Monday, September 22, 2008

I Fantom's - Le Insegne Pubblicitarie (1966-69)

This band operated out of Turin/Italy and was responsible for the fantastic "Le Insegne Pubblicitarie". This great piece of garage-psych could be best described as a mixture of the Elevators "Tried To Hide" and Famen's "Hurry" (if that helps). Their first EP (Musical Time MT 01 / 1966) contains the aforementioned "Le Insegne Pubblicitarie", the forgettable "Nadia" and "Il Treno", another fine acid-punker. On their second release (Moon GNP 79024 / 1967) they teamed up with singer Eligio Irato and did two covers, "We Shall Overcome (Trionferemo)" and "Come By Me (Vieni Qui Vicino)", not their best idea and to be honest absolutely out of question. They did better on their last 7-inch (Polydor 2060002 / 1969). "Katia" is a wonderful dreamy soft-psych song whilst "Felicità Vuol Dire" is a fine slice of late '60s Pop. Destination X Records released an album (Destination X TRR 33032 / 1998) with all their singles (except "We Shall Overcome") and ten unreleased songs from 1968. These demos can not really match with their best stuff but "Anche Se..." and "Alberi" are pretty worthwhile.

- Le Insegne Pubblicitarie
- Nadia
- Il Treno
- Un Nuovo Giorno
- L'Indossatrice
- Specchi Di Ghiaccio
- Crema
- Katia (demo)
- Un'Immagine
- Anche Se...
- Alberi
- Ti Voglio
- Il Trionfo Del Diavolo
- Vieni Qui Vicino
- Katia
- Felicità Vuol Dire

Luigi Nagliero (lead gtr)
Walter Nagliero (rhythm gtr)
Spartaco Nagliero (vcls, bs)
Gino Antone (organ, vcls)
Gino Nagliero (drms)

Band origin:
Turin (Italy)

1. We Shall Overcome [Trionferemo]/Vieni Qui Vicino
   [Come By Here] (Moon GNP 79024) 1967
2. Katia/Felicità Vuol Dire (Polydor 2060002) 1969

1. Le Insegne Pubblicitarie/Nadia/Il Treno
   (Musical Time MT 01) 1966

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Le Insegne Pubblicitarie


Anonymous said...

Many thankx. Always great post here.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post and offer , can you post the i templari " la luce " lp also from Destination x label?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this rare album for me.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Sorry flied egg, I haven't any other albums from that label.

Anonymous said...

Great, great, GREAT album! Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, what a great band! I'd only heard one of their songs before but just about all of this is excellent to my ears. Lots of weird chord changes and odd structures.