Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fun And Games - Elephant Candy (1968)

From Texas, this band evolved out of The Six Pents. Bobby Shad of Mainstream signed them, with two 45s as Sixpentz, but when they discovered the similarly named Sixpence, changed names again to The Fun And Games Commission and their first 45 was released under this name. They played mostly well-crafted pop in the Millennium/Sagittarius mould, with production duties being handled by Gary Zekeley of Jan and Dean and Yellow Balloon fame.
(taken from "Fuzz, Acid And Flowers")

This is by request. They sometimes cut the bubblegum edge ("The Grooviest Girl In The World", "Elephant Candy") but "Close To Carmel", "Something I Wrote" or "It Must Have Been The Wind" are first grade pop/psych songs. Originally released on UNI Records (UNI 73042 / 1968).

- Sadie
- The Grooviest Girl In The World
- Close To Carmel
- Topanga Canyon Road
- Tuesday, Tuesday
- Gotta Say Goodbye
- Don't Worry Baby
- Elephant Candy
- Something I Wrote
- The Way She Smiles
- It Must Have Been The Wind

Sam Irwin (vcls, tamb) [AB]
Paul Guillet (lead gtr) [AB]
Rock Romano (gtr, vcls) [AB]
John T. Bonno (bs) [A]
D.J. Greer (piano, gtr, vcls) [A]
Carson Graham (drms) [AB]
Joe Dugan (keyb'ds) [B]
Joe Romano (bs, vcls) [B]

Band origin:
Houston (Texas/US)

1. Elephant Candy (UNI 73042) 1968

1. Today-Tomorrow/Someone Must Have Lied (To You)
   (Mainstream 671) 1967
2. It Must Have Been The Wind/Holding Me Back
   (Cinema 9) 1967
3. Elephant Candy/The Way She Smiles (UNI 55086) 1968
4. The Grooviest Girl In The World/
   It Must Have Been The Wind (UNI 55098) 1968
5. We/Gotta Say Goodbye (UNI 55128) 1969

[1. as The Fun and Games Commission]

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Something I Wrote


Anonymous said...

interesting album thanks again joe b

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frumious bandersnatch said...

Really good sunshine pop / bubblegum album. Every song is catchy & well produced. Not for every moment, though, but perfect these days. Fits the sunny weather very well. Thanks !!

The Boy and the Cloud said...

thanks a lot mate!