Tuesday, February 5, 2008

V.A. - Electric Lemonade Acid Test Vol. 2

The second volume of Tenth Planet's Electric Lemonade Acid Test compilation (Tenth Planet TP 050 / 2000). This time they present the best of the Transatlantic and Big T labels.

1. Purple Gang - Granny Takes A Trip
taken from the single
Granny Takes A Trip/Bootleg Whisky (Big T BIG 101) 1968
Line-up: James Joe Beard (gtr), Geoffrey Bourjer (piano, washb'd), Ank Langley (jug, banjo), Tony Moss (bs), Dee Jay Robinson (mandolin, hrmnca), Peter "Lucifer" Walker (vcls).
Band origin: Stockport (Greater Manchester/UK)
2. Brass Tacks - Maxwell Ferguson
taken from the single
Maxwell Ferguson/Sunshine After The Rain (Big T BIG 114) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
3. Deviants - First Line (Seven The Row)
taken from the album Deviants Three (Transatlantic TRA 204) 1969
Line-up: Mick Farren (vcls), Paul Rudolph (gtr, vcls), Duncan Sanderson (bs, vcls), Russell Hunter (drms). Band origin: London
4. Pentangle - Travellin' Song
taken from the single Travellin' Song/Mirage (Big T BIG 109) 1968
Line-up: Jacqui McShee (vcls), Bert Jansch (gtr, vcls), John Renbourn (gtr, vcls, sitar), Danny Thompson (bs), Terry Cox (drms, perc).
Band origin: London
5. Sallyangie - Lady Mary
taken from the album
Children Of The Sun (Transatlantic TRA 176) 1968
Line-up: Mike Oldfield (gtr, vcls), Sally Oldfield (vcls, gtr, bs). Additional Musicians: Ray Warleigh (flute), Terry Cox (drms, perc).
Band origin: London
6. 1984 - Rosalyn
taken from the single This Little Boy/Rosalyn (Big T BIG 117) 1969
Line-up: Paul Prewer (vcls), Ray Strickson (lead gtr), Barry Haydon-Price (rhythm gtr), Mick Erander (bs), Peter Howes (drms). Band origin: Essex
7. Movement - Head For The Sun
taken from the single
Head For The Sun/Mister Mann (Big T BIG 112) 1968
Line-up: John Farrell (vcls), Dave Kearney (lead gtr), Moose [real name Eddie Creighton] (rhythm gtr), Pat Quigley (bs), Alan Thunder (drms).
Band origin: Dublin (Ireland)
8. Deviants - Billy The Monster
See Track 3
9. Purple Gang - The Wizard
taken from the album
The Purple Gang Strikes (Transatlantic TRA 174) 1968
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 1
10. 1984 - This Little Boy
See Track 6
11. Particular People - What's The Matter With Juliet
taken from the single
Boys Cry/What's The Matter With Juliet (Big T BIG 105) 1968
Line-up: unknown. Band origin: UK
12. Pentangle - Light Flight
taken from the single
Light Flight/Cold Mountain (Big T BIG 128) 1969
Line-up/Band origin: See Track 4
13. Ola - What A Way To Die
taken from the single
What A Way To Die/That's Why I Cry (Big T BIG 108) 1968
Line-up: [= Ola & The Janglers] Ola Håkansson (vcls), Claes 'Clabbe' af Geijerstam (gtr), Åke Eldsätter (bs), Johannes Olsson (organ), Leif Johansson (drms).
Band origin: Stockholm (Sweden)
14. Deviants - Death Of A Dream Machine
See Track 3

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Brass Tacks - Maxwell Ferguson

Listen to Deviants - Billy The Monster


Anonymous said...

Another Great Comp. These and the Ripple Comp's Were Super!! Thanks Ian

Anonymous said...

Thanks Buffalo for vol 2 of Tenth Planet compilation showing us the variety of UK music with this time a little folk from Transatlantic label,Pentangle & Sallyangie (Mike Oldfield and his sister Sally).I hope volume 1 is coming soon.Tenth Planet issues the Lps and Wooden Hill the cds .Next issue on cd will be One on a Million with I hope the ultra rare single of the group.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

tickle said...

thank you very much! just wondering, but is Volume 1 going to be posted any time soon?

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Another great compilation for Tenth label. Thanks.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi tickle,
every month a new Electric Lemonade Acid Test. Why? To keep you excited! No, the main reason is that I have lend the records to a couple of friends and now I've got back Vol. 2. Hope I'll get Vol. 1 back soon.

ninedayswonder said...

THANK YOU!DOU YOU HAVE THE 101 Strings - Astro Sounds From Beyond the Year 2000 (1968)?

Anonymous said...

A great request for a great blog :
Thanks, MARK.

Anonymous said...

If you want to get high go there : http://waxidermy.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=13544&highlight=euva
for a great psychedelic-erotic experience form a very rare 60's album from Bolivia! (EUVA)

Anonymous said...

Hello Buffalo.A few minutes ago I was thinking to a Tenth Planet album I never found;The KINGPINS,have you this album ?.

Buffalo Billycan said...

I have the 101 Strings but you can find it easily on other blogs (High All The Time for instance).

thanks for your recommendation. I haven't heard it yet but it sounds interesting. I will post the "Fenner, Leland and O'Brien" albums in a few days.

Sorry, I haven't that album (and I haven't seen it either). I only know the three tracks from the Hen's Teet Vol. 2 compilation.

Anonymous said...

Hello Buffalo.
Thanks for informations on Kingpins.I put the hen's teeth on cd a few months ago but as I don't print the covers I don't remember who plays what.Yesterday "paradise of Garage comps!"put a compilation with 1 other title of the Kingpins("diamond girl" on "trans world punk rave up vol 1 ").I have also asked to SIR PSYCH if he have the Kinpins lp.

Unknown said...

Quality Many Thanks Jason

xij64 said...

Great posting
Many thanks

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