barst/Weet Dat Ik Je Mis (CNR UH 9849) 1966
Line-up: Ben Cramer (vcls), Wim Timmer (gtr), Ton Vos (gtr), Douwe v. d. Zee (bs), Ger Belmer (keyb'ds), Rori van Ark (drms).
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
25. Het - Spat Niet Met Pap
taken from the single
Spat Niet Met Pap/Kejje Nagaan (Fontana 278123 YF) 1966
Line-up: Jacques Zwart (lead vcls), Adri de Hont (gtr), Pim van der Linden (bs), Dennis Witbraad (drms).
Band origin: Amsterdam (Noord Holland/Netherlands)
26. Freddy Scott & The Condors - Kom Maar Hier
taken from the single
Buena Sera/Kom Maar Hier (RCA Victor 47-9550) 1964
Line-up: Wim Schreijnders (vcls), Aad Ras (gtr), Peter la Haye (bs), Ed de Gelder (keyb'ds), Ben Schaap (drms).
Band origin: Rotterdam (Zuid Holland/Netherlands)
27. Peter J. Muller - Beter Langharig Dan Kortzichtig
taken from the single
Beter Langharig Dan Kortzichtig/Mode Noemt Hij Fashion
(Delta DS 1182) 1966

Line-up/Origin: See Track 5
28. Johnny Lion - Wees Niet Bang
taken from the single
Tijd Komt En Gaat Voorbij/Wees Niet Bang (Philips JF 333553) 1966
Line-up incl.: Johnny Lion [real name Jan van Leeuwarden]
Origin: The Hague (Zuid Holland/Netherlands)
29. Ronnie Schutte - Ze Zegge
taken from the single
Ze Zegge/Zij Houdt Niet Meer Van Mij (Delta DS 1161) 1966
Line-up/Origin: See Track 8

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