Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jungle (1969)

From Los Angeles/California, this group made a pretty good laid back Rock record at the end of the decade that was re-issued in the '90s (Eight Little Indians CD 3027 / 1998). The critics are divided in their opinion about the privately pressed album. They differ from "Lost gem" to "mostly loungy (in the wrong sense) psychrock/AOR with offkey vocals and unimpressive songwriting" to "A strange one that’s gotten more attention than it deserves, but if you don’t get your hopes up too high you might enjoy it". I like it and I think it's pretty adventurous although they lose the direction sometimes. You better make up your own mind.

It turned out that Jungle was previously known as The Knight Riders from Belmont/California who had the track "I" on the San Francisco Roots compilation. Bass player Rodney Pearce and drummer Mike Lentos were replaced by John Dawson and Delbert Lang. They recorded their eponymous album at Allegro Sound Studios, New York City 1969.

- House Of Rooms
- Somewhere Sweet Memories
- Gray Picnic
- Changes I'm Going Through
- Early Morning Rising
- Slave Ship

Jay Mierly (vcls)
James Ryan Clark (lead gtr)
Virgil "Butch" Daniels (gtr)
John Dawson
Delbert Lang

Band origin:
Belmont (California/US)

1. Jungle (no label CO 3027) 1969

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Gray Picnic


Anonymous said...

Good morning Buffalo.
Like you I love this album.Very hard to find this cd with blue velvet cover.Another rarity of the label was the cd of Victoria with red velvet cover.Very nice you'll soon post electric lemonade vol 1;you'll certainly make a great pleasure to a lot of people.

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Buffalo Billycan said...

I did listen to the tracks but I have no idea who it is.

Sorry, I don't have this album.

Anonymous said...

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Stu Shea said...

Turns out they are from the northeast part of the United States, either Vermont or New Hampshire.