Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jack Bedient & The Chessmen -
Where Did She Go (1967)

Obscure local album by Northwest frat/lounge/pop band of the tuxedo dancehall variety. Seemingly patterned on the Raiders' "Here they come" with half crooner ballads & half teen rockers. The charming Orbisonstyle smoothies are a bit cheesier than the Raiders' but the garage fuzz tracks (I counted 3½) are good with a fat rocking NW sound and neato teen vocals. Bizarre closing Dylan cover.
(Patrick The Lama in "The Acid Archives")

As far as I know "Where Did She Go" (Satori 1001) was their third and last album. The A-side is eminently forgettable and the songs fit better to an aged crooner with too much pomade in his hair than to a garage band. The flip-side is way-out better and much more in the garage-vein. The guitar on their cover of Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" sounds pretty much like Punk-Rock '77 than '67. Definitely not a lost gem but hard to get and before you pay silly money for this better have a listen first, although the quality of this rip (which is not mine) is not the best. You can find more information on the Garage Hangover site.

- Where Did She Go
- Candy Roses And Love
- My Girl
- Pretty One
- My Prayer
- Stay Away From My Girl
- Rapunzel
- Glimmer, Glimmer, Sunshine
- Love Work Shop
- I Used To Feel Bad
- Subterranian Homesick Blues
- Don't Go Home

Jack Bedient (lead vcls, rhythm gtr) [ABCD]
Kevin Woods (lead gtr, vcls) [ABC]
Bill Britt (bs, vcls) [ABC]
Jewell Hendricks (drms) [AB]
Walter Hanna (keyb'ds) [BC]
Ira Orr (drms) [C]
Jerry Bledsoe (drms) [C]
Steve Eggleston (bs) [D]
Sam Wisner (drms) [D]
Dennis Hayes (organ)
Bill Vitt (drms)

Band origin:
California → Carson City (Nevada)

 1. Two Sides of Jack Bedient (Trophy 101) 1964
 2. Live at Harvey's Fantasy 3365 1965
 3. Where Did She Go (Satori 1001) 1967
 4. Songs You Requested (Chessmen no #) 196?
 5. In Concert [Harolds] (Chessmen no #) 1969
 6. Jack Bedient (Executive Productions no #) 196?

 1. The Mystic One/Question (Era 3050) 1961
 2. Pretty One/Silver Haired Daddy (Trophy 1001) 1964
 3. See The Little Girl/Here I Am (Fantasy 595) 1965
 4. See The Little Girl/Looking For A Good Love
    (Fantasy 595) 1965
 5. Double Whammy/I Want You To Know (Fantasy 598) 1965
 6. Drummer Boy [Play Us A Song]/Dream Boy
    [Count Your Dreams] (Palomar 2212) 1965
 7. Glimmer Sunshine/Where Did She Go (Rev 104/5-66) 1966
 8. Love WorkshopI Could Have Loved You So Well
    (Columbia 4-44302) 1967
 9. Pretty One/See That Girl (Columbia 4-44481) 1968
10. The Pleasures Of You/It’s Over (Columbia 4-44565) 1968
11. My Prayer/Independence Day (Columbia 4-44671) 1968
12. I've Been Loving You/I Could Never Lose My Love
    For You (Executive Productions 21) 1969
13. Beautiful [Takes A Trip]/Release Me
    (Executive Productions 21) 1969

[4. as Chessmen]

Get it here

Listen to I Used To Feel Bad


Anonymous said...

yes on some tracks the vocals looks like the great Roy Orbison voice,very nice album.

Anonymous said...

thank you

Poison Ivy said...

I've been searching for this ever since reading about them on I'd love to have the vinyl but this is the next best thing. Thanks so much for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Jack is my grandpa! and he is wonderful! im so proud of this record...i have it already =) thank you everyone who still listen to this group! they are amazeing. in loveing memory of Jack Bedient!