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Primitives - Maladjusted (1964-67)

This Northampton-based raw R&B group's 45s are now extremely rare and sought-after. They were originally known as The Cornflakes and also recorded a further 45 as Mal and The Primitives. Musically, comparable to the early Pretty Things, you won't need a second mortgage to get to hear these 45s. They're considered to be such definitive British R&B recordings that they've been heavily compiled and are well worth a spin. They also recorded four acetates for Pye; one of which was the superb Oh Mary, a grinding R&B number. Jimmy Page is also said to have helped out on their second 45, whilst Help Me was also recorded by The Rebounds. In 1965 Mal joined the band and they relocated to Italy as a quartet (at least according to the photo on their 1967 album). Aside from Mal, they comprised Jay Roberts (vcls, gtr) from the original line-up, Pick Withers (drms) and one other. Withers was later in Spring and Dire Straits. He stayed in Italy with The Primitives for three years. Line-up 'B' recorded two singles and the an album Blow-Up (Arc ) 1967. This R'n'B/soul-influenced album has been reissued in the nineties and the re-issue includes both sides of their debut Italian single Yeeeh!.../L'Ombra Di Nessuno (which is Dozier-Holland's Standing In The Shadow Of Love, with Italian lyrics) along with their follow-up Italian 45 Johnny No (Hoyt Axton's Thunder 'n Lightnin') and other cover versions like Stevie Winwood's Gimme Some Lovin', The Strangeloves' Cara Lin, Gina Gina (which is Holland-Doziers' Reach Out I'll Be There), Don Covay's Sookie Sookie, which was later covered by Steppenwolf, Charlie Rich's Mohair Sam and an original penned by Jay Roberts Mister Haertache (which is misspelt like this on the sleeve).
(taken from "Tapestry Of Delights")

"Maladjusted" (Castle CMRCD 051 / 2001) contains their Pye/Piccadilly singles, a demo of "Oh Mary" (this track is reason enough to get that CD), their great french E.P. and the "Blow Up" album that was only released in Italy.

- Help Me
- Let Them Tell
- You Said
- How Do You Feel?
- Every Minute Of Every Day [Mal Ryder & The Primitives]
- Pretty Little Face [Mal Ryder & The Primitives]
- Forget It [Mal Ryder & The Spirits]
- Your Friend [Mal Ryder & The Spirits]
- Lonely Room [Mal Ryder]
- Tell Your Friend [Mal Ryder]
- Oh Mary [Demo]
- Oh Mary
- I Don't Feel Myself
- Mr. Heartache
- Tears In My Eyes

[Blow Up-LP / 1967]
- Gimme Some Loving
- L'ombra De Nessuno
- No Response
- Johnny No
- Cara-Lin
- Yeeeeeeh!
- Gira, Gira
- Every Minute Of Every Day
- Mister Heartache
- Ma Beata Te
- Sookie, Sookie
- Mohair Sam
- L'incidente

Personnel [The Primitives]:
Jay Roberts [real name Jeffrey Farthing]
(vcls, gtr, bs) [AB]
Geoff Eaton (lead gtr) [A]
John E. Soul (gtr, hrmnca, keyb'ds) [A]
Roger James (bs) [A]
Mike Wilding (drms) [A]
Mal Ryder [real name Paul Bradley Couling]
(vcls, hrmnca) [B]
Dave Sumner (gtr) [B]
David "Pick" Withers (drms) [B]

Band origin:
Northampton (Northamptonshire) → Italy

1. (B) Blow Up (Arc SA 22) 1967

[1. italian release]

1. (A) Help Me/Let Them Tell (Pye 7N 15721) 1964
2. (A) You Said/How Do You Feel (Pye 7N 15755) 1965
3. (B) Every Minute Of Every Day/Pretty Little Face
   (Pye 7N 15915) 1965
4. (B) Yeeeeeeah!/L'ombra Di Nessuno (Arc AN 4108) 1967
5. (B) L'incidente/Johnny No (Arc AN 4136) 1967

[3. as Mal & The Primitives]
[4. + 5. italian release]

1. (B) Oh Mary: Oh Mary/I Don't Feel Myself/
   Mr. Heartache/Tears In My Eyes (Vogue INT 18093) 1966

[1. french release]

Personnel [Mal Ryder & The Spirits]:
Mal Ryder [real name Paul Bradley Couling]
(vcls, hrmnca) [AB]
Vode Chequer [real name Bob Wakley] (gtr) [AB]
Tony Merry (bs) [AB]
John "Hands" Hathaway (piano) [A]
Larry Reddington (drms) [A]
Mick Charleton (drms) [B]

Band origin:
Oxford (Oxfordshire)

1. Cry Baby/Take Over (Decca F 11669) 1963
2. See The Funny Little Clown/Slow Down
   (Vocalion V 9219) 1964
3. Your Friend/Forget It (Piccadilly 7N 35209) 1964
4. Lonely Room/Tell Your Friend (Piccadilly 7N 35234) 1965

[2. + 4. Mal Ryder solo]

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to You Said


Anonymous said...

not familiar with these recordings, but it's a very interesting write-up, so i think i'll give it a listen. thanks for the chance to relearn some of the music i missed first time around.

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Great r&b in this. Thank you.

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Bravo The Primitives. Great band. Really fantastic music. Thank you.

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Love this stuff! Thanks so much!


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Man, I had only heard "helme" and it just rips...came up on a play list just yesterday and said to myself...i got to get me some more of this shit...and here you have it...funny thing is i was looking for Hoyt Axton's Lightnin Bar Blues...mysterious ways indeed...thanks for another great post

Anonymous said...

Great post, thannk you very much!!! A little request: do you have "Woronzoid" a Woronzow records compilation (1990) or "Stoned Crazy" of the Outskirts of Infinity? Could be a great post.