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Dearly Beloved - Rough Diamonds (1963-67)

Forming in 1963 as The Intruders and later known as The Quinstrells they became known as The Dearly Beloved in late '65 and were Tucson's most popular '60s band. Shortly after their name change Dan Gates, a DJ from a local radio station KTKT came along with the tape of a song called Peep Peep Pop Pop. The group were not at all keen at first but eventually he persuaded them to record it at the Audio Sound Recorders Studio in Phoenix and a record deal was negotiated with the New Mexico-based Boyd label. They got the band's name wrong on the label and the 45 was released in 1966 and credited to The Beloved Ones. It was a No. 1 hit in Tucson that year and held the No. 1 position for many weeks on KTKT radio. Consequent upon its success the 45 was leased to Columbia, who at least got the band's name right. With national distribution the 45 almost made Billboard's Top 100. Fuelled by their success the band headed to LA to record an album for Columbia. They recorded twenty songs in all in just three half day sessions! These sessions spawned their next 45. Tom Walker wrote the 'A' side, the flip was the work of The Grodes' leader Manny Freiser. The posthumous Voxx compilation includes some tracks from this session, but Columbia didn't promote the band or release the LP. Around this time Pete Schuyler left the band and was replaced on drums by Rick Mellinger from The Grodes. On a further trip to LA the band were spotted playing with The Leaves by a White Whale rep. and this led to them signing a new record contract (having sued Columbia to get out of their previous one). Larry Cox had to return to Tucson the next day to get married so they left LA at 3 a.m. taking turns with the driving. Eventually they all fell asleep including the driver. Inevitably they crashed and Larry Cox was killed instantly. The rest of the band sustained injuries. To make matters worse Larry's death negated their White Whale contract because it contained a clause stating that the band would have to stay intact. The band tried to keep going but never successfully replaced Larry. The 'A' side of their final 45 was a haunting song written by Larry about death ironically shortly before his own tragic demise. The flip, a punker with a ripping bass line, was a regional hit. Vocalist Jim Perry sang on the 'A' side and Terry Lee took the vocal role on the flip. Arguably this 45 was their finest moment. The Voxx compilation (Voxx 200.018 / 1984) is an excellent guide to their career with full liner notes by Lee Joseph which have been summarised here. It contains all the band's better 45s and some of their unreleased recordings for Columbia.
(taken from "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers")

Known for their great acid-punker "Flight 13" this great band is heartly recommended to all garage fans.

- Every Time It's You • as The Intruders
- Why Me
• as The Intruders
- Keep It Moving
- Bonus Track (KTKT Promo 1965)
- Peep Peep Pop Pop
- You Ain't Gonna Do What You Did To Him To Me
- Wait Till The Mornin'
- Iceman (Wild About My Loving)
- Music Revolution
- Strange Feeling
- Take It Easy
- It's All Over
- I've Got A Girl [alt. take] • as The Quinstrells
- I'm Not Coming Back
- Merry Go Round
- Flight 13

Personnel [Dearly Beloved]:
Larry Cox (vcls) [AB]
Tom Walker (gtr, vcls [ABC]
Terry Lee (gtr, vcls [ABC]
Shep Cooke (bs) [ABC]
Pete Schuyler (drms) [A]
Rick Mellinger (drms) [BC]
{Jim Perry (vcls on "Merry Go Round") [C]}
Val Valinto (bs)
Tom Riply (vcls)
Lenny Lopes (drms)

Band origin:
Tucson (Arizona/US)

1. (A) Peep Peep Pop Pop/It Is Better (Boyd 157) 1966
2. (A) Peep Peep Pop Pop/It Is Better
   (Columbia 4-43797) 1966
3. (A) Wait Till The Mornin'/You Ain't Gonna Do
   What You Did With Him To Me (Columbia 4-43959) 1966
4. (C) Merry Go Round/Flight Thirteen
   (Splitsound SSDG-5) 1967

[1. as The Beloved Ones]

Personnel [The Intruders/The Quinstrells]:
Larry Cox (vcls)
Tom Walker (gtr, vcls)
Terry Lee (gtr, vcls)
Shep Cooke (bs)
Pete Schuyler (drms)

Band origin:
Tucson (Arizona/US)

1. Every Time It's You/Let Me Stay (Gallant no#) 1963
2. Then I'd Know/My Name (Moxie MRC 101) 1964
3. Now She's Gone/Why Me? (Moxie MRC 104) 1964
4. I Got A Girl/Tell Her (Moxie MRC 105) 1965

[1.-3. as The Intruders]
[4. as The Quinstrells]

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to The Quinstrells - I've Got A Girl

Listen to Dearly Beloved - Flight 13


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It is sure a diamond. And the rougher the better.

Comme on dit en niçois "c'est un diamant à l'état brut".

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They were even better Live, great harmonies and Larry was a great showman.