Monday, March 31, 2008

Los Delfines - Estamos Seguros (1970)

A good Soft Rock band with psychedelic influences from Montevideo/Uruguay who included Esteban Hirschfeld, previously a member of "Los Mockers". On their one and only album that was re-issued on Breeder (Breeder Backtrack Archive Series LLU 14444) they also did a cover of a Kinks b-side from 1968 ("Todo" aka "She's Got Everything").

- Jacinta
- No Temas (Don't Fear)
- Sin Tiempo Para Vivir (No Time To Live)
- Me Permite Srta.? (May I Mme?)
- Mirar Sin Verte (Look Without Seeing)
- Estamos Seguros (We Are Sure)
- Todo (Everything)
- Nunca Para (If Never Stops)
- Como El Sol En La Lluvia (Like Sunshine In The Rain)
- Dos Ratones Ciegos (Two Blind Mice)
- La Red

Julio 'July' Fontenla (lead gtr, vcls)
Jorge 'Coyo' Abuchalja (gtr, vcls)
Mario Aguerre (bs)
Esteban Hirschfield (keyb'ds)
Jorge 'Chocho' Vila (drms)

Band origin:
Montevideo (Uruguay)

1. Estamos Seguros (Clave 14444) 1970

1. Like A Clown/You Really Got Me (London 77-025) 1967
2. Dos Ratones Ciegos (Two Blind Mice)/Ahora Ella Se Fue
   (London 77-047) 1968
3. Todo/Sin Tiempo Para Vivir (London 77-071) 1970
4. Con Esa Voz/Amigos Sigue Igual
   (Discos De la Planta 712) 1972

1. You Gotta Do It
(Discodromo 10º aniversario »De la Planta KL 8309« / 1971)

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Listen to Mirar Sin Verte (Look Without Seeing)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hljómar (1967)

Not my rip but once again by request. Most of you may be familiar with "Thor's Hammer" from Keflavík/Iceland, famous for a great freakbeat E.P. they released in Great Britain in 1966 and finally compiled on the superb Big Beat release "From Keflavik... With Love". In Iceland they'd always use the name "Hljómar" and under that moniker they put out this longplayer. Seven of the twelve tracks are competent covers sung in their icelandic language. The remaining five originals are pretty worthwile too. A nice pop-sike record that will appeal fans of that genre. They continued recording two more albums in 1968 and 1974, the latter rather inferior.

- Heyrðu mig góða
- Sveitapiltsins draumur
- Miðsumarnótt
- Hringdu
- Þú og ég
- Æsandi fögur
- Peningar
- Þú ein
- Einn á ferð
- Syngdu
- Um hvað hugsar einmana snót
- Gef mér síðasta dans

Gunnar Þórðarson (vcls, lead gtr) [ABCDEFGHI]
Erlingur Björnsson (rhythm gtr, vcls) [ABCDEFGH]
Rúnar Júlíusson (bs, vcls) [ABCDEFGHI]
Eggert Kristinsson (drms) [ABC]
Einar Júlíussin (vcls) [A]
Kristinn Hermannson (vcls) [B]
Engilbert Jensen (drms) [DF]
Pétur Östlund (drms) [E]
Patricia Gail Owens (vcls) [G]
Gunnar Jökull Hákonarson (drms) [GH]
Björgvin Halldórsson (vcls) [I]
Birgir Hrafnsson (gtr) [I]

Band origin:
Keflavík (Iceland)

1. (F) Hljólmar (SG hljómplötur SG-013) 1967
2. (G) Hljólmar (SG-hljómplötur SG-018) 1968
3. (I) Hljólmar '74 (Hljólmar 002 LP) 1974

1. (E) Fyrsti kossinn/Bláu augun þín
   (SG-hljómplötur SG-503) 1965
2. (E) A memory/Once (Parlophone DB 565) 1966
3. (F) Show me you like me/Stay (Columbia 44348) 1967
4. (H) Let It Flow/Slamat Djalan Mas (Hljómar 001) 1974

[3. as Thor's Hammer]

1. (E) Ertu með?/Kvöld við Keflavík/Ef hún er nálægt
   mér/Minningin um þig (SG-hljómplötur SG-506) 1965
2. (E) Umbarumbamba: My life/Better days/I don’t care/
   The big beat country dance (Parlophone CGEP-62) 1966
3. (H) Þú varst mín/Bara við tvö/Vertu ekki hrædd/
   Kvöld eftir kvöld (SG-hljómplötur SG-528) 1968

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Listen to Heyrðu mig góða

V.A. - New Rubble Vol. 3 [Watch Your Step]

This is by request. If you expect "rubble-styled" music you will be disappointed with the first and third volume. It's pretty much in the "That Driving Beat" mould although the cover-art lets you think that this is a "Joy Division" memory record. The compilers totally change the music and artwork with volume 4 where they finally live up to the "Rubbles" name. There are some dropouts on a couple of tracks which is a bit annoying. Released on Past & Present (Past & Present PAPRCD 2067 / 2005)

