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Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band - See Reverse Side For Title (1967)

A seminal group from the Boston scene, Jim Kweskin and his Jug Band appeared in 1963 and played a happy mix of folk, blues, jug band music, rock and old timey songs. The personnel was quite unstable, having between four and eleven members, but they had a very good live reputation. Muldaur and Richmond also played with Eric Von Schmidt and are both present on the Elektra Blues Project album from 1964. Their records may interest fans of the early Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Dr. West's Medecine Show and Junk Band or the Lovin' Spoonful.
(taken from "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers")

This is their fourth album from 1967 (Vanguard VSD 79234). It's really nothing for the garage or psychedelic connoisseur and the comparison to the "Nitty Gritty Dirt Band" works better than compare it to "Lovin' Spoonful". I like their version of "Cadillac" (aka "Hey Gyp") and they must have had a lot of fun recording this.

- Blues In The Bottle
- Chevrolet
- Christopher Columbus
- Never Swat A Fly
- Richland Woman
- Downtown Blues
- Turn The Record Over
- Fishing Blues
- Storybook Ball
- That's When I'll Come Back To You
- Viola Lee
- Papa's On The Housetop
- Onyx Hop

Jim Kweskin (gtr, banjo, vcls) [ABCDE]
Geoff Muldaur (gtr, kazoo, vcls) [ABDE]
Bob Siggins (banjo) [A]
Bruno Wolf (hrmnca, vcls) [AB]
Fritz Richmond (jug, washtub bs) [ABCDE]
Bill Keith (banjo, gtr) [BDE]
Maria D'Amato (vcls, fiddle, kazoo, gtr, perc) [BDE]
Mel Lyman (hrmnca, banjo) [BCDE]
Rex Rakish (perc, vcls) [B]
Richard Greene (fiddle) [E]

Band origin:
Boston (Massachusetts/US)

1. (A) Unblushing Brassiness (Vanguard VSD 2158) 1963
2. (B) Jug Band Music (Vanguard VSD 79163) 1965
3. (C) Relax Your Mind (Vanguard VSD 79188) 1966
4. (D) See Reverse Side For Title
   (Vanguard VSD-79243) 1967
5. (E) Garden Of Joy (Reprise 6266) 1968

[3. Jim Kweskin solo with Mel Lyman & Fritz Richmond]

1. (E) The Sheik Of Araby/Minglewood (Reprise 0624) 1967

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Chevrolet


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