Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don Thompson - Jupiter (1976)

Delicate emphatic dark folk, sweet high trembling Marcus/Trimblesque vocal, orchestral backing. Sparse sound with spacey mellotron in the background. Flowing "seer with answers" damage. When he sings he's "going to the edge of the world" you gotta believe it's not the first time. Excellent LP. George Faber (Finchley Boys) helps out. Supposedly only 100 copies were pressed of the first version, but the substantial number of copies traded in recent years makes this seem dubious. Some copies of the first press came with promo material and a bonus 7".
(Ron Moore in "Underground Sounds")

- Horizons
- Yin Yang
- Columbus
- Melanie
- Step Away
- Shores Of Time
- For Folks On Highland
- Fly Eagle Fly
- Jupiter

Don Thompson (vcls, gtr, synth)

[additional musicians]
Kenny Carlisle (gtr)
Harry Washburn (bs)
Gordon Wilson (synth)
Michael Day (piano)
George Faber (hrmnca)
Margret Thompson (strings)
Margret Bollinger (strings)
Margret Current (strings)
Genevera Shirley (strings)
Thom Foster (perc)

Champaign (Illinois/US)

1. Jupiter (Sunday 5101) 1976
2. Jupiter (Korona 55101) 1976

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Jupiter


Anonymous said...

Thanks friend. Beatufiul record. Dark folk? of course, but fantastic.

isabelbc said...

Very nice album!
Very nice blog!
Thanks a lot!


sancy said...

Great album! Yes there were only 100 originals pressed with the covers hand silk screened by Don himself. I was a friend of his back in 1976. Nice to see it up on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I just salvaged a pristine 45 single of this tune out of someone's trash, along with a hand typed copy of an original review of the album done in 1976, so I was curious about this.

Thanks. Now I know what I have here.