1. Little Darlings - Easy To Cry
taken from the single Little Bit O'Soul/Easy To Cry (Fontana TF 539) 1965
Line-up: Malcolm O'Sullivan (vcls), John Gilroy (lead gtr), Alan Waites (gtr), Terry Twigger (bs), Barry Eaton (drms).
Band origin: Coventry (West Midlands/UK)
2. Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers - Boom Boom
taken from the single
Boom Boom/Can Your Monkey Do The Dog (Polydor BM 56006) 1965
Line-up: Tommy Bruce (vcls), Peter Lee Stirling (lead gtr), Bobby Coral (gtr), Peter McGinty (bs), Donald McGinty (drms).
Band origin: London
3. Blue Chips - Some Kind Of Lovin'
taken from the single Some Kind Of Lovin'/I Know A Boy (Pye 7N 17111) 1966
Line-up: Dave Rayne (vcls), Don Aston (gtr), Dave Roberts (bs), Rob Horsman (organ), Alan White (drms).
Band origin: Spennymoor (Durham/UK)
4. Freddie Ryder - Slow Down
taken from the single
Some Kind Of Wonderful/Slow Down (Mercury MF 879) 1965
Line-up incl.: Freddie Ryder [aka Freddie Self] (vcls).
Origin: Liverpool (Merseyside/UK)
5. Bobby Dean - St. James Infirmary
taken from the single
More And More/St. James Infarmery (Parlophone R 5254) 1965
Line-up incl.: Bobby Dean (vcls). Origin: London
6. Laurie Jay Combo - Teenage Idol
taken from the single Teenage Idol/Think Of Me (HMV POP 1234) 1963
Line-up: Gerry Temple (vcls), Graham Dee (gtr), Graham Alexander (bs, vcls), Laurie Jay (drms). Band origin: London
7. Toggery Five - It's So Easy
taken from the single
I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys/It's So Easy (Parlophone R 5249) 1965
Line-up: Paul Young (vcls), Frank Renshaw (lead gtr), Alan Doyle (gtr), Ken Mills (bs), Graham Smith (drms).
Band origin: Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)
8. Bobby Jameson - Please Mr. Mailman
taken from the single Rum-Pum/Please Mr. Mailman (Brit WI 1001) 1965
Line-up incl.: Bobby Jameson [aka Chris Lucey/real name Robert Parker James] (hrmnca, vcls). Origin: born in Geneva (Illinois/US) → London
9. Dave Davani & The D-Men - Midnight Special
taken from the single
Midnight Special/She Knew A Lot About Love (Decca F 11896) 1964
Line-up: John Milner (vcls, lead gtr), Mike Ewin (vcls, bs, hrmnca), Dave Davani (keyb'ds), Brian Wales (ten sax), Beryl Wayne [real name Beryl Davani] (vcls, perc), Chaz Burton (drms). Band origin: London
10. Boston Crabs - As Long As I Have You
taken from the single
As Long As I Have You/Alley Oop (Columbia DB 7679) 1965
Line-up: Fred Driedlin (vcls, gtr, hrmnca), Ian Jack (gtr), Geoff Mott (gtr), Simon Jones (bs), Alan Taylor (drms).
Band origin: Cambridge (Cambridgeshire/UK)
11. Blackwells - Why Don't You Love Me?
taken from the single
Why Don't You Love Me/All I Want Is Your Love (Columbia DB 7442) 1965
Line-up: Tex McDermott (lead gtr), Alby Gornell (gtr), Dave Trimnell (bs), Roy Little (drms). Band origin: Liverpool (Merseyside/UK)
12. Hamilton King - Ain't It Time
taken from the single Ain't It Time/Money Money (HMV POP 1356) 1964
Line-up incl.: Hamilton King (vcls). Origin: London
13. Michael Leslie - Make Up Or Break Up
taken from the single
Make Up Or Break Up/She Can't See Me (Pye 7N 15959) 1965
Line-up incl.: Michael Leslie (vcls). Origin: London
14. Huskies - Matchbox
taken from an unissued acetate (1964)
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: London
15. Danny King - Tossin' And Turnin'
taken from the single
Tossin' And Turnin'/Young Blood (Columbia DB 7276) 1964
Line-up incl.: Danny King (vcls). Origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
16. Peter London - Baby, I Like The Look Of You
taken from the single
Bless You/Baby I Like The Look Of You (Pye 7N 15957) 1965
Line-up incl.: Peter London [real name Peter Cook] (piano, vcls).
Origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
17. Tony Colton - Lose My Mind
taken from the single
Lose My Mind/So Used To Loving You (Decca F 11879) 1964
Line-up incl.: Tony Colton (vcls). Origin: London
18. Steve Francis - Watch Your Step
taken from the single Watch Your Step/Lovey Dovey (King KG 1012) 1964
Line-up incl.: Steve Francis (vcls). Origin: UK
19. Falling Leaves - She Loves To Be Loved
taken from the single
She Loves To Be Loved/Not Guilty (Parlophone R 5233) 1965
Line-up: Rod Stephens (vcls), Will Patrick (lead gtr), Malcolm West (bs), Neil Stanley (organ), Larry Nedel [aka Larry Redd/Larry Rebb] (drms).
Band origin: Oxford (Oxfordshire/UK)
20. Ray Singer - What's Done Has Been Done
taken from the single
What's Done Has Been Done/Won't It Be Fine (Ember EMB 231) 1966
Line-up incl.: Ray Singer (vcls). Band origin: Brighton (Sussex/UK).

