Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moon's Train (1967)

Peter 'Moon' Gosling was the vocalist, keyboardist and mastermind behind Moon's Train and wrote most of the songs with Stones bassist Billy Wyman, who managed and produced this Beckenham/London group. Their only official release for MGM in 1967, the 45 "Deed I Do/It's In Her Mind" went nowhere. The band had enough material for an intended album but after Gosling and Wyman had drifted apart it remained in the can. In 1998 Tenth Planet released a 16 song album (Tenth Planet TP037) with the proposed tracks from an acetate (except "Marriage Is For Old Folks"). The music is typical soulish Mod, pretty much in the Alan Bown Set mould although I prefer the songs that take the same line as the Small Faces, the powerful "Wait For Me" and especially the anthem-like "My Town". Also included are the Gosling/Wyman compositions "Shades Of Orange" and "Loving, Sacred Loving" as instrumentals, later picked up by The End for their "Introspection" album.

- The Life I Lead
- Wait For Me
- You Got Me
- Say What I Mean
- Loving, Sacred Loving
- Bakerman
- Telephone Talker
- My Town
- I'm Not The Marrying Kind
- I Get Excited
- My Love For You
- Shades Of Orange
- Home And Dry
- Nervous
- Moanin'
- Memories Of You

Caroline Attard (vcls) [A]
Jernima Smith (vcls) [A]
Lewis Rich (vcls) [A]
Peter 'Moon' Gosling (keyb'ds, vcls) [AB]
Ken Leamon (sax, flute) [AB]
Peter 'Face' Lynton (gtr, bs) [A]
Tony Chapman (drms) [A]
Ian Dibbon (gtr) [B]
Peter Atwood (bs) [B]
Alec Brown (trumpet) [B]
Malcolm Penn (drms) [B]

Band origin:

1. (B) Moon's Train (MGM acetate) 1967

1. Deed I Do/It's In Her Mind (MGM 1333) 1967

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to My Town


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A great pleasure Buffalo to listen to this Tenth Planet album with the first version of "Shades of Orange". I don't remember if in the past you posted the Tenth Planet album of the END"Retrospection".I have only the rockinbeat cd and it will be great if you have the album.

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Hi from Cy
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