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V.A. - Beat The Road, Jack

Along with Pebbles Vol. 19 and the two Copenhagen Beat compilations this is one of the better offerings of '60s Garage/R&B/Beat music from Denmark (Jacks Beat 5006 / 2001). Frost Records later came up with a complete label-anthology with over 250 songs that contains 10 percent good and 90 percent average or at worst rubbish tracks. Not so with this release which is a best of Jack's Beat Records, a label led by Jack Fridthjorf.

1. Jack & The Outlaws - Step Into My Heart
taken from the single
Step Into My Heart/I Need A Girl (Jacks Beat BR 1002) 1965
Line-up incl.: Jack Fridthjorf (vcls)
Band origin: Nykøbing Mors (Nordjylland/Denmark)
2. Victors - Cara-Lin
taken from the single
Cara-Lin/Rhythm Of Love (Jacks Beat Records BR 1012) 1966
Line-up: Torkil Brandes (lead vcls), Erik Degn-Christensen (lead gtr), Ruddy Hansen (rhythm gtr), Jørn Clausen (bs), Jan Krarup (drms).
Band origin: Aarhus (Midtjylland/Denmark)
3. Les Candidates - I'll Go Now
taken from the single
I'll Go Now/Den røde Baron (Jacks Beat BR 1039) 1967
Line-up: Kurt Jakobsen (lead vcls, bs), Mogens Sigård (lead gtr, vcls), Erik Gravengård (rhythm gtr, vcls), Allan Pedersen (drms).
Band origin: Esbjerk (Syddanmark/Denmark)
4. Some Kind - En Skillingsvise
taken from the single
Can't Explain/En Skillingsvise (Jacks Beat BR 1035) 1967
Line-up: Niels Grejs Nielsen (lead vcls, lead gtr), Leif P. Hansen (bs), Finn Vestergaard Larsen (rhythm gtr, vcls), Ole Nygaard (drms).
Band origin: Odense (Syddanmark/Denmark)
5. Sioux - Long Tall Shorty
taken from the V.A.-Album Top Hits (Jacks Beat BRLP 5001) 1965
Line-up: Herbert Wakefield (lead vcls, rhythm gtr), Torben Søgård Jensen (lead gtr), Ole Madsen (bs), Jan Kildebogaard (drms).
Band origin: Børkop (Syddanmark/Denmark)
6. Jack & The Bulwers - The Way It Feels
taken from the single
The Way It Feels/Det Er Mig (Jacks Beat BR 1069) 1968
Line-up: Jack Fridthjorf (vcls), Lars Sørensen (lead gtr), Eigil Knudsen (rhythm gtr, vcls), Jan Baad (bs, vcls), Keld Sørensen (drms).
Band origin: Silkeborg (Midtjylland/Denmark)
7. All Rounds - I Love You
taken from the E.P.
Everybody/Feel Like Crying/What I See/I Love You
(Jacks Beat BR 1005) 1965

Line-up: Kaj Kjærgård (lead vcls), Hans Christian Fredborg (lead gtr), Bent Ove Sørensen (rhythm gtr), Flemming Jensen (bs), Hugo Christensen (drms).
Band origin: Hjørring (Nordjylland/Denmark)
8. Poisons - Call My Name
taken from the single
Call My Name/Reach Out I'll Be There (Jacks Beat BR 1051) 1967
Line-up: Henning Stærk Jacobsen (lead vcls), Johnny Thingsager Madsen (lead gtr), Poul Svane (rhythm gtr, organ), Erik Boas Pedersen (bs, vcls), Jørgen Peter Jørgensen (drms).
Band origin: Holstebro (Midtjylland/Denmark)
9. Group Seven - Funny Mae
taken from the Mini-album Group Seven (Jacks Beat Records BR 1029) 1966
Line-up: Benny "Dean" Ranch Andersen (lead vcls), Jørgen Quist (lead gtr), Chris Weile (rhythm gtr), Bent Olufsen (bs), Kurt Vittrup (drms).
Band origin: Randers (Midtjylland/Denmark)
10. Mat's - It's Not True
taken from the single
Rescue Me/It's Not True (Jacks Beat Records BR 1017) 1966
Line-up: Mads Hove Jeppesen (lead gtr), Svend Erik Sørensen (rhythm gtr, vcls), Poul "Noller" Hwass Hansen (bs), Bent Pedersen (drms).
Band origin: Thisted (Nordjylland/Denmark)
11. All Rounds - Everybody
See Track 7
12. Jack & The Outlaws - I Need A Girl
See Track 1
13. Gipsies - Ain't That A Shame
taken from the single
Ain't That A Shame/Loosers (Jacks Beat Records BR 1018) 1966
Line-up: Ernst Lillienskjorld Larsen (lead gtr, vcls), Carsten Schøn (rhythm gtr), Jan Englund Norré (gtr, vcls), Ole Borregaard (bs), Carl Gunnar Skadelund (drms). Band origin: Aalborg (Nordjylland/Denmark)
14. Black Four - Black Devil
taken from the V.A.-Album Top Hits (Jacks Beat BRLP 5001) 1965
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Horsens (Midtjylland/Denmark)
15. Mad Sound - To Masturbate
taken from the single
To Masturbate/Summertime (Jacks Beat Records BR 1080) 1968
Line-up: Finn Hansen (lead vcls), Poul Werner Laursen (lead gtr), Peter Lange Møller (rhythm gtr, vcls), Per Hugo Nielsen (bs), Benny Elmstrøm Lund (drms). Band origin: Grenå (Midtjylland/Denmark)
16. Jack - Protest
taken from the single
Trains/Someone/Protest (Jacks Beat BR 1009) 1966
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 1

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Les Candidates - I'll Go Now

Listen to Mad Sound - To Masturbate


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