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(Artwork included)

Listen to Little Darlings - Easy To Cry

Listen to Laurie Jay Combo - Teenage Idol

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lemon Drops - A Classic Collection (1967-68)

The first time I have heard "I Live In The Springtime" was on "Highs In The Mid-Sixties Vol. 4". It was done by a band called "Buzzsaw". With its charming pop tune accompanied by fuzz guitar it was one of my garage favourites. In fact it was the "Lemon Drops" recording from 1967 in a stereo mix that was released by their new incarnation "Buzzsaw" five years later. Cicadelic Records put out two albums of unreleased material in the '80s and both records were finally released on one CD by Collectables (Collectables COL-CD-0517 / 1993). Half of the CD is filled with demo recordings that sound a bit like the bonus tracks on Arf-Arf's "Lazy Smoke - Corridor Of Faces" release. The other half is fine garage and psych. The real treasure find here is the eastern influenced "Sometime Ago". Start your own garage/psych mix tape/CD with that track and let it follow by "We The People - In The Past" and then you know you're on the winner side.

- I Live In The Springtime
- It Happens Everyday
- Sometime Ago
- The Theatre Of Your Eyes
- Popsicle Girl
- Flower Pure
- Paperplane Flyer
- Talk To The Animals
- Fairytales
- Hi, How Are You Today!
- Alone
- Sleeping On Colors
- Sometime Ago (acoustic)
- Guinevere
- Learn To Fly
- Flowers On The Hillside
- Flower-Dream
- Flower Child Eyes And Arms
- My Friend
- To The Tower
- Death Calls
- Saturday Be-In
- Love Is A Word
- I Like You

Danny Smola (vcls) [ABCD]
George Sorenson (lead gtr) [A]
Eddie Weiss (lead gtr) [ABCD]
Bobby Lunaik (gtr) [ABCD]
Jeff Brand (bs) [ABCD]
Gary Weiss (drms) [ABCD]
Ricky Erickson (lead gtr) [BC]
Dick Sidman (vcls) [CD]

Band origin:
Chicago (Illinois/US)

1. (B) I Live In The Springtime/Listen Girl
       (Rembrandt 5009) 1967

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Listen to Sometime Ago

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sorrows - In Italy (1968)

The Sorrows were from Coventry/UK and started out as a pounding R&B band. Their lead singer was a certain Don Maughn who later found success after his name change as Don Fardon. Their first album "Take A Heart" was one of the great R&B/Beat records of that era. After Fardon left they relocated to Italy and released three singles and the album "Old Songs New Songs" that was later re-issued by Eva Records (Eva 12020 / 1984) as "The Sorrows In Italy". The main songwriter was now the new member and lead guitarist Chuck Fryer who also wrote all their self-penned material for their second album that also featured covers of Traffic, Family and Small Faces. The Fryer compositions "Hey Hey", "Io Amo Te Per Lei" and "The Makers" are the highlights on an interesting album. The Eva release has also their first italian single as bonus tracks.

- Mi Si Spezza Il Cuore (Take A Heart) • bonus track
- Same Old Road
- Rolling Over
- Heaven Is In Your Mind
- Hey Hey
- Old Songs New Songs
- Io Amo Te Per Lei
- Vivi (Baby) • bonus track
- Hey Mr. Policeman
- Shark Fishing Blues
- Mr. Fantasy
- Mary J.
- The Makers
- Per Una Donna... No

Don Maughn (Fardon) (vcls) [AB]
Philip Whitcher (lead gtr) [ABCDGH]
Terry Jukes (gtr) [A]
Philip Packham (bs) [AB]
Bruce Finley (drms) [ABCDEFH]
Wez Price (gtr, bs) [BCDEFGH]
Roger Lomas (gtr) [D]
Chuck Fryers (lead gtr, vcls) [EFGH]
Simon Catlin (vcls) [E]
Chris Smith (keyb'ds, vcls) [FGH]
Mick Bradley (drms) [G]

Band origin:
Coventry (West Midlands/UK)

1. (B) Take A Heart (Pye NPL 38023) 1965
2. (F) Old Songs, New Songs (Miura MIU 10011) 1968

 1. I Don't Wanna Be Free/Come With Me
    (Piccadilly 7N 35219) 1965
 2. Baby/Teenage Letter (Piccadilly 7N 35230) 1965
 3. Take A Heart/We Should Go Along Fine
    (Piccadilly 7N 35260) 1965
 4. You've Got What I Want/No, No, No
    (Piccadilly 7N 35277) 1966
 5. Let The Life Live/Don't Sing No Sad Songs For Me
    (Piccadilly 7N 35309) 1966
 6. Let Me In/How Love Use To Be
    (Piccadilly 7N 35336) 1966
 7. Pink, Purple, Yellow And Red/My Gal
    (Piccadilly 7N 35385) 1967
 8. Mi Si Spezza Il Cuore/Vivi (Pye 45 NP 5086) 1968
 9. Verde Rosso Giallo Blu/No, No, No
    (Pye 45 NP 5122) 1968
10. Per Una Donna... No/Amore Limone (Miura MIU 116) 1968

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Listen to Io Amo Te Per Lei

Sunday, March 23, 2008

V.A. - Electrick Loosers #1

Three volumes were made of this series of german underground garage and psychedelic music. Volume 1 contains most of the first two Prae Kraut Pandaemonium compilations but also some never heard before stuff.

