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V.A. - Pebbles Vol. 2

Volume 2 (BFD-5019 / 1979) of this classic collection of Garage Punk and the second installment is my favourite. The whole compilation is from the start up to the end a revelation (OK, maybe not the Bobby Fuller song).

1. Satans - Makin' Deals
taken from the single Makin' Deals/Lines And Squares (Manhattan 801) 1966
Line-up incl.: Mike Murphy, Randy Stewart.
Band origin: Fullerton (California/US)
2. Moving Sidewalks - 99th Floor
taken from the single
99th Floor/What Are You Going To Do? (Tantara 3101 + Wand 1156) 1967
Line-up: Bill Gibbons (gtr, vcls), Don Summers (bs), Tom Moore (organ, piano), Dan Mitchell (drms). Band origin: Houston (Texas/US)
3. Sons Of Adam - Feathered Fish
taken from the single
Feathered Fish/Baby Show The World (Alamo 5473) 1966
Line-up: Craig Tarwater (gtr), Joe Kooken (gtr), Mike Port (bs), Michael Stuart (drms). Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
4. Electric Prunes - Vox Wah Wah Commercial
Radio Ad 1967
5. Road - You Rub Me The Wrong Way
taken from the single
You Rub Me The Wrong Way/It's So Hard To Find (Blue Onion 106) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Painesville (Ohio/US)
6. Lyrics - So What!
taken from the single So What!!/They Can't Hurt Me (Era 3153) 1965
Line-up: Chris Gaylord (vcls, harp, keyb'ds), Micheal Allen (lead gtr), Billy Garcia (gtr), Danny Garcia (bs), Gary Neves (drms).
Band origin: San Diego (California/US)
7. Buddhas - Lost Innocence
taken from the single Lost Innocence/My Dream (Smell-Dee 101) 1967
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: Bakersfield (California/US)
8. Zakary Thaks - Bad Girl
taken from the single
I Need You/Bad Girl (J-Beck 1006 + Mercury 72633) 1967
Line-up: Chris Gerniottis (vcls), John Lopez (lead gtr), Pete Stinson (gtr), Rex Gregory (bs), Stan Moore (drms). Band origin: Corpus Christi (Texas/US)
9. Randy Alvey & Green Fuz - Green Fuz
taken from the single Green Fuz/There Is A Land (Big Tex 445) 1969
Line-up: Randy Alvey (vcls), Les Dale (lead gtr), Jimmy Mercer (rhythm gtr), R.E. Houchens (bass), Mike Pearce (drms).
Band origin: Bridgeport (Texas/US)

10. Squires - Go Ahead
taken from the single Going All The Way/Go Ahead (Atco 6442) 1966
Line-up: Tom Flanigan (lead gtr), Jim Lynch (gtr), John Folcik (bs), Kurt Robinson (keyb'ds), Mike Bouyea (drms, violin, vcls).
Band origin: Bristol (Connecticut/US)
11. Little Boy Blues - I Can Only Give You Everything
taken from the single
I Can Only Give You Everything/You Don't Love Me (IRC 6939) 1966
Line-up: Paul Ostroff (lead gtr), Frank Biner (vcls, gtr), Ray Levin (bs, piano, organ, flute), James Boyce (drms, vcls). Band origin: Chicago (Illinois/US)
12. Dovers - She's Gone
taken from the single
She's Gone/What Am I Going To Do (Miramar 118) 1965
Line-up: Tim Granada (lead vcls, rhythm gtr), Bruce Clawson (lead gtr, vcls), Robbie Laudewig (bs), Tony 'Goosey' Rivas (sax, tamb, vcls), Rick Morinini (drms). Band origin: Santa Barbara (California/US)
13. Phil & The Frantics - I Must Run
taken from the single I Must Run/Pain (Rabbit 1219) 1966
Line-up: Phil Kelsey (vcls, sax), Steve Forman (lead gtr), Bill Powell (gtr, vcls), John Lambert (bs, vcls), Rick Rose (keyb'ds), Joe Martinez (drms).
Band origin: Dallas (Texas/US)
14. Dovers - What Am I Going To Do
See Track 12
15. Choir - It's Cold Outside
taken from the single
It's Cold Outside/I'm Going Home (Can Am 203) 1966
Line-up: Dave Smalley (vcls, gtr), Wally Bryson (lead gtr), Dann Klawon (gtr, hrmnca), Dave Burke (bs), Jim Bonfanti (drms, vcls, tamb).
Band origin: Cleveland (Ohio/US)
16. Bobby Fuller Four - Wine Wine Wine
taken from the single
Wine, Wine, Wine/King Of The Beach (Exeter EXT 122) 1964
Line-up: Bobby Fuller (lead vcls, gtr), Randy Fuller (bs), Jim Reese (gtr), Dalton Powell (drms). Band origin: El Paso (Texas/US)
17. Litter - I'm A Man
taken from the single Somebody Help Me/I'm A Man (Warick 6711) 1967
Line-up: Dan Rinaldi (gtr, vcls), Tom 'Zippy' Caplan (lead gtr), Jim Kane (bs, moog), Denny Waite (vcls, organ), Tom Murray (drms).
Band origin: Minneapolis (Minnesota/US)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Satans - Makin' Deals

Listen to Road - You Rub Me The Wrong Way


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just 1

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Anonymous said...

Buffalo: Hey don't be gettin down on my man Bobby Fuller! Anyway, a big thanks for running this series. I bought these back when they came out, but the quality of your files is better than I remember. Consider this note encouragement to continue to post the rest. Cheers Bro!


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Estas colecciones son el abecedario garagero. Fantásticas.

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Thanks very much for posting this - I heard "It's Cold Outside" on Beyond the Beat Generation this afternoon and was stopped in my tracks. Very glad to be able to get a copy of it!

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shity speed changed songs