Friday, February 15, 2008

V.A. - Mynd The Gap

This compilation from 1997 was obviously a bootleg (no label or number). There are some interesting tracks like the two acetate versions by "Cressida" that found their way in a better version on their first album or "Henri Schifter" with his great freak-out version of "Another Time" (originally by Pearls Before Swine aka Tom Rapp). Also great music comes from "Autumn", "Mooche" or "Shere Khan". The thumbs go down for the quality of the sound. Sure, there are some acetates or radio versions here but also the original releases sound like they come from an old C-60 cassette.

1. Cressida - Lights In My Mind
taken from Emidisc acetate (1969)
Line-up: Angus Cullen (vcls, gtr), John Heyworth (gtr), Kevin McCarthy (bs), Peter Jennings (keybd's), Ian Clark (drms). Band origin: London
2. 1984 - This Little Boy
taken from the acetate
This Little Boy/There Is Music All Around Me (1969)
Line-up: Paul Prewer (vcls), Ray Strickson (lead gtr), Barry Haydon-Price (rhythm gtr), Mick Erander (bs), Peter Howes (drms).
Band origin: Essex (UK)
3. Autumn - Shy Fly
taken from Beck Amplification acetate
Shy Fly/Heart Breaker (197?)
Line-up: Ron Shaughnessy (gtr, vcls), John Court (gtr), Keith Parsons (gtr), Peter Cramer (bs, vcls), Dave Charlwood (drms).
Band origin: Brighton (Sussex/UK)
4. Electric Food - The Reason Why
taken from the album
Electric Food (Europa E 424) 1970
Line-up: Georg Mavros (vcls), Peter Hesslein (gtr, vcls), Peter Hecht (keyb'ds), Dieter Horns (bs), "Addi" Rietenbach (drms).
Band origin: Hamburg (Germany)
5. Henry Schifter - Another Time
taken from the single
Another Time/Making Ends Meet (Barclay 61557) 1972
Line-up incl.: Henry Schifter (vcls, gtr), Jo Wright (gtr), Nic Potter (bs).
Origin: US → London → France
6. The Mooche - Seen Through A Light
taken from the single
Hot Smoke And Sassafras/Seen Through A Light (Pye 7N 17735) 1969
Line-up: Ian Pearce (lead gtr, vcls), Dave Soars (bs, vcls), Brian 'Spud' Tatum (organ, lead vcls), Dave Winthorpe (sax, vcls), Jeff Dann (drms).
Band origin: Chelmsford/Sudbury (Essex/UK)
7. Cressida - Depression
See Track 1
8. Griffin - What A Day It's Been
taken from Top Gear Session, Christmas, 1969
Line-up: Graham Bell (vcls), Colin Gibson (bs), Pete Kirtley (gtr), Kenny Craddock (organ), Alan White (drms). Band origin: London
9. Writing On The Wall - Sha La La La Lee
taken from Top Gear Session, Christmas, 1969
Line-up: Linnie Patterson (vcls), Will Finlayson (gtr), Jake Scott (bs), Bill Scott (keybd's), Alby Greenhalgh (wind), Jimmy Hush (drms).
Band origin: Edinburgh (Scotland)
10. Electric Food - Hey Down
See Track 4
11. Shere Khan - Little Louise
taken from the single
Little Louise/No Reason (Tee Pee TPR 1007) 1969
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: London

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Henry Schifter - Another Time

Listen to Shere Khan - Little Louise


Anonymous said...

Request: ALIENS PSYCHOS & WILD THINGS VOL 4 (in the top-5 of the best psych comps ever made!)
Thanx, Mark.

frumious bandersnatch said...

Never heard or seen this comp before, and it sure looks interesting. thanks a lot !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this rare and cool compilation.

Anonymous said...

I was looking all over for this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Many thankx. This blog is excellent friend. merci.

Anonymous said...

I see the band 1984 is on this compilation. Is'nt it the same band that Brian May from Queen played in (pre-Queen and pre-Smile, of course).?

Buffalo Billycan said...

No, THIS 1984 was from Essex and the lineup was Mick Erander (bs), Barry Haydon-Price (rhythm gtr), Peter Howes (drms), Paul Prewer (vcls) and Ray Strickson (lead gtr).

0xen5plitmachina.. said...

This Schifter track is a KILLER!!

Thanks a lot,