1. Novak's Kapelle - Doing That Rhythm Thing
taken from the single
Hypodermic Needle/Doing That Rhythm Thing (Amadeo AVRS 21539) 1968
Line-up: Walla Mauritz (vcls, mouth harp, sax), Helge Thor (gtr), Peter Travnicek (bs, vcls), Erwin Novak (drms). Band origin: Vienna (Austria)
2. Prophets - You Missed By A Mile
taken from the single Hey Mister/You Missed By A Mile (Kerston 60008) 1966
Line-up: Billy Tabbert (gtr, vcls) Colin Edwards (gtr, vcls), Derek Moore (bs, vcls), Ron Howden (drms).
Band origin: Dusseldorf (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)
3. Improved Sound LTD. - Leave This Lesbian World
taken from the Soundtrack
Engelchen macht weiter - hoppe, hoppe Reiter (Cornet 15030) 1969
Line-up: Axel Linstädt (lead gtr, organ, piano, mellotron), Lothar "Johnny" Fickert (vcls, rhythm gtr, perc, sax, flute), Uli Ruppert (bs), Rolf Gröschner (drms). Band origin: Nuremberg (Bavaria/Germany)
4. Dragons - Heart Transplantation
taken from the single
Hello, I Love Maria/Heart Transplantation (Opp 43) 1970
Line-up: Karl Timmermann (bs, vcls), K. Krus, B. Lohmann, R. Lohmann.
Band origin: North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)
5. Inner Space - Agilok And Blubbo
taken from the single Agilok And Blubbo/Kamera Song (Vogue 14785) 1968
Line-up: Irmin Schmidt (vcls), Michael Karoli (gtr), Holger Czukay (bs), David Johnson (flute), Jaki Liebezeit (drms), Rosy Rosy [real name Rosemarie Heinekel] (vcls on b-side).
Band origin: Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)
6. Petards - Tartarex
taken from the single Misty Island/Tartarex (Liberty IB 15206) 1969
Line-up: Klaus Ebert (gtr, organ), Horst Ebert (rhythm gtr), Roger Waldmann (bs), Arno Dittrich (drms). Band origin: Schrecksbach (Hesse/Germany)
7. Blackbirds - Space
taken from the single Space/No Destination (Opp 3) 1968
Line-up: Werner Breinig (lead gtr, vcls), Klaus Altmeyer (rhythm gtr), Hans-Peter Koop (bs), Hubert Koop (organ), Helmut Vigneron (drms). Band origin: Püttlingen (Saarland/Germany)
8. Rene & The Ten Less Five - Ever
taken from the single Ever/Little Jane (Royal Splendid 3966) 1965
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Germany
9. Shaggys - Only An Hour
taken from the single Only An Hour/I Need You So (R&B Bi4) 1966
Line-up: Peter Mohr (lead gtr), Reinhardt Berndt (vcls, rhythm gtr), Manfred Pechtl (vcls, bs), Hermann Mohr (drms).
Band origin: Ravensburg (Baden-Württemberg/Germany)
10. Ric & The Skyliners - Convicted
taken from the single She's gone/Convicted (Merco CL 1965) 1965
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Frankfurt (Hesse/Germany)
11. Dakotas - Don't Know The Reason
taken from the V.A.-Album
Beat Parade 1967/1 (Baccarola 75755 ZT) 1967 and
Beat Of The Groups (S*R International 92382) 1967
Line-up: Manfred "Micky" Talarczyk (lead vcls), Jürgen Matuszewski (lead gtr), Wolfgang Volkmer (rhythm gtr), Horst Bobe (gtr), Rainer "Bottschek" Sadowski (gtr), Jürgen Genz (keyb'ds), Dieter "Jody" Müller (sax), Rainer "Buddy" Butzke (drms).
Band origin: Recklinghausen (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)
12. Dave Gordon & His Rebel Guys - Call Me
taken from the single Hard To Love You/Call Me (Hansa 19130 AT) 1967
Line-up: Dave Gordon (gtr, vcls), Detlef Butschkau (organ, piano), Rainer Lüdicke (bs), Dieter Schulz (drms). Band origin: Berlin (Germany)
13. Inner Space & Rosy Rosy - Kamera Song
See Track 5
14. Rainy Daze - What Do You Think
taken from the single What Do You Think/Autumn Leaves (CBS 3200) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
15. Nyrvana Pancake - Open Your Eyes
taken from the single
Open Your Eyes/Lonesome Boy (Private Pressing A-1054) 1973
Line-up: Hartmut Nerlich (vcls), Walter Negele (gtr), Werner Bauer (bs, triangle, vcls), Günther Konopik (drms, congas, perc, vcls).
Band origin: Winnenden (Baden-Württemberg/Germany)
16. Casey Jones & The Governors - Bumble Bee
taken from the single Bumble Bee/Rootin' Tootin' Baby (Golden 12 37) 1965
Line-up: Casey Jones [real name Brian Casser] (vcls), Dave Coleman (gtr), Roger Hook (gtr), Jim Redford (bs), Peter Richards (drms).
Band origin: London (UK)/Germany
17. Bats - Got A Girl
taken from the single Got A Girl/I'm So In Love With You (WAM CB 6017) 1965
Line-up: Peter "Pete" Bosch (lead gtr), Waldemar Kropp (rhtyhm gtr, vcls), Helmut "Robby" Hackbarth (bs), Barthold "Jerry" Dunker (piano, vcls, organ), Rüdiger "Rudy" Neber (drms, lead vcls).
Band origin: Hamburg (Germany)
18. Novak's Kapelle - Hypodermic Needle
See Track 1
19. The Beats - With A Girl Like You
taken from the flexi-disc
Early Bird/With A Girl Like You (Aktion Internationales Kolpinghaus) 1966
Line-up: K. Nickola, H. Knoblach, W. Jost, E. Landenbach, K. Herbert.
Band origin: Gemünden (Bavaria/Germany)
20. Andy Nevison & His Rhythm-Masters - Indiano
taken from the single Indiano/What's Your Name (Columbia C 23145) 1966
Line-up: Andy Nevison (vcls), Pete Wilson (gtr), Ronald Biggs (bs), Alan Rogers (sax), Micheal Eden (drms).
Band origin: North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)
21. Improved Sound LTD. - Hit 'Em In The Face
See Track 3
22. Shaggys - I Need You So
See Track 9
23. Ric & The Skyliners - She's Gone
See Track 10
24. Rags - I Cry For Love
taken from the V.A.-Album
Beat of the Groups (S*R International 92382) 1967
Line-up: Peter Wiegers (lead gtr), Bernd Lippert (rhythm gtr), Jürgen Schäfer (vcls, bs), Christian Schulz-Sorau (drms).
Band origin: Bielefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany)
25. Renegades - Can't You See
taken from the single
Can't You See/Never Get Married, Kid (Scandia KS 671) 1966
Line-up: Kim Brown (vcls, gtr), Joe Dunnett (gtr), Ian Mallet (bs), Graham Johnson (drms). Band origin: Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
26. Rhythm Checkers - 'Cause I Need You
taken from the E.P.
Cause I Need You/Theme Of The Rhythm Checkers/Said Oh Yeah/
On Your Way Down The Drain (F Disques AGD GEP 6-26) 1967

