Monday, February 25, 2008

MC5 - '66 Breakout! (1966)

This Detroit band stood together with The Stooges at the forefront of High Energy Rock. On this CD (Total Energie NER 3023-2 /1999) you can find their earliest efforts, demos and live cuts. Not entirely convincing but "I Just Don't Know" and "One Of The Guys" are cool garage punkers. And if you think the "Little Boy Blues" cover of "I Can Give You Only Everything" was the best ever made (like I thought for years) let's give the MC5 version a try.

- Looking At You
- Black To Comm
- I Just Don't Know
- Little Red Riding Grmph
- I Don't Mind
- Break Time
- One Of The Guys
- Look What You've Done Done
- Baby Please Don't Go
- I'm A Man
- I Can Only Give You Everything

Michael Davis (bs) [AB]
Wayne Kramer (gtr) [AB]
Fred 'Sonic' Smith (gtr) [AB]
Dennis Thompson (drms) [AB]
Rob Tyner (vcls, hrmnca) [AB]
(Pete Kelly (keyb'ds) [B])

Band origin:
Detroit (Michigan/US)

1. (A) Kick Out The Jams (Elektra 74042) 1969
2. (B) Back In The USA (Atlantic 8247) 1970
3. (A) High Time (Atlantic 8285) 1971

1. I Can Only Give You Everything/One Of The Guys
   (AMG AMG 1001) 1967
2. Looking At You/Borderline (A2 333) 1968
3. Kick Out The Jams/Motor City Is Burning
   (Elektra 45648) 1969
4. I Can Only Give You Everything/I Just Don't Know
   (AMG AMG 1001) 1969
5. Tonight/Looking At You (Atlantic 2678) 1969
6. Shakin' Street/The American Ruse (Atlantic 2724) 1970

Get it here

Listen to I Can Only Give You Everything


Anonymous said...

thanks ... good old fashioned garage rock! gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! MC5 garage band!!!!! Thankx. Merci.

Anonymous said...

I have a bunch of cool vintage MC5 video plus tons more rare sixties video.

Check out this great vid:

It would be great to find this LP!

Anonymous said...

Many thankx friend. MC5 eternally.

Tumbleweed said...

You have such an fantastic collection of beat albums ... whow!!

I can't say thank you enough for all these goodies