Monday, March 3, 2008

American Breed - Pumpkin, Powder, Scarlet And Green (1968)

This Chicago band was best known for their huge hit "Bend Me, Shape Me". "Pumpkin, Powder, Scarlet And Green" was their third album (Acta/Dot SMD 74445 / 1968) and it's a pretty good one indeed. "Cool It" for instance was a hit that never was, very danceable and powerful that nearly touches Northern Soul territory. "Welcome You're In Love" and "Master Of My Fate" (with sitar) were the other winners. Not a lost gem but except for "The Right To Cry" and "Music To Think By" a constantly good record although there's a bit too much brass at times.

- Pumpkin
- Cool It (We're Not Alone)
- Welcome, You're In Love
- The Right To Cry
- Ready, Willing And Able
- Take Me If You Want Me
- Powder
- Scarlet
- Anyway That You Want Me
- Master Of My Fate
- Music To Think By
- Train On A One-Track Mind
- I'm Gonna Make You Mine
- Green

Gary Loizzo (vcls, gtr)
Al Ciner (gtr)
Chuck Colbert (bs)
Lee Graziano (dr)
[Kevin Murphy] (keyb'ds)

Band origin:
Chicago (Illinois/US)

1. American Breed (Acta (Dot) 38002) 1967
2. American Breed II "Bend Me Shape Me"
   (Acta (Dot) 38003) 1968
3. Pumpkin, Powder, Scarlet And Green
   (Acta (Dot) 38006) 1968
4. Lonely Side Of The City (Acta (Dot) 38008) 1968

 1. I Don't Think You Know Me/
    Give Two Young Lovers A Chance (Acta 802) 1967
 2. Step Out Of Your Mind/Same Old Thing (Acta 804) 1967
 3. Don't Forget About Me/Short Skirts (Acta 808) 1967
 4. Bend Me, Shape Me/Mindrocker (Acta 811) 1967
 5. Green Light/Don't It Make You Cry (Acta 821) 1968
 6. Ready, Willing And Able/Take Me If You Want Me
    (Acta 824) 1968
 7. Any Way That You Want Me/Master Of My Fate
    (Acta 827) 1968
 8. Keep The Faith/Private Zoo (Acta 830) 1969
 9. Hunky Funky/Enter The Master (Acta 833) 1969
10. Room At The Top/Walls (Acta 836) 1969
11. Cool It (We're Not Alone)/The Brain (Acta 837) 1969
12. Can't Make It Without You/When I'm With You
    (Paramount 0040) 1971

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Cool It


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Wow, thanks these were really cool!!

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i remember their hit Bend Me, Shape Me, but never heard anything else by the group, so thanks for the chance to hear some of the music i missed the first time around the block.

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Thanks. Your blog are superb mr. Great records always.

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Thanks for this LP. Looking forward to hearing more of this band than what I've already heard.