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Jackpots - Jack In The Box (1966-68)

This band from Gothenburg/Sweden is best known for their appearance on the Rubbles ("Jack In The Box") and Fading Yellow (the great "King Of The World") compilations. They were more a pop and vocal group than a psychedelic band although they experienced at times with psych-pop ("Miss Judith Lee" for instance). This compilation of singles and album tracks (they released two lp's) was released by Universal (Universal 018 333-2 /2003).

- Walk Like A Man
- Younger Girl
- Back To The City
- Funny How Love Can Be
- Tossing And Turning
- Jack In The Box
- Tiny Goddess
- When I Whisper Your Name
- I Hear Trumpets Blow
- Lincoln City
- Power Of Love
- See You In September
- You'll Never Get The Chance Again
- Miss Judith Lee
- Will You Love Me Tomorrow
- The Little Girl I Once Knew
- King Of The World
- Shadows And Reflections

Personnel incl.:
Peter Winsnes (vcls) [A]
Lars-Erik Göransson (gtr) [ABC]
Roland Mattsson (gtr) [AB]
Ulf Agervi (bs) [A]
Morgan Agervi (drms) [AB]
Hasse Sylwan (vcls) [B]
Conny Hagberg (bs, drms, vcls) [BC]
Lasse Berntsson (vcls) [C]
Lasse Larsson (keyb'ds, vcls) [C]
Bosse Linnell (bs) [C]
Kristina Persson (vcls)
Per Sjösten (piano)
Thomas Johansson (drms)
Svenke Egnell (piano)
Kjell Arefjäll (drms)

Band origin:
Gothenburg (Västra Götalands län/Sweden)

1. (C) Tic-Tac-Toe (Sonet SLP-57) 1967
2. (C) Jack In The Box (Sonet SLP-68) 1968

1. Zip-A-De-Doo-Dah/Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
   (Manu MA 88) 1964
2. Dancing In The Streets/Younger Girl (Sonet T-7235) 1966
3. Walk Like A Man/Funny How Love Can Be
   (Sonet T-7679) 1967
4. Tossing And Turning/Wherever You Are
   (Sonet T-7701) 1967
5. Tiny Goddess/When I Whisper Your Name
   (Sonet T-7705) 1967
6. I Hear Trumpets Blow/Livin' Above Your Head
   (Sonet T-7717) 1967
7. Back To The City/Lincoln City (Sonet T-7735) 1968

[1. as Jack Pott & The Jackpots]

1. I'll Take Good Care Of You/Jack In The Box
   (Discotheque Number One »Grand Prix GP-9949« / 1969)
2. King Of The World
   (Juke Box »JSEP 5587« / 1969)
3. Jack In The Box
   (Juke Box »JSEP 5591« / 1969)
4. I Love You
   (Juke Box »JSEP 5597« / 1970)

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Miss Judith Lee


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i really like king of the world thank you

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I have this one. 50-50 good/boring stuff.

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Very good version of the Action's "Shadows & Reflections". Thanks a lot !

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