Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mandrake Memorial - Puzzle (1970)

This is Mandrake Memorials last LP and regarded by most listeners as their best album. Collectables reissued "Puzzle" with their lone single as bonus tracks (Collectables COL-0693 /1996). I like the special atmosphere they create on their recordings and "Earthfriend", "Tadpole" or especially the beautiful "Hiding" blow mind. Could have been used as an alternate soundtrack to "2001 - A Space Odyssee".

- Earthfriend Prelude
- Earthfriend
- Just A Blur (Version 1)
- Hiding
- Just A Blur (Version 2)
- Tadpole
- Kyrie
- Ocean's Daughter
- Volcano Prelude
- Volcano
- Whisper Play
- Bucket Of Air
- Children's Prayer
- Puzzle
- Just A Blur (Version 3)
- Something In The Air (bonus)
- Musical Man (bonus)

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Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Hiding


Anonymous said...

Thanks, the best Mandrake record for me.

Anonymous said...

Superb psych. Thankx.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, I've been looking for Puzzle for ages! Can't wait to hear it.

Anonymous said...


Gristle said...

GRISTLE from England would like to say Thanx - Been waiting nearly 40 years to hear this again - first introduced to this by a trippy music teacher at infants school - God bless the woman - what a way to open my virgin ears.

Hoss said...

Many Thanks!!

I've been looking for this for years. My only copy is a cassette copy of a very well used album from the early 1970's which saw many acid trips. This is the best tripping album I ever experienced back in the day -- when LSD 25 was readily available, relatively pure, and highly potent.

pappysan03 said...

Had this on vinyl since '74 or so. I'm still kickin' but the record sticks on side 2. A million thanks! Makes my eyes red just waitin' for the DL.