Line-up: Roland Bauer (lead vcls), Robby Stierheim (gtr), Eddy Van Nelfen (rhythm gtr), Kurt Horbach (bs), Norbert Hohlweg (drms).
Band origin: Saarlouis (Saarland/Germany) → Strasbourg (France)
27. Brains Ltd. - Change Your Life
taken from the V.A.-Album
Atze von Radio Luxemburg präsentiert die Spitzenreiter vom Hessischen Beatfestival 1967 (Aronda AS 10.002) 1967
Line-up: Gerd Schultheiß (vcls), Rainer Maria Erhardt (lead gtr), Dirk Reichheim (rhtyhm gtr), Waldemar Müller (bs), Rainer Kohl (drms).
Band origin: Bad Homburg (Hesse/Germany)

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Nyrvana Pancake - Open Your Eyes

Listen to Rags - I Cry For Love

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mirror - Reflected Glory (1969)

The sole single of this Bath/UK band became a classic, most notably for the b-side "Faster Than Light", a great mod/freakbeat number. You can hear it on the "The Psychedelic Snarl" (aka Rubble Vol. 1). The a-side "Gingerbread Man" was more pop orientated. You can hear and watch a video of that song here. Bam Caruso put out a 4-track-E.P. (Bam Caruso PABL 042 / 1986) with unreleased songs taken from original acetates. A sort of a historical time piece that might interest you.

- Sunshine Train
- Music Ground
- Mr. Papermaker
- Pretty Patterns

Chris Warnett (vcls) [AB]
Bob Pierce (gtr) [A]
Mike Triebwasser (bs) [AB]
Chris Jeffries (sax) [AB]
Nick Bigsby (drms) [AB]
Pete Frolic (gtr) [B]

Band origin:
Bath (Somerset/UK)

1. (A) Gingerbread Man/Faster Than Light
   (Philips BF 1666) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Music Ground

Friday, March 21, 2008

Les Sinners - Sinnerisme (1966)

Great first garage album from 1966 by this Montréal/Canada band who also released a highly regarded psychedelic longplayer called "Vox Populi" (you can find it on the Patrimoine PQ blogspot).

