Monday, February 4, 2008

Flippers - Psicodelicias (1967)

Don't know much about this beat/garage band except that they were from Colombia and had a year earlier released their debut album "Discoteque". On their second LP they're doing mostly covers of The Beatles, Blues Magoos, Mitch Ryder ect. It seems that the re-release on Thorns (Thorns 1900 / 199?) was transfered from the original album (you hear crackles and clicks all over the time although I tried to clean it up a bit). They were pretty wild on the record and their music should appeal beat and garage heads.

- Sargento Flippers
- La Carta
- Mickey's Monkey
- Las Dunas De La Arena
- Shotown
- Los Cuervos Estan De Luto
- Don't Mince Matter
- La Ayuda De La Amistad
- La Tierra De Las 1000 Danzas
- Con Su Soledad
- Flipprotesta
- Demuestramelo Baby


Band origin:

1. Discotèque (Zeida LDZ 20326) 1966
2. Psycodelicias (Zeida LDZ 20351) 1967
3. Pronto Viviremos Un Mundo Mucho Mejor
   (Sello Delfin 001) 1973

1. Go-Go (Estudio 15 E-15-8) 1966

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Flipprotesta

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Hi friend. Thanks for this record. Cool covers!!!!