Friday, April 18, 2008

John Bromley - Sing (1969)

John Bromley was a songwriter who Polydor encouraged to put his songs on vinyl. The album was a collection of 45s with extra tracks added. The Fleur de Lys were called in to provide the backing on some, including So Many Things, which can also be heard on Rubble Vol. 16: Glass Orchid Aftermath (LP) and Rubble Vol. 9 (CD). Despite this added dimension the album didn't sell well. He'd been with The Three People in 1966/67. He wrote Come On Down for Jackie De Shannon and This World's An Apple for the Ace Kefford Stand.
(taken from "Tapestry Of Delights")

I've got this rip from another source and tried to erase the clicks and crackles as best as possible. Originally released on Polydor (Polydor 583048 / 1969) this one should have deserved a re-issue. John Bromley was from Manchester and his work can be best compared with Bill Fay's two early seventies albums (if that helps). Often a bit too heavily orchestrated but always charming. "If You Are There With Me" was compiled on Fading Yellow #4 and "Sugar Love" find its way on Pop-in #2.

 1. Only Foolish People
 2. Melody Fayre
 3. So Many Things
 4. If You Are There With Me
 5. Sugar Love
 6. Old Time Mover
 7. What Do You Think Of Me
 8. What A Woman Does
 9. Weather Man
10. I'm Gonna Love You Till I Die
11. Natural Born Loser
12. And The Feeling Goes

John Bromley (vcls, gtr)

Additional musicians on Tracks 2/3/5-8/10
[Fleur de Lys]:
Bryn Haworth (gtr)
Malcolm "Tago" Byers (bs)
Keith Guster (drms)

Manchester (Greater Manchester/UK)

1. Sing (Polydor 583048) 1969

1. What A Woman Does/My My (Polydor 56224) 1968
2. And The Feeling Goes/Sweet Little Princess
   (Polydor 56287) 1968
3. Melody Fayre/Sugar Love (Polydor 56305) 1969
4. Hold Me Woman/Weather Man (Polydor 56340) 1969
5. Kick A Tin Can/Wonderland Avenue USA
   (Atlantic 584289) 1969

Get it here

Listen to If You Are There With Me


Anonymous said...

an example of difficulties for an artist to be in the tops in the sixties.Even sang by a not well know group songs like "melody fayre"or"so many thing" will have been hits.Finally its more a record of Fleur de Lys with John Bromley on vocals?.Thanks to make me discover this very cool album.Typical end of sixties UK sound.
Nice week end Buffalo.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much
great taste Mr
big luck for us

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! Also for the great blog.


Anonymous said...

Another great post, many thanks for such fine selections !

Anonymous said...

Great post. many thanks

Anonymous said...

Quite an underrated album at the time which I have spent many years looking for.
Many Thanx for this one.
Any chance of getting either of the P.C. Kent albums on this site?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this x

John Bromley said...

I am John Bromley and I would just like to say that I had no idea that people still listened to my album.

Thank you - Perhaps I should get it out of the attic and give it a spin again !

Mind you, I am very much currently into writing new material and am looking for a publisher and record label to get it out there.

Thank you all, for your comments

xx John

Sébastien Desrosiers said...

Wooohooooo THANKS!!!

Drop by Patrimoine PQ and help urself to some rare psych-obscure treats from Quebec. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I got this album at the weekend..& have put it up for sale on EBay UK

Cheshire Adams said...

Far out. I'm kind of curious about this one after hearing "So Many Things" on TWOS some time ago.

Cheers, John! Is this available somewhere? I didn't realize until today that you'd made a whole album......

Stay cool.....


Cheshire Adams said...

A bit poppy for my own taste, but a fine album nonetheless. Wonderfully melodic.



John Bromley said...


Thanks for your interest in my Album "Sing". It was originally released on Polydor records in 1969 and a double CD is about to be released in May 2009, featuring all the tracks on the album, plus some unreleased material and outakes. Cherry Red Records on their Poppydisc lable are releasing it.

I hope this is useful for you.

Warm regards,

John Bromley

Hajul Ellah said...

Thanks FAINTLY BLOWING and most of all to John Bromley for giving me the chance to listen to this rare gem. Cheers!

Bromsongsmith said...

Thank you Hajul. It is good to know that my music is enjoyed, even today after 40 years ! Best Wishes, John Bromley