Saturday, June 18, 2011

Apple - Thank U Very Much [45] (1968)

I think we all agree that Apple was responsible for one of the great albums of the UK '60s era. Their lone longplayer and the two 45's for Page One (both included on "An Apple A Day") are still at top of my list for British Psychedelic music. Prior to their releases on Larry Page's label they had a US/Holland only single on Smash/Philips. "Thank U Very Much/Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind" never made it onto the recent re-issues or any compilation and I've always wondering if this 7-inch is something special. A while ago I purchased the Smash release for an acceptable price and I can tell you that I was rather disappointed. "Thank U Very Much" is a Roger McGee composition and if you like the Scaffold, well, than you will go along with this version too. "Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind" was a small hit for Vicki Carr and the Apple cover is even greasier than the soppy original. Both songs are in comparison with their later material nondescript and for completists only.

- Thank U Very Much
- Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind

Dennis Regan (vcls)
Rob Ingram (gtr)
Jeffrey Harrod (bs)
Charlie Barber (piano)
David Brassington (drms)

Band origin:

1. An Apple A Day... (Page One POLS 016) 1969

1. Thank U Very Much/Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind
   (Smash S-2143) 1968
2. Let's Take A Trip Down The Rhine/Buffalo Billycan
   (Page One POF 101) 1968
3. Doctor Rock/The Otherside (Page One POF 110) 1968

[1. US release / also released in Holland
"Philips 320269 BF"]

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Thank U Very Much


ge said...

thanks for richer days past i'd have gambled too!
luv many apple cuts

Niall said...

An apple a day.......great group !

jose kortozirkuito said...

Thanks, I had the LP. and believed that it contained the singles, but no.
Very good single.
Thank you for sharing so much music

The Bomber said...

Certainly a killer non-fat-all-meat british pSYCh.
Agree with Ge, been there bro !

BOmb On