Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spinning Wheels (1965-66)

From Melbourne/Australia the "Spinning Wheels" were a rough and wild R&B band. They did mostly covers but they did it without compromises. All their four singles are included on this album (Corduroy Records CORD 064 / 2003). It's obvious that the label transfer the songs from the original 45's instead of using the mastertapes but to be honest: do you really care if you hear the Pretty Things' "Come See Me" on maximum volume with or without crackles?

- Not Fade Away
- Got My Mojo Working (#1)
- Little Red Rooster
- I'm Saved
- Shame, Shame, Shame
- One Kind Favour
- You Can't Catch Me
- Follow Me Down
- Bo Diddley
- Creepy John
- Good Times, Bad Times
- Got My Mojo Working (#2)

Rod Turnbull (vcls, hrmnca, perc) [AB]
Donald Hirst (gtr, organ, piano, vcls) [AB]
Michael Perrin (gtr, vcls) [AB]
Glen Sievers (bs, vcls) [AB]
Graham Lord (drms) [AB]
Tom Cowburn (lead gtr, hrmnca, vcls) [B]

Band origin:
Melbourne (Victoria/Australia)

1. (A) Got My Mojo Working/Follow Me Down
   (HMV EA 4676) 1965
2. (B) Bo Diddley/Creepy John (HMV EA 4682) 1965
3. (B) Shame, Shame, Shame/Can't Catch Me
   (HMV EA 4708) 1965
4. (B) One Kind Favour/Saved (HMV EA 4727) 1966

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to You Can't Catch Me


Anonymous said...

sounds good ... rock the way it should be ... nice stuff.

buddycat said...

Wowww, you blog is really become one of my favourites!!! thank you again for this bomb...
I've one request, PLEASE, do you have the album of The Shaggs - Wink (1967) reissue in CD on radioactive. it was posted there's 2 or 3 years ago on 1 or 2 blog but unfortunatelly the links are dead, the blogs too, and I can't put the hands on this album, so if you can help me (or another blogger) it will be great!
Thank you in advance.

jimmark66 said...

Thanks..I look forward to this


Anonymous said...

aussie sound !!!!!!!
good taste

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Rhythm & Blues like great UK bands. Thankx.

Anonymous said...

Hi !
Very great music !!! Thanks a lot!
Your blog is among the best u can find!

Looking for some rarities :

The Ones - The Ones! (berlin, germany 1966)
The Playboys - The Sound Award Album (melbourne australia 1965)
The Rave-Ons - same (Minneapolis, MN, United States 1965)
The Tropics - Anthology 1965-1969
the wild things (aka dave & the dynamics) - compilation (New Castle, IN, United States 1964-1968)
Our Generation - Dawning Of The Day (60s garage canada)
Bliss - Return to Bliss [60s]
Outcasts - My Generation (lp brazil 1967)
Los Streaks - Operacion a go go 'Garage-Psych Rarity From Colombia'

I know it makes much, but only one of them would already be great !

Buffalo Billycan said...

You find the "Return To Bliss" album on the LAJSO SOUND LTD. blog:

In case of The Outcasts I can tell you that this album will be re-issued soon (and it's really a good one).

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks a lot Buffalo !!!

Robert Charbonnier said...

Very very good album, thank you very much.

aldo said...

This is GREAT, it may be the usual covers but it's miles better than most others...for fans of early raw R&B like the Pretties or the Stones at the very beginning this is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!
By the way I bought this LP but it was earlier than the year mentioned, around 2000...unless there's a later CD of it.

GaragePunk66 said...

You can find the Our Generation Dawning of the Day here...