- Sinerisme
- Candid Colour Count Down
- L'Hymne a "Zoe"
- Sour As a Sidewalk
- Je Suis Las
- La Troisième Fuite de Mohamed "Z" Ali"
- Nice Try
- Elle est Revenue
- Cleopatra
- La Souvenir

Francois Guy (vcls, rhythm gtr, perc) [ABCDE]
Charles Prévost Linton (bs, keyb'ds, vcls) [ABCDE]
Louis Parizeau (drms, perc) [ABCDEF]
Georges Marchand (rhythm gtr) [BC]
Jay Bovin (lead gtr) [C]
Ricky Johnson (lead gtr) [D]
Ernest Rock (lead gtr) [E]
Alain Jodoin (vcls, bs) [F]
Daniel Valois (gtr, flute, vcls) [FG]
Jean-Guy "Arthur" Cossette (lead gtr) [F]
Serge Blouin (bs) [G]
Claude Hetu (keyb'ds) [G]
Serge Locas (keyb'ds) [G]
Wally Rossi (gtr) [G]
Richard Tate (drms, perc) [G]
Dennis Violetti (lead gtr) [G]

Band origin:
Montreal (Québec/Canada)

1. (C) Sinerisme (Rusticana CKL-1243) 1966
2. (E) Sinners (Jupiter JDY 7009) 1967
3. (E) Vox Populi (Jupiter JDY 7015) 1968
4. (F) Sinners (Trans-World TW 6801) 1971
5. ( ) ? (Chelsea CHL-511) 1975

 1. Elle Est Revenue/Le Souvenir (Rusticana FC 734) 1966
 2. L'hymne A "Zoé"/Sinérisme (Rusticana FC 743) 1966
 3. La 3ième Fuite De Mahamed "Z" Ali/
    L'herbe Est Verte Je Suis La (Rusticana FC 749) 1966
 4. Penny Lane/Les Grèves D'aujourd'hui
    (Jupiter JP 1088) 1967
 5. Ne Reste Pas Sous La Pluie/Les Disc-Jockeys
    (Jupiter JP 1099) 1967
 6. Tard Il Se Fait Tard/Je Ne Sais Pas
    (Jupiter JP 1117) 1967
 7. Monsieur Ding Ding/Aujourd'hui Et Demain
    (Jupiter JP 1132) 1967
 8. Go Go Trudeau/Go Go Trudeau (Jupiter JP 1138) 1968
 9. Les Hippies Du Quartier/Castles (Jupiter JP 1149) 1968
10. La Place/The Place Jupiter JP 2000) 1968
11. La Ballade Du Bûcheron/Les Hippies Du Quartier
    (Canusa 364) 1968
12. Je Chante/Mon 50 Cents (RCA Victor 75-5064) 1970
13. Quebec Nous T'aimons/Chicoutimi
    (Trans-World TWF 69) 1971
14. Heavy/Jungle (Trans-World TWF 77) 1971
15. Messieurs Les Jures/Tranquillment (SS-000) 1972
16. Les Gens "Ben Correct"/Le Flip Side
    (Campus CS-6013) 1972
17. On Sera Bien Chez Nous/On Est Toujours Seul
    (Campus CS-6023) 1972
18. Sha Na Na/Viens Avec Moi (Union UN 3502) 1973
19. Ca Finit Toujours Par L'amour/
    Ca Finit Toujours Par L'amour (Union UN 3511) 1973
20. Douce Folie/Attention (Union UN 3515) 1973
21. Qual Epouvantail/L'interview (Celebration 2131) 1975
22. Anges Sorel/Doctuear (Celebration 2137) 1975
23. Springbed Boogie/You're My Woman
    (Celebration 2138) 1976

1. Ne Reste Pas Sous La Pluie/Penny Lane/Go Go Trudeau
   (Blow Up »Neptune NEP 6002« / 1968)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Elle Est Revenue

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jarvis Street Revue - Mr. Oil Man (1970)

This is not my rip but it was requested so I post it here. It is described as "heavy rock with psychedelic overtones". The 12 minute title track is quite good but to be honest the whole thing is not really my bag. The reissue came out on Pacemaker (Pacemaker PACE033TB / 2000) with 7 bonus tracks. The band was from Thunder Bay/Ontario.

- Mr. Business Man
- Mr. Oil Man
- 20 Years
- Sally's Hymn
- 300 South

[Bonus Tracks]
- Heidi Ho
- Sweet Susan
- Angela
- Mr. Rock
- Uncle Benny
- I Believe In Freedom
- Sweet Eyed Satin Lady
- Better Thing To Do

Wayne Faulconer (gtr, vcls)
Tom Horricks (gtr, vcls, sax)
George Stevenson (bs, vcls)
Tom Cruickshank (drms, vcls)

Band origin:
Thunder Bay (Ontario/Canada)

1. Mr. Oil Man (Columbia 90020) 1970

1. 20 Years/Heidi Ho (Columbia C4-2969) 1970
2. Tambourine/Intermission (Columbia C4-3008) 1970
3. I Believe In Freedom/Magic Man (Columbia C4-3064) 1971

