Monday, January 14, 2008

Larry's Rebels - Feelin' Good (1965-69)

Haven't heard this collection of Larry's Rebels since 20 years. But once somebody requested it I gave it another try. I knew that this album was pretty good but I forgot HOW good it was. They were from Auckland/New Zealand and released a bunch of 45's plus two albums. Raven collects their best work on one record (Raven Records RVLP-14 / 1983) entitled "Feelin' Good" with a bonus single. If you hear this LP you will agree that this was one of New Zealand's finest psych/pop/freak beat bands. Their covers of Small Faces/Who/Creation songs are first grade and their own songs hold the standard. Recommended.

- I Feel Good
- Mo'reen
- What'cha Gonna Do About It?
- I'll Make You Happy
- It's Not True
- Flying Scotsman
- Shakin' Up Some Soul
- Inside Looking Out
- This Empty Place
- Dream Time
- Halloween
- Fantasy
- Coloured Flowers
- Everybody's Girl
- Painter Man (Vers. #2)
- Let's Think Of Something
- Do What You Gotta Do
- Passing You By
- Party Time With Larry's Rebels (bonus single)
- Let's Swing The Jingle For Coca-Cola (bonus single)

Larry Morris (vcls) [AB]
Terry Rouse (gtr) [A]
Viv McCarthy (bs) [ABC]
Nooky Stott (drms) [ABC]
John Williams (gtr) [ABC]
Mal Lgan (keyb'ds) [BC]
Glyn Mason (vcls) [C]

Band origin:
Christchurch → Auckland (New Zealand)

1. (A) A Study In Black (Impact IMPS 104) 1967
2. (C) Madrigal (Impact IMPS 107) 1969

[2. as The Rebels]

1. Don't It Make You Feel Good?/'Dr. No' Theme
   (Kingsway XS 101) 1964
2. Leave Me Be/Till I Met You (Stebbing Demo) 1965
3. Mad At Me (Zodiac Demo) 1965
4. This Empty Place/So Much In Love With You
   (Philips PF 338073) 1965
5. Long Ago, Far Away/Could This Be Love
   (Philips PF 338076) 1965
6. My Prayer/What Am I To Do? (Impact IR 1004) 1966
7. It's Not True/Since I Don't Have You
   (Impact IR 1010) 1966
8. I Feel Good/What'cha Gonna Do About It
   (Impact IR 1015) 1966
9. Painter Man/You're On My Mind (Impact IR 1018) 1967
10. Let's Think Of Something/Storming Winds
    (Impact IR 1022) 1967
11. Dream Time/I'll Make You Happy (Impact IR 1030) 1967
12. Fantasy/Coloured Flowers (Impact IR 1033) 1968
13. Everybody's Girl/Halloween (Impact IR 1935) 1968
14. Do What You Gotta Do/Looking For A Way
    (Impact IR 1039) 1968
15. Party Time/Swing The Jingle For Coca Cola
    (Impact IR 1040) 1968
16. Mo'reen/By The Time (Impact IR 1041) 1969
17. My Son John/Passing You By (Impact IR 1043) 1969
18. Can You Make It On Your Own/I Can See The World
    (Impact IR 1051) 1969

[17. + 18. as The Rebels]

1. (A) Larry's Rebels (Impact IEP 101) 1967
2. (A) Larry's Rebels Sing Christmas Songs
       (Impact IEP 102) 1967

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Coloured Flowers


Anonymous said...

Very nice pop album.I just found your site and see great albums (Mandrake Memorial,Faine Jade,Tales of Justice,the Electric Lemonade comp).About Tenth Planet I'm searching since a long time The END album "in the beginning".Please have you this album.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Sorry Jean Bernard, I only have the "Introspection" and the "Retrospection" albums.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all albums. This blog are superb.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thank you so much !
You did as you promised, and I'll take that as a (late or early) gift from Father Christmas.
And it's really as good as I thought it would be.

PS: The End Album is available at ChrisGoesRocks...
Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 2 answers on the END.The group recorded one official album"introspection"(decca).Tenth Planet issued 3 LPs of demos & outtakes"in the beginning""retrospection"&"the last world.Never found "in the beginning"nowhere.I hope one day Castle will make a good 2cd with all the material.This label issued MOON'S TRAIN(pre The END) also issued on Tenth Planet(LP). So hope 1 day Mr WELLS(the man who worked on the LPs issues) will do a great thing on cd.

Anonymous said...

congratulations Buffalo Billycan
for this incredible blog, thanks for alL the great bandS that you are discovered us .


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance to get here MOON'S TRAIN? Best.

savageYHS said...