Friday, May 2, 2008

V.A. - Crystalize Your Mind

Cool collection of bands from California who did their recordings in the legendary Golden State Recorders studios. High class garage/acid-punk on this Big Beat release (Big Beat CDWIKD 131 / 1994) and strongly recommended.

1. Living Children - Crystalize Your Mind
2. Living Children - Now It's Over
taken from the single Crystalize Your Mind/Now It's Over (MTA 140) 1967
Line-up: David Green (gtr, vcls), Cliff Walker (bs), David Ponts (drms).
Band origin: Fort Bragg (California/US)
3. Poor Souls - I'll Be Around
[unreleased 1967]
Line-up: Frank Marseguerra, Ken Miller, Joe Cardinali, Ron D'Acquisto.
Band origin: Monterey (California/US)
4. Vejtables - Shadows
5. Vejtables - Feel The Music
taken from the single Feel The Music/Shadows (Uptown 741) 1966
Line-up incl.: Bob Bailey (vcls, tamb), Richard Fortunato (vcls, gtr), James 'Zeke' Camarillo (bs). Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)
6. Rear Exit - Excitation
7. Rear Exit - Miles Beyond
taken from the single Excitation/Miles Beyond (MTA 132) 1967
Line-up: Dean Chapman (vcls), Paul Souza (gtr), Mike Maxwell (gtr), Gary DiGraza (bs), Dan Benconcini (organ), Tony Fernades (drms).
Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)
8. Transatlantic Train - The Train
9. Transatlantic Train - You're Bringing Me Down
taken from the single The Train/You're Bringing Me Down (Tower 321) 1967
10. Transatlantic Train - She Was A Lady
[demo / 1967]
(probable) Line-up: Bob Buccelli, Steve Bayard, Tom Mullenix, Dennis Brown, Tony Costa. Band origin: Monterey (California/US)
11. Flying Circus - I'm Going
12. Flying Circus - Midnight Highway
taken from the single I'm Going/Midnight Highway (MTA 117) 1966
13. Flying Circus - Green Eyes Green World
taken from the single
Green Eyes Green World/Got To Learn To Love (MTA 130) 1967
Line-up: Bill Berry (vcls), Jim Grandjean (gtr), Kevon "Kid" Haapala (gtr), John Haapala (bs), Don Perkins (drms).
Band origin: San Anselmo (California/US)
14. Love Exchange - Swallow The Sun
taken from the single
Meadow Memory/Swallow The Sun (Uptown 755) 1967
Line-up: Bonnie Blunt (vcls, tamb), Dan Altchuler (gtr), Fred Barnett (gtr), Mike Joyce (bs), Walter Flannery (organ), Jeff Barnett (drms).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
15. Mourning Reign - Light Switch #1
16. Mourning Reign - Light Switch #2
17. Mourning Reign - Cut Back
[unreleased / 1968]
Line-up: Beau [Frank] Maggi (vcls), Thomas O'Bonsawin (lead gtr), Steve Canali (rhythm gtr), Charlie Garden (bs), Craig Maggi (drms).
Band origin: San Jose (California/US)
18. Maze - Kissy Face
19. Maze - Dejected Soul
taken from the album Armageddon (MTA MTS 5012) 1968
Line-up: Bill Gardner (gtr, vcls), Jeff Jensen (bs, vcls), Ric Eittreim (keyb'ds, vcls), Carson Boyd (drms). Band origin: Fairfield (California/US)
20. Staff - Napoleon
21. Staff - Would You Take Me For A Ride
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: San Mateo (California/US)
22. Afterglow - Morning
23. Afterglow - Susie's Gone
taken from the album Afterglow (MTA 5010) 1968
Line-up: Gene Resler (vcls), Tony Tecumseh (gtr), Ron George (bs), Roger Swanson (organ), Larry Alexander (drms). Band origin: Chico (California/US)

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Living Children - Crystalize Your Mind

Listen to Transatlantic Train - You're Bringing Me Down


Anonymous said...

thank you for this great set! jackie

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Been after this for a while.

Gotta love The Maze.

Super blog.

Many thanx.

Steve (in Oz)

Anonymous said...

Great compilation,always great work from Big Beat.

Anonymous said...

hello Buffalo.
Finally I just remember one album I search.The group was"THE SHAKESPEARS"and the album"summertime".I remember a French TV show in 1968;the group was playing a great song"burning my fingers";this song was issued on a cd comps of Magic,but never see the album.Have you this album in your collection?.

Buffalo Billycan said...

hi jeanbernard,
sorry but I don't have the Shakespeares album. I even didn't know that they did release one until you have mentioned that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answer Buffalo.The album was realised in 1967 on Tornado label.From 1964 to 1966 11 singles were realised on Ronnex and 2 other singles on RCA(1968+1969) who are also on a magic compilation.I found the informations in a French book speaking of french artists and others having recorded in France.It seems the group was very popular in Belgium.I am going to ask a few other blogg to see if possible to found this lp.
Great post today with the Chocolate Soup for diabetics.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi jeanbernard,
You can read more about the Shake Spears (who were actually a rhodesian band) on the Rhodesian Music Website.

Anonymous said...

Hello Buffalo.
Thanks for info.I understand why never found a trace in Tapestry of Delight.The better new is that this afternoon I find and bought the album on the net.When I recieve it I'll give the album to a friend who put it on cd and after I must learn how to send you the music.But no hurry this friend bring me yesterday a cd of Chico Magnetic Band (issued on a limited 4 tracks vinyl I give him....more than one year ago).Make me think
at one of your Tenth Planet album.

Pedro from Argentina said...

PSYCHEDELIC MOODS vol 3 and 5,MASTER'S APPRENTICES:MASTERPIECE and LA DE DA'S records.Maybe this is the blog with best taste related to garage, beat and 60s.Thanks.