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to 20 Years

Alice Through The Looking Glass (1969)

This concept album based upon the writings of Lewis Carroll was the work of the same persons responsible for Agincourt, Ithaca and Tomorrow Come Some Day. This album is reputedly the best of the four - an amalgam of folk and psychedelia with surrealistic lyrics. According to 'Record Collector' the market value of this gem is around £750. David Wells' excellent sleeve-notes to the recent Tenth Planet (Tenth Planet TP 032 / 1997) reissue reveal more about the duo. In late 1968 they were approached by a local amateur dramatics group called The Ditching Players to provide a musical backdrop for a stage version of 'Alice Through The Looking Glass'. They used Lewis Carroll's surreal verse as the backdrop to the project and added a variety of studio trickery - backwards tapes, sound effects, distorted vocals etc. - to create a uniquely English hybrid of folk and pastoral psychedelia.
(Vernon Joynson in "Tapestry Of Delights")

Sometimes you can't trust the reviews of a respected person. I wouldn't call this the best of the four... I would call it the most weird (and rather weak). It's more a record that appeals the taste of my 1 year old son. Only "Jabberwocky" is a stand-out track that would confirm the term psych-folk. The remainder of the album could be best played on a cracked up child's birthday.

- The Alice Theme
- The March Of The Chessmen
- Jabberwocky
- Dance Of The Talking Flowers
- Alice's Train Journey
- Through Looking Glass Wood
- Dum And Dee
- The Walrus And The Carpenter
- Alice Meets The Knights
- A-Sitting On A Gate
- Her Majesty Queen Alice
- Whose Dream?

John Fernando (multi instruments)
Peter Howell (multi instruments)

Band origin:
Ditchling (Sussex/UK)

1. Alice Through The Looking Glass (SNP no#) 1969

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Listen to Jabberwocky

Saturday, March 15, 2008

V.A. - Scum Of The Earth [The Complete Story]

This CD reissue (Sound Stories SS011 / 1998) contains both volumes of long deleted Garage compilation. The music ranges from Garage to Rockabilly to Trash.

[Disc 1]
1. Mach V - If I Could
taken from the single
If I Could/I Want To Stay (Associated Artists 102) 1967
Line-up: John Tiedemann (lead gtr, vcls), Robbie Anderson (rhythm gtr, organ, lead vcls), Mitch Freeman (bs, lead vcls), Jim Brook (drms).
Band origin: Savannah (Georgia/US)
2. Charles - Motorcycle
taken from the single
Motorcycle/Down By The Riverside (Calliope 138) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Rochester (New York/US)
3. Bush - Got Love If You Want It
taken from the single
Feeling Sad And Lonely/Got Love If You Want It (Hiback 102) 1966
Line-up: Steve Hoard (lead vcls, hrmnca), Allen Henninger (lead gtr, backing vcls), Wayne Gondos (rhythm gtr), David Hoard (bs), Brent Cartwright (drms, backing vcls).
Band origin: Rialto (California/US)
4. Tigermen - Tiger Girl
taken from the single Tiger Girl/Runaway (Buff 1006) 1966
Line-up: Tom Consedine (lead vcls, gtr), John Farrell (lead gtr, keyb'ds), Jeff Todd (bs, vcls), Tim Stavish (drms). Band origin: Olean (New York/US)
5. Fabulous Prophets - Gertrude
taken from the single Gertrude/Another Girl (Combo 1000) 1967
Line-up incl.: Larry Herman. Band origin: Nashville (Tennessee/US)
6. Werps - Shades Of Blue
taken from the single
Love's A Fire/Shades Of Blue (W.G.W. 18703) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Somerville (New Jersey/US)
7. Counts IV - Listen To Me
taken from the single Listen To Me/Lost Love (J.C.P. 1006) 1965
Line-up: Don Roof (vcls, rhythm gtr, hrmnca), Joe Booher (lead gtr, vcls), Al Peluso (bs, vcls), Rick Turner (drms).
Band origin: Goldsboro (North Carolina/US)
8. Try-Cerz - Almost There
taken from the single Almost There/Taxman (Jan-Gi 91) 1967
Line-up: Gary Miller, Ron Thibert, Sammy Boe, Ray Boe (bs).
Band origin: Minot (North Dakota) → Fort Worth (Texas/US)
9. Gin Gillette - Train To Satanville
taken from the single
She'll Never Let Him Go/Train To Satanville (Musikon 102) 1961
Line-up incl.: Gin Gillette (vcls). Origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
10. Motivations - The Birds
taken from the single The Birds/Motivate (Pride 301) 1964
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Glendale (California/US)
11. Crazy Teens - Crazy Date
taken from the single Crazy Date/Rebel Boogie (Scott SF-19) 1959
Line-up: Dave Reynolds (gtr), Ronnie Foster (gtr), James Farris (gtr), James Jones (bs), Billy Ward (drms). Band origin: Tuscaloosa (Alabama/US)
12. New Bangs - Go-Go Kitty
taken from the single
Go-Go Kitty/Get Back In Your Tree (Prism 1935) 1966
Line-up: Terry Lawson (vcls), Jim Henson (lead gtr), Mike Clark (rhythm gtr), Larry Henry (bs), Louis Gore (drms). Band origin: Dayton (Ohio/US)
13. Dwight Douglas & The Jayhawkers - Interstate 45
taken from the single Interstate 45/Mr. Big (Astra 3008) 1966
Line-up incl.: Lenny Drake. Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
14. Opposite Six - Church Key (Part 68)
taken from the single
Church Key (Part 68)/Continental Surf (South Shore 721) 1964
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Van Buren Bay (New York/US)
15. Bobby Jameson - Okey Fanokey Baby
taken from the single
Okey Fanokey Baby/Meadow Green (Talamo 1938) 1964
Line-up incl.: Bobby Jameson [real name Robert Parker James] (hrmnca, vcls). Origin: born in Tucson (Arizona/US)
16. Mad Mike & The Maniacs - The Hunch
taken from the single The Hunch/Quarter To Four (Hunch 345) 1961
Line-up: Warren Nichols (lead gtr), "Mad Mike" Porcelli (gtr, vcls), Jimmy Lurschner (bs), Doug Neale (sax), Bobby Columbe (drms).
Band origin: New York City (New York/US)

