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V.A. - Pebbles Vol. 4 (Summer Means Fun!)

Pebbles Volume 4 (BFD-5021 / 1979) is dedicated to the '60s US Surf scene, mainly California. There are some good tunes on it like "Anywhere The Girls Are" by The Fantastic Baggys or "New Generation" by The Trashmen that could also appeal the garage fan. The best cut however is "California Sun" (no, not by The Ramones) by The Rivieras. They had a hit a year before with that song but did a rework for their second album "Campus Party". This version is much cooler and included here. If you like Surf music you will like more of this set, psych-heads and progsters probably stay away of it. Personally I think that this is a pretty good compilation and if you wanna get the right education in Surf music you should try to get the Cowabunga Surf Set by Rhino Records (but then I think it's enough). And now wax your surfboard and catch the next wave!

1. Bruce & Terry - Summer Means Fun
taken from the single Summer Means Fun/Yeah! (Columbia 4-43055) 1964
Line-up: Bruce Johnston (vcls), Terry Melcher (vcls).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
2. Fantastic Baggys - Anywhere The Girls Are
taken from the single
Anywhere The Girl Are/Debbie, Be True (Imperial 66072) 1964
Line-up incl.: Steve Barri (vcls), P.F. Sloan (vcls, gtr).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
3. Four Speeds - R.P.M.
taken from the single My Sting Ray/R.P.M. (Challenge 9187) 1963
Line-up: Gary Usher (lead vcls, gtr), Dick Burns (bs), Dennis McCarthy (keyb'ds), Dennis Wilson (drms, vcls). Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
4. Jan & Dean - Coke Ad
[Commerical 1965]
Line-up incl.: Jan Berry (vcls), Dean Torrence (vcls).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
5. California Suns - Masked Grandma
taken from the single
Masked Grandma/Little Bit Of Heaven (Imperial IM-66179) 1966
Line-up: Gary Williams (gtr, vcls), Steve Bingham (lead gtr), Don Weck (bs, vcls). Additional musicians: Glen Campbell (gtr), Leon Russell (keyb'ds), Hal Blaine (drms). Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
6. Dantes - Top Down Time
taken from the single Top Down Time/How Many Times? (Rotate 5008) 1965
Line-up: Bob Palombi (lead vcls), Rick Funaro (vcls), Pat Molinaro (vcls), Danny Pracquadio (vcls). Band origin: Carnegie (Pennsylvania)
7. Pyramids - Custom Caravan
taken from the single Midnight Run/Custom Caravan (Cedwicke 13005) 1964
Line-up: Will Glover (gtr, vcls), Skip Mercier (gtr, vcls), Steve Leonard (bs, vcls), Tom Pitman (sax), Ron McMullen (drms).
Band origin: Long Beach (California)
8. Rivieras - California Sun '65
taken from the album Campus Party (Riviera 701) 1965
Line-up: Jim Boal (lead gtr), Jeff McKew (rhythm gtr, vcls), Otto Nuss (organ, piano), Doug Gean (bs), Terry McCoy (drms).
Band origin: South Bend (Indiana)
9. Trashmen - New Generation
taken from the single
Peppermint Man/New Generation (Garrett 4010 + Apex 76925) 1964
Line-up: Tony Andreason (gtr), Dal Winslow (gtr, vcls), Bob Reed (bs), Steve Wahrer (drms, vcls). Band origin: Minneapolis (Minnesota)
10. Survivors - Pamela Jean
taken from the single Pamela Jean/After The Game (Capitol 5102) 1964
Line-up: Brian Wilson (piano, bs, vcls), Bob Norberg (gtr, vcls), Dave Nowlen (gtr, vcls), Rich Alarian. Band origin: Hawthorne (California)
11. Gary Usher - Sacramento
taken from the single Sacramento/That's The Way I Feel (Capitol 5193) 1964
Line-up incl.: Gary Usher. Origin: Los Angeles (California)
12. Sharon Marie - Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby
taken from the single
Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby/The Story Of My Life (Capitol 5195) 1964
Line-up incl.: Sharon Marie (vcls). Origin: California
13. Knights - Hot Rod High
taken from the single
Hot Rod High/Theme For Teen Love (Capitol 5302) 1964
Line-up incl.: Jerry Cole, Chuck Girard, Dick Burns, Steve Douglas (sax).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
14. Wheel Men - School Is A/Gas
taken from the single
Hon-Da Beach/School Is A/Gas (Warner Bros. 5480) 1964
Line-up: Chuck Girard (vcls, keyb'ds), Richie Podolor (gtr), Tommy Tedesco (gtr), Nick Bonney (gtr), Neil Levang (gtr), Bill Pitman (gtr), Jay Migliori (sax), Dick Burns (bs), Hal Blaine (drms).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
15. Lloyd Thaxton - Image Of A Surfer
taken from the single
Image Of A Surfer/My Name Is Lloyd Thaxton (Capitol 4982) 1963
Line-up incl.: Lloyd Thaxton (vcls), Steve Douglas (sax).
Origin: Los Angeles (California)
16. City Surfers - Beach Ball
taken from the single Beach Ball/Sun Tan Baby (Capitol 5002) 1963
Line-up: Frank Gari (vcls), Jim McGuinn [aka Roger McGuinn] (gtr, vcls), Terry Melcher (piano, vcls), Bobby Darin (drms).
Band origin: Los Angeles (California)
17. Dave Edmunds - London's A Lonely Town
[unreleased 1976]
Line-up incl.: Dave Edmunds (vcls, gtr), Gary Usher, Curt Boettcher, Terry Melcher, Bruce Johnston. Origin: Cardiff (Wales)
18. Ragamuffins - The Fun We Had
taken from the single The Fun We Had/Don't Be Gone Long (Tollie 9027) 1964
Line-up incl.: Gary Zekley (vcls). Band origin: Los Angeles (California)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Rivieras - California Sun '65

Listen to Wheel Men - School Is A/Gas


Anonymous said...

in this vol 4 is all the sun we don't have today .Thanks Buffalo.I don't remember if I asked you if you have the very rare australian album of Trevor LUCAS"overlander"?.I have asked a few blogs but nobody have this album.I think folk is not the kind of music you listen but perhaps?.

The Bomber said...

Thanks for the artwork Buffalo, I have a trouble, cause I do have a camera for the lps but no scanner for me...(sometimes a friend borrow his)

I dont need to say that the pebbles collection are a-must in all 60s collections...

Buffalo Billycan said...

No jeanbernard, sorry to say that the Trevor Lucas album is not in my collection.

Anonymous said...