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V.A. - New Rubble Vol. 3 [Watch Your Step]

This is by request. If you expect "rubble-styled" music you will be disappointed with the first and third volume. It's pretty much in the "That Driving Beat" mould although the cover-art lets you think that this is a "Joy Division" memory record. The compilers totally change the music and artwork with volume 4 where they finally live up to the "Rubbles" name. There are some dropouts on a couple of tracks which is a bit annoying. Released on Past & Present (Past & Present PAPRCD 2067 / 2005)

1. Little Darlings - Easy To Cry
taken from the single Little Bit O'Soul/Easy To Cry (Fontana TF 539) 1965
Line-up: Malcolm O'Sullivan (vcls), John Gilroy (lead gtr), Alan Waites (gtr), Terry Twigger (bs), Barry Eaton (drms).
Band origin: Coventry (West Midlands/UK)
2. Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers - Boom Boom
taken from the single
Boom Boom/Can Your Monkey Do The Dog (Polydor BM 56006) 1965
Line-up: Tommy Bruce (vcls), Peter Lee Stirling (lead gtr), Bobby Coral (gtr), Peter McGinty (bs), Donald McGinty (drms).
Band origin: London
3. Blue Chips - Some Kind Of Lovin'
taken from the single Some Kind Of Lovin'/I Know A Boy (Pye 7N 17111) 1966
Line-up: Dave Rayne (vcls), Don Aston (gtr), Dave Roberts (bs), Rob Horsman (organ), Alan White (drms).
Band origin: Spennymoor (Durham/UK)
4. Freddie Ryder - Slow Down
taken from the single
Some Kind Of Wonderful/Slow Down (Mercury MF 879) 1965
Line-up incl.: Freddie Ryder [aka Freddie Self] (vcls).
Origin: Liverpool (Merseyside/UK)
5. Bobby Dean - St. James Infirmary
taken from the single
More And More/St. James Infarmery (Parlophone R 5254) 1965
Line-up incl.: Bobby Dean (vcls). Origin: London
6. Laurie Jay Combo - Teenage Idol
taken from the single Teenage Idol/Think Of Me (HMV POP 1234) 1963
Line-up: Gerry Temple (vcls), Graham Dee (gtr), Graham Alexander (bs, vcls), Laurie Jay (drms). Band origin: London
7. Toggery Five - It's So Easy
taken from the single
I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys/It's So Easy (Parlophone R 5249) 1965
Line-up: Paul Young (vcls), Frank Renshaw (lead gtr), Alan Doyle (gtr), Ken Mills (bs), Graham Smith (drms).
Band origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)
8. Bobby Jameson - Please Mr. Mailman
taken from the single Rum-Pum/Please Mr. Mailman (Brit WI 1001) 1965
Line-up incl.: Bobby Jameson [aka Chris Lucey/real name Robert Parker James] (hrmnca, vcls). Origin: born in Geneva (Illinois/US) → London
9. Dave Davani & The D-Men - Midnight Special
taken from the single
Midnight Special/She Knew A Lot About Love (Decca F 11896) 1964
Line-up: John Milner (vcls, lead gtr), Mike Ewin (vcls, bs, hrmnca), Dave Davani (keyb'ds), Brian Wales (ten sax), Beryl Wayne [real name Beryl Davani] (vcls, perc), Chaz Burton (drms). Band origin: London
10. Boston Crabs - As Long As I Have You
taken from the single
As Long As I Have You/Alley Oop (Columbia DB 7679) 1965
Line-up: Fred Driedlin (vcls, gtr, hrmnca), Ian Jack (gtr), Geoff Mott (gtr), Simon Jones (bs), Alan Taylor (drms).
Band origin: Cambridge (Cambridgeshire/UK)
11. Blackwells - Why Don't You Love Me?
taken from the single
Why Don't You Love Me/All I Want Is Your Love (Columbia DB 7442) 1965
Line-up: Tex McDermott (lead gtr), Alby Gornell (gtr), Dave Trimnell (bs), Roy Little (drms). Band origin: Liverpool (Merseyside/UK)
12. Hamilton King - Ain't It Time
taken from the single Ain't It Time/Money Money (HMV POP 1356) 1964
Line-up incl.: Hamilton King (vcls). Origin: London
13. Michael Leslie - Make Up Or Break Up
taken from the single
Make Up Or Break Up/She Can't See Me (Pye 7N 15959) 1965
Line-up incl.: Michael Leslie (vcls). Origin: London
14. Huskies - Matchbox
taken from an unissued acetate (1964)
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: London
15. Danny King - Tossin' And Turnin'
taken from the single
Tossin' And Turnin'/Young Blood (Columbia DB 7276) 1964
Line-up incl.: Danny King (vcls). Origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
16. Peter London - Baby, I Like The Look Of You
taken from the single
Bless You/Baby I Like The Look Of You (Pye 7N 15957) 1965
Line-up incl.: Peter London [real name Peter Cook] (piano, vcls).
Origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
17. Tony Colton - Lose My Mind
taken from the single
Lose My Mind/So Used To Loving You (Decca F 11879) 1964
Line-up incl.: Tony Colton (vcls). Origin: London
18. Steve Francis - Watch Your Step
taken from the single Watch Your Step/Lovey Dovey (King KG 1012) 1964
Line-up incl.: Steve Francis (vcls). Origin: UK
19. Falling Leaves - She Loves To Be Loved
taken from the single
She Loves To Be Loved/Not Guilty (Parlophone R 5233) 1965
Line-up: Rod Stephens (vcls), Will Patrick (lead gtr), Malcolm West (bs), Neil Stanley (organ), Larry Nedel [aka Larry Redd/Larry Rebb] (drms).
Band origin: Oxford (Oxfordshire/UK)
20. Ray Singer - What's Done Has Been Done
taken from the single
What's Done Has Been Done/Won't It Be Fine (Ember EMB 231) 1966
Line-up incl.: Ray Singer (vcls). Band origin: Brighton (Sussex/UK).

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(Artwork included)

Listen to Little Darlings - Easy To Cry

Listen to Laurie Jay Combo - Teenage Idol


tickle said...

thanks! i know not many people are a fan of this one, but I have the other five and this was the only one I was missing...

if you want me to post the other five let me know and i'll upload them

Anonymous said...

thanks for this set!could you post the other five?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, is it possible that You could upload - the 'New Rubble # 2'
record ? There is especially one song that I'm looking for..."Do You ever think" with The Glass Menagerie.
Thanks for a superb blog , I visit it as often as I can.

Anonymous said...

great sound on your blog
trouble on
bobby dean - st. james infirmary
it's from here ???
thanks for all

Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi rv,
maybe that's what I meant with the term "dropouts". There's suddenly a short noise that appears after a while. The same happens on another song on this compilation. Sorry but not my fault.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm probably being really dense, but can we actually hear the music on here? How?!

I'd like to hear the King track in particular.

Or is there an easy way to order?


Anonymous said...

Great! Any chance of the rest of the series?

Anonymous said...

Not my lucky day... This is the only one I've already got in this series compiled by "Bevis F." Nick Saloman. Keep up please and thanks in advance.

Buffalo Billycan said...

I put your request on my list. After I've restored my posts I will continue with more uploads (and keep the New Rubbles series in mind).