[Disc 2]
1. Bugs - Slide
taken from the single Pretty Girl/Slide (Astor 002 + Polaris 0001) 1964
Line-up incl.: Ed McGee (gtr), Rose McGee (bs).
Band origin: Marlborough (Massachussetts/US)
2. Executioners - You Won't Find Me
taken from the single
You Won't Find Me/Haunting My Mind (Vermillion 269) 1966
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Accokeck (Maryland/US)
3. Outcry - Can't You Hear
taken from the single
Can't You Hear (My Heartbeat)/Gravey Covered Fruitcake
(Rileys 8785) 1966

Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Detroit (Michigan/US)
4. Evil - Whatcha Gonna Do About It
taken from the single
Whatcha Gonna Do About It/Always Runnin' Around
(Living Legend LL-108) 1967

Line-up: John Doyle (lead vcls), Stan Kinchen (lead gtr), Al Banyai (rhythm gtr), Larry O’Connell (bs), Doug Romanella (drms).
Band origin: Miami (Florida/US)
5. Crusade - Psychedelic Woman
taken from the single
Psychedelic Woman/Fade Away (Golden North GN-103) 1967
Line-up incl.: Dennis Murphy (drms). Band origin: Sitka (Alaska/US)
6. Marauders - Lovin'
taken from the single Lovin'/Nightmare (Lee 9449) 1965
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Saginaw (Michigan/US)
7. Myrchents - Indefinate Inhibition
taken from the single
Indefinate Inhibition/All Around You (Mus-I-Col 1094) 1967
Line-up: Bill Edwards (lead vcls), Jimmy Carmean (gtr), Jack Brooks (gtr, keyb'ds, vcls), Keith Dickess (bs), Dale Carmean (keyb'ds), Rick Callender (drms). Band origin: Mechanicsburg (Ohio/US)
8. Suedes - 13 Stories High
taken from the single 13 Stories High/My Girl (Psychadelic 113) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: San Antonio (Texas/US)
9. Steve Purdy & The Studs - The Weed
taken from the single The Weed/Hyannis Port Twist (Vesta 2000) 1962
Personnel incl.: Steve Purdy (vcls), Vic Rumore (vcls), Jimmy Sullivan (lead gtr), Brooke Temple (rhythm gtr), Norman Hamm (bs), Billy McConnell (drms), Steve Davis (drms). Band origin: Birmingham (Alabama/US)
10. Shane Kai-Ray - I Want Some Of That
taken from the single
I Want Some Of That/Trashman's Blues (Lodestar 27-61) 1961
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Minneapolis (Minnesota/US)
11. Blue Echoes - Tiger Talk
taken from the single
Blue Belle Bounce/Tiger Talk (Bristol B-101 + Lawn 225) 1963
Line-up incl.: Tom Zagryn (lead gtr, vcls), Erik Gulliksen (gtr, bs, vcls), Tom Collins (drms). Band origin: Worcester (Massachusetts/US)
12. Lefty & The Leadsmen - Wildwood Fun
taken from the single Wildwood Fun/Changing (Co&Ce 103) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania/US)
13. Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads - Goo Goo Muck
taken from the single Goo Goo Muck/The Scotch (Audan 122) 1962
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Bakersfield (California/US)
14. Soul-Men - Road House
taken from the single Road House/Sister Sue (Lola 105) 1964
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: California (US)
15. Kings - It's The LCB
taken from the single It's The LCB/I Could Believe You (Jox 045) 1965
Line-up incl.: Tommy Carlisle (gtr), Ron Morgan (bs), Donnie McConmick (drms). Band origin: Kingsville (Texas/US)
16. Bob Vidone & The Rhythm Rockers - Weird
taken from the single Going My Way/Weird (Fleetwood 1003) 1958
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Massachussetts (US)

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Crazy Teens - Crazy Date

Listen to Suedes - 13 Stories High