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Wonderland - Moscow (1968-71)

They were described as the first german supergroup. Achim Reichel, Frank Dostal and Dicky Tarrach were members of The Rattles, Helmut Franke worked as a studio musician with James Last and Les Humphries quit The Summer Set to join them on organ. Together they released their first (and best) single "Moscow/Poochy" in 1968. "Moscow" was a damned fine song with phasing, great melody and quite a success in Germany. Bear Family released all their output on one album (Bear Family BTS 943400 / 1988). This collection shows that no track can compete with "Moscow". "Boomerang" and "On My Way" are quite catchy but the rest of the material is rather weak. They later released (1971) an album as Wonderland Band that I was never able to hear (and I doubt that it is any good).

- Moscow
- Poochy
- Boomerang
- Peeping And Hiding
- Jump Anna Trampaleen
- Count Down
- Teachers And Preachers
- On My Way
- Rock And Roll People
- King Of America
- Gas Balloon
- Try To Be What You Are
- Do You Remember
- Burdon
- Mama

Frank Dostal (lead vcls) [ABCD]
Helmuth Franke (gtr, vcls) [AC]
Achim Reichel (bs, vcls, gtr) [ABCD]
Dicky Tarrach (drms, vcls) [ABCD]
Les Humphries (organ, vcls) [A]
Kalle Trapp (bs, gtr) [BC]
Claus Robert Kruse (organ, gtr, vcls) [BC]
Peter Hecht (piano) [D]

Band origin:
Hamburg (Germany)

1. ( ) The Best Of Wonderland (Karussell 2415078) 1971
2. (C) No. 1 (Polydor 2371125) 1971

[2. as Wonderland Band]

1. (A) Moscow/Poochy (Polydor 53018) 1968
2. (A) Boomerang/Peeping And Hiding (Polydor 53088) 1968
3. (A) Count Down/Jump Anna Trampaleen
       (Polydor 53144) 1969
4. (B) On My Way/Teachers And Preachers
       (Polydor 2041029) 1970
5. (C) I Make Music/Hey Donna Leya (Polydor 2041123) 1971
6. (D) Rock And Roll People/King Of America
       (Polydor 2041197) 1971

[5. + 6. as Wonderland Band]

1. (A) Mama
(Eine runde Polydor »Polydor 109535« / 1968)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Boomerang


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