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V.A. - Pebbles Vol. 1

The mother of all garage compilations (OK, Lenny Kaye's "Nuggets" is the grandma). This is the vinyl edition (BFD-5016 / 1979) and some technical oddities are happening here. On some songs (notably The Squires' "Going All The Way" and the Grains Of Sand's "Going Away Baby") you can hear at the end of the tracks very slightly music by an other band. On "Rich With Nothin" by The Split Ends it looks like that the compilers mixed an echo-effect in the mid of the song. And finally on Litter's "Action Woman" are two (now famous) skips. But for a 15 year old kid that I was back then the whole compilation was hot as lava.

1. Litter - Action Woman
taken from the single Action Woman/Legal Matter (Scotty 6710) 1967
Line-up: Dan Rinaldi (gtr, vcls), Tom 'Zippy' Caplan (lead gtr), Jim Kane (bs, moog), Denny Waite (vcls, organ), Tom Murray (drms).
Band origin: Minneapolis (Minnesota/US)
2. Preachers - Who Do You Love?
taken from the single Who Do You Love?/Chicken Papa (Moonglow 240) 1965
Line-up: Hal Tennant (lead gtr), Richard Fortunato (rhythm gtr, lead vcls), Jim 'Zeke‘ Camarillo (bs), Rudy Garza (piano), Steve Lagana (drms).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
3. Floyd Dakil Combo - Dance Franny Dance
taken from the single
Dance Franny Dance/Look What You've Gone And Done (Jetstar J-103) 1964
Line-up: Floyd Dakil (gtr, vcls), Ronny Randall (gtr), Terry Billings (bs), Laurry Michlin (keyb'ds), Geoff West (drms). Band origin: Dallas (Texas/US)
4. Outcasts - I'm In Pittsburgh (And It's Raining)
taken from the single
I'm In Pittsburgh (And It's Raining)/Price Of Victory (Askel 102) 1966
Line-up: Denny Turner (gtr), Jim Carsten (gtr), Jim Ryan (bs), Eugene Carson (keyb'ds, hmnca), Ricky Wright (drms). Band origin: San Antonio (Texas/US)
5. Squires - Going All The Way
taken from the single Going All The Way/Go Ahead (Atco 6442) 1966
Line-up: Tom Flanigan (lead gtr), Jim Lynch (gtr), John Folcik (bs), Kurt Robinson (keyb'ds), Mike Bouyea (drms, violin, vcls).
Band origin: Bristol (Connecticut/US)
6. Grains Of Sand - Goin' Away, Baby
taken from the single
Going Away Baby/Golden Apples Of The Sun (Genesis 101) 1966
Line-up: Doug "Red" Mark (lead gtr), Dave Hodgkins (gtr, vcls, hrmnca), Rich Brand (bs), Willie Schider (drms).
Band origin: Long Beach (California/US)
7. JuJus - You Treat Me Bad
taken from the single You Treat Me Bad/Hey Little Girl (Fenton 1004) 1965
Line-up: Ray Hummel (lead vcls, gtr, hrmnca), Rod Shepard (bs), Max Colley (sax), Bill Gorski (drms). Band origin: Grand Rapids (Michigan/US)
8. Haunted - 1-2-5
taken from the album The Haunted (Trans-World 6701) 1967
Line-up: Johnny Monk (vcls), Al Birmingham (lead gtr), Jurgen Peter (gtr), Bob Boziak (bs), Nick Farlowe (drms).
Band origin: Montreal (Quebec/Canada)
9. Soup Greens - Like A Rolling Stone
taken from the single
Like A Rolling Stone/That's Too Bad (Golden Rule 5000) 1965
Line-up: David Eagle (gtr, vcls), Lenny Matlin (organ, vcls), Steve Tennenbaum (drms). Band origin: New York City (New York/US)
10. Wig - Crackin' Up
taken from the single
Crackin' Up/Bluescene (Empire 3 + BlacKnight 903) 1966
Line-up: Benny Rowe (lead gtr), Johnny Richardson (gtr), Jess Yaryan (bs), Billy Wilmot (keyb'ds), Rusty Wier (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Austin (Texas/US)
11. Positively 13 O'Clock - Psychotic Reaction
taken from the single
Psychotic Reaction/13 O'Clock Theme (HBR 500) 1967
Line-up: Jimmy Rabbit (vcls), Buddy "Bugs" Henderson (lead gtr), Ronnie Weiss (gtr), Dave Stanley (bs), Jerry Howell (keyb'ds), Ken Murray (drms).
Band origin: Tyler (Texas/US)
12. Kim Fowley - The Trip
taken from the single The Trip/Big Sur (Corby 216) 1965
Line-up incl.: Kim Fowley (vcls). Origin: Los Angeles (California/US)
13. Elastik Band - Spazz
taken from the single Paper Mache/Spazz (Atco 6537) 1967
Line-up: Scott Williams (lead gtr, bs, lead vcls), David Cortopassi (gtr, lead vcls, vibraphone), Rusty Kierig (bs, vcls), Russel Kerger (keyb'ds, vcls), Vince Silvera (drms, vcls). Band origin: San Francisco (California/US)
14. Split Ends - Rich With Nothin'
taken from the single Rich With Nothin'/Endless Sea (CFP 4) 1966
Line-up: Bruce Knox (gtr, vcls), Mike Mycz (gtr, vcls), Dan Eliassen (vcls, bs), Jim O'Brock (drms, vcls). Band origin: Tampa (Florida/US)
15. Shadows Of Knight - Potato Chip
taken from the single
The Potato Chip Record (5" Columbia S.P. Cardboard Disc) 1967
Line-up: Jim Sohns (vcls), Joe Kelley (lead gtr), Jerry McGeorge (bs), Dave Wolinski [The Hawk] (keyb'ds), Tom Schiffour (drms, vcls).
Band origin: Chicago (Illinois/US)
16. Wilde Knights - Beaver Patrol
taken from the single
Beaver Patrol/Tossin' And Turnin' (Star-Bright 3051 + Modern 1014) 1965
Line-up: Rich Brown (gtr), Rick Dey (bs, vcls), Dean Adair (organ), Roger Huycke (drms). Band origin: Los Angeles (California/US)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Grains Of Sand - Goin' Away, Baby

Listen to Wig - Crackin' Up


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vol 2 ?????
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I will post the remaining volumes from time to time (Vol. 2 will follow soon)

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Classic!!!! Many thankx...action woman, going all the way, 1-2-5, Psychotic reaction....great garage music!!!

David Houser said...

Haven't owned a copy in a while, but if I recall correctly, the music audible is the First Gen X album.

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Downloaded all the pebbles stuff...all nice and tidy now in my itunes many thanks..loved the timebox deram anthology as well.

Appreciated !
Jason : )

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HOW many different Pebblescompilations are they??:O
This is the 3:rd for me and all of them is called Pebbles vol.1 etc. and continues differnt songs:O

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