Thursday, January 3, 2008

Los Chijuas (1969)

This is by request (not my rip, I found it somewhere in cyberspace). Los Chijuas were from Chihuahua/Mexico and made as far as I know five albums between 1968 and 1972. Their second album, which is represented here, is a mix of covers, garage and psych. The problem is that they have a couple of great songs ("Changing The Colors Of Time" and "The Sun Is Going Black" on their first album) but the rest of the material is rather weak. "My little red bean" and "My little house" are the stand-out tracks here.

- Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da
- Muchachita
- My Little Red Bean
- Bang Shang A Long
- Drinking Teardrops
- My Little House
- En Su Barrio
- Chewy, Chewy
- What Is The Color Of God's Skin
- Nature's Lover
- Oyeme
- Doing Our Thing

Jose Ganem (gtr, vcls)
Henry Becarril (bass, gtr, melodica)
Louis Oliver (organ)
Julian Ganem (drms)

Band origin:
Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua/Mexico)

1. Los Chijuas (Musart EDM 1389) 1968
2. Los Chijuas (Trebol T 10010) 1969
3. Los Chijuas, Vol. 2 (Trebol T 10099) 1970
4. Otras (?) 1971
5. Los Chijuas (?) 1972

1. Changing The Colors Of Life/? (Musart 4445) 1968
2. El Esquimal/El Sol Se Esta Obscureciendo
   (Musart 10534) 19??

[2. Peruvian release]

1. El Esquimal/Cancion De Verano Side/Dime Que Me
   Quieres/Ahora O Despues (Musart EX-46105) 1968
2. Chewy Chewy/Oyeme/Estan Cambiando Los Colores/El Sol se
   esta Obscureciendo (Musart EX-46195) 1968
3. Senorita Rita (Musart EX-46343) 1970
4. Hey Girl/Song To Life/The Sugar Cane/Where Gonna Cut
   (Musart EX-46478) 1970

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to My Little Red Bean


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Billy can, thank you for posting the Chijuas from Mexico and Blond from Sweden both album are great.


Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested you can hear the latest songs writen by Julian and Joe Ganem, original founders of LOS CHIJUAS
Go to

Anonymous said...

great job!!
why don't you upload the lp that includes the track changing the colours of time...?