Monday, August 18, 2008

The Gants - I Wonder (1965-67)

This Greenwood/Massachusetts band was best known for the classic garage-pop tune "I Wonder". A collection of their best tracks was released by BamCaruso (BamCaruso KIRI 067 / 1988) and contains some cool garage sounds as well as their later orchestrated pop songs "Greener Days", "Drifter's Sunrise" and "Just A Good Show".

- I Wonder
- You Better Run
- Spoonful Of Sugar
- Six Days In May
- My Baby Don't Care
- Never Go Right
- I Don't Want To See Her Again
- Somebody Please
- Drifter's Sunrise
- Kicks
- Try Too Hard
- Good Lovin'
- Crackin' Up
- Dance Last Night
- I Want Your Lovin'
- Hungry
- Greener Days
- Just A Good Show

Johnny Freeman (vcls, gtr) [AC]
Sid Herring (vcls, gtr) [ABC]
Vince Montgomery (bs) [ABC]
Don Wood (drms) [ABC]
Johnny Sanders (gtr) [B]

Band origin:
Greenwood (Mississippi/UK)

1. (B) Roadrunner (Liberty LRP - 3432) 1965
2. (B) Gants Galore (Liberty LRP - 3455) 1966
3. (B) Gants Again (Liberty LRP - 3473) 1966

1. Roadrunner/My Baby Don't Care (Statue 605) 1965
2. What's Happening/Careless Hands (Statue 608) 1965
3. Little Boy Sad/[You Can't Blow] Smoke Rings
   (Liberty 55853) 1966
4. Crackin' Up/Dr. Feelgood (Liberty 55884) 1966
5. I Want Your Lovin'/Spoonful Of Sugar
   (Liberty 55903) 1966
6. Greener Days/I Wonder (Liberty 55940) 1967
7. Drifters Sunrise/Just A Good Show (Liberty 55965) 1967
8. Another Chance/Ain't Too Proud To Beg
   (Statue 7006) 1969

[1. also released on TOP 5002 + Liberty 55829]
[2. B-Side by The Niteliters]
[8. as Sid Herring & The Gants]

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Try Too Hard


Anonymous said...

THANKS SO MUCH for another masterpiece and Xtra-ThanX for including the artwork!!! That's how it HAS TO BE! And that's faintlyblowing.blogspot quality standard! Keep on rockin'!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou, The Gants, with The Remains, my favourite 60s garage groups.


Anonymous said...

I particularly like their version of "I want your loving," sung with mock-British accents. The UK's Sons of Fred recorded this song too although they didn't use any accents (unless they were doing an American accent and I can't hear it!).

Anonymous said...

Amazing 60s group.
Thank you very much!