Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"14" - 14 In A Bunch... And More (1965-68)

This group originated from Finspång/Sweden. Their only album from 1966 is a pleasant affair with nice vocal harmonies and melodies that were heavily influenced by the "Beatles-Revolver"-era. This CD (EMI 724385930225 / 1998) contains all their singles and the above mentioned album.

- Wondering
- Nothing But Moan
- Little Down-Hearted Arthur
- Im Krankenhaus
- Please Girl Put Me On Your List
- Suit-Men Crowd
- He's A Friend Of Mine
- I Can't Catch Them
- Mr. Great Blues
- Restless Feeling One Hour After Dinner
- The Taperecorder
- The Leaves Of The Summer
- Frosty Stars On A Window-Pane
- Meet Mr. Edgar
- Through My Door
- Displeasing Message
- One Way Ticket (To The Blues)
- Take My Suzy
- Wrong Side
- Easy To Fool
- Umbrella
- Drizzle
- Puzzled
- I Can't Sleep
- Only Love

Olle Nilsson (gtr, vcls) [A]
Kenneth Larsson (gtr, vcls) [A]
Conny Larsson (bs, vcls) [A]
Thomas Palmkvist (drms) [A]
Torgny Lind (drms)
Curt Bergh (drms)

Band origin:
Finspång (Östergötland/Sweden)

1. 14 In A Bunch (Olga LPO 03) 1966

1. Wondering/Nothing But Moan (Olga SO 16) 1965
2. I Can't Catch Them/Through My Door (Olga SO 22) 1966
3. Displeasing Message/Little Down-Hearted Arthur
   (Olga SO 30) 1966
4. One Way Ticket/Take My Suzy (Olga SO 35) 1967
5. Im Krankenhaus/Meet Mr. Edgar (Olga SO 39) 1967
6. Wrong Side/Easy To Fool (Olga SO 42) 1967
7. Easy To Fool/Frosty Stars On A Window Pane
   (Olga SO 51) 1967
8. Through My Door/Meet Mr. Edgar (Olga OLE 002) 1968
9. Umbrella/Drizzle [Rain] (Olga OLE 006) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Little Down-Hearted Arthur


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Thank you. Good group with good songs. Nothing wild but pleasent to listen to :)

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Thank you very much for the informatio on 14. Most useful. You migh care to visit my homepage too. Best regards, Sir Henry

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Thanks for this music.

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more like Byrds than Beatles, but not really bad.

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delayed reaction in listening to this, but am mighty impressed!! veddy hooky

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Brilliant LP!!!

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