Sunday, August 31, 2008

Extreem - From Out Of The Sky (1970)

This Birmingham band released only one single in 1967 and was responsible for an unreleased acetate from 1970. Their 45 on Strike Records was rather uninteresting but the eight songs for the proposed album are much better. Some of you may know their opening song "From Out Of The Sky" from "Syde Tryps Three", a great heavy psychedelic number. "Desolation City" is a cool rocker without frills and "Some Lover" as well as "Can't Stop Loving You" are nice sunshiny pop-ditties. They also did two covers in a prog style, "Meet On The Ledge" and "Day Tripper"... at least they didn't ruin the "Fairport Convention" song. The slow Blues number "Mal's Got The Blues" is not of much interest and finally on "Dreaming" the vocal arrangements are a bit embarrassing. Birdman Records (Birdman BMRD-21001 / 1999) released their whole output on CD and it starts off with two songs they recorded after their reunion in 1998. Not the best idea 'cause both tracks are extreemly (Ha!) forgettable, a sort of poor man's "Scorpions" (uhhhh!). Some band members also had "Judas Priest" connections and their drummer Pete Boot was later in "Budgie".

- Borderline (bonus track - 1998)
- Your Eyes (bonus track - 1998)
- From Out Of The Sky
- Desolation City
- Mal's Got He Blues
- Meet On The Ledge
- Some Lover
- Day Tripper
- Can't Stop Loving You
- Dreaming
- On The Beach (bonus track - 1967)
- Don't You Ignore Me (bonus track - 1967)

Deryk Poynton (vcls) [AB]
Barry Civil (lead gtr, vcls) [AB]
Jeff Furnival (lead gtr) [AB]
"Wompy" Evans (bs) [AB]
Kelvin "Kelly" Payne (organ) [AB]
Dave Brooks (drms) [A]
Pete Boot (drms, perc) [B]

Band origin:
Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)

1. (B) The Extreem (8-track Acetate) 1970

1. (A) On The Beach/Don't You Ignore Me
   (Strike JH 236) 1967

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Desolation City


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thanks for this very rare cd.First time I see it on a blog.The booklet is beautiful ,more than music.I remember having bought a cd of a UK group on the same label,but I don't remember his name;can you help me Buffalo?.

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finally I found the name of the group :KIMLA TAZ.

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