Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fenner, Leland & O'Brien - Peace In Our Time + Somewhere, Someday, Somehow (1969/1970)

This is by request and not my rip. It is thought that they came from Hamilton/New York and they made two superb albums of psychedelic and lowkey downer folk. The group members were Rich Fenner (gtr, drms, vcls), Jim Leland (lead gtr, piano) and Wick O'Brien (keyb'ds, organ, bs, vcls). Both albums were re-released on CD (Wild Places WILD 012CD / 2003). Recommended!

[Peace In Our Time]
- Peace In Our Time
- The Song Of Love, The Song Of Life
- Fair Weather Woman
- Pretty Peace
- Goodbye Youth
- I'm Tired
- Stop And Think
- Base Details
- People We Know

[Somewhere, Someday, Somehow]
- Uncle America
- Dirge
- You Can't Deceive The Rain
- High And Dry
- Double Image
- Hey Mister
- Come Hell Or High Water
- I Cry Alone
- Death On Maple Avenue
- Where's My Life Going
- And To All
- Epoch

Rich Fenner (gtr, drms, vcls)
Jim Leland (lead gtr, piano)
Wick O'Brien (keyb'ds, organ, bs, vcls)

Band origin:
Hamilton (New York/US)

1. Peace In Our Time (RPC AZ 41771/41772) 1969
2. Somewhere Someday Somehow (RPC AZM 70402) 1970

Get it here

Listen to I'm Tired

Listen to Uncle America


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post. Many thankx.

Anonymous said...

No conocía este grupo absolutamente de nada y me ha sorprendido muy gratamente. Muchas gracias. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, first i would toi thanks you for your great job. Not only those great post,but also all those informations,about the people ,groups, and what's "around" them .
About this group, i like it very much ,fot the melodies,and also some texts,which are really "putting" me in this period. i really enjoy this blending folky-fuzz-psyche music.
Once again, thanks a lot .
Noel from Belgium.

Anonymous said...

Please, can you reupload this fantastic disc? Not found the links.
Thanks for your great blog.

Anonymous said...

I am from Hamilton, New York and grew up with Rich, Wick and Jim. I have original pressings of both the "Someday, Somewhere, Somehow" and "Peace in Our Time" records, in their original covers with original sleeves. Both are in excellent condition. The copy of "Someday..." includes handwritten notes and comments by Rich, on each song, in ink on the back cover (very self depricating). I spoke with Rich today, showed him my copy and verified that it was indeed he who wrote the notes. Neither of us could remember if he gave the record to me or not. I just don't remember how I came to own these. They've been in my collection since the early 70's. The copy of "Peace..." is one of only a handful in existence. The only thing I know for sure is that I paid two dollars for it, as proven by the $2 store sticker on the cellophane cover. Rich and I are both curious as to the current value of either or both of these original pressings Anyone have any ideas?

cuorediformaggio said...

dear faintly,
I would really appreciate if you could be able to reup the links for this wonderful fenner leland o'brien cd.
Let me know.


cuorediformaggio said...

Yes, here they are.
Thanks a lot.


ThanksForTheMusic said...

Anonymous, original pressings of these albums usually go for over $1000 each, probably more. I've only seen "Peace in Our Time" for sale once, I think it was in pretty bad condition.

Tell Rich, thanks for the Music!