Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sugar Cube Blues Band (1967)

Not much Blues in here. These demo recordings were done in 1967. Rockadelic released this bands garage and psychedelic ventures back in 1995 (Rockadelic RRLP 21). They were from Grenada/Mississippi and their most notable song was "My Last Impression" from their sole 7-inch which can also be heard on the "Psychedelic Experience Vol. 1" and "Gravel Vol. 3" compilations. This album was posted a long time ago at "Lost In Tyme" but now as they are going private I've decided to post my own rip.

- Shades Of Life
- Run, Run Run
- Never Think About Today
- You Can't Be Free
- Summer Sunset/Winter Sky
- There Is A Time For Everyone
- My Last Impression
- Step Into Your Life
- In This Way
- Learn To Be Yourself
- I Need You
- We've Got To Get Away

Bill Crowder (vcls, hrmnca)
Budley Bays (acoustic and electric gtrs)
Danny Lancaster (bs)
Tony Portera (organ)
Devo Lancaster (drms)

Band origin:
Grenada (Mississippi/US)

1. My Last Impression/Corinna Corinna/
   A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall (Black Crow 100) 1967

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to My Last Impression


jeanbernardFrance said...

The only Rockadelic LP I found was Bulbous Creation.Hopely a few were on blogs and all were psychedelic jewels.For me the fvourite is COLD SUN.Sugar Club Blues Band is also a very great album.As I remember a few Rockadelic albums were issues on cd by Shaddoks.

frumious bandersnatch said...

The mention "produced by Jim Dickinson at Ardent studios" made me raise my eyebrows... Really I'm curious !
thanks a lot for this rip !!

Pep Sonic said...

Great site friend. I've wanted to listen to this album for a long time. Rockadelic references are a really collector's piece. Thanks.

Buffalo Billycan said...

@ jeanbernardFrance
Yes, "Cold Sun" is really a worthwhile album. Also notable on Rockadelic were "B.F. Trike", "Christopher - What'cha Gonna Do" (you can get a rip on the High All Time blogspot), "Dragonwyck" and "All Of Thus" (great garage, I posted it a few weeks ago).

@frumious bandersnatch
Well, a man who produced Big Star, Green on Red, Tav Falco's Panther Burns and Mudhoney can't be that bad. I must confess that I have never took a look on the producer's name on THIS album. Thanks to you that you mentioned that.

leno said...

another one i seem to have missed along the way ... thanks for the chance to see what it was all about.

jeanbernardFrance said...

hello Buffalo.
Thanks for informations on Rockadelic albums.Since this morning I'm trying to do a complete list of the 51 albums issued on the label,note easy ,the Rockadelic site don't give all issues(or I don't found them).For the moment in my list are missing lp 15,16,20,22,24,25,30,31,34,35,38.The following groups must be on the label:
-double naught spys.
-liquid sound company.
-purple merkins.
but I don't find the number.Please can you help me?also great if sympathetic Pep sonic can help us.

Buffalo Billycan said...

I think I can help you with a few release informations to complete your discography:
Gold (Rockadelic RRLP 20 / 1996)
Burnin' Rain - Ritual Medicine Show (Rockadelic RRLP 22 / 1996)
Liquid Sound Company - Solitude Aeturnus (Rockadelic RRLP 25 / 1997)
Framework - Skeleton (Rockadelic RRLP 31/32 / 2000)
Sleepy John (Rockadelic RRLP 38 / 1999)

I believe that the Purple Merkins released just a 7-inch on Rockadelic with no number.

Pep Sonic said...

Raven RRLP 15
Kennelmus RRLP 16

jeanbernardFrance said...

Many thanks for informations.On my list raven was N°14 so for the moment RRLP 14,22,24,30,34&35 are missing.When list complete if you want you can put it on the site.

Pep Sonic said...

No jeanbernardfrance,

Nº14 = THE UNDERNEATH - Sun of '67 (Rockadelic RRLP 14.5)

Nº 15 = RAVEN - s/t (Rockadelic RRLP 15.5)

jeanbernardfrance said...

You're right pep sonic ,I made a mistake on taking rockadelic list of the 15 first albums.
For the moment are missing n°24,30,34,35,43,45 and I don't know album numbers of GRAVELPIT,TIMMOTHY,VOLARES.
This morning I put a comment on Chris goes rock (under hound dog taylor) asking a little help;no answer for the moment

Buffalo Billycan said...

What's confusing me is that the "Gravelpit - Snow Globe" album has the same number as the release of "Whitewood" (Rockadelic RRLP 36).

jeanbernardfrance said...

Yes on the net I see Gravelpit rrlp25(Liquid sound company)and after rrlp 36(whitewood).Impossible for the moment to ask directly Rockadelic records site seems not open.A good new;it seems WIS issues in March the cd of COLD SUN (album+bonus material??).A great moment for me this morning with the link of The End send by Sir Psych.

montycat said...

hi i have hard copy of LIQUID SOUND COMPANY but how to upload it now thats amystery if anyone wnats to trade acdr+ art please contact me on here

Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi montycat,
the best way to upload is to compress your folder into a *.rar or *.zip file and go to www.sharebee.com. Then you select your file to upload and agree the terms of service. After that you push the upload button and wait until it's finished. Finally you get the upload and delete link. It's pretty easy.

jeanbernardfrance said...

Hello Buffalo.
After hard search here you can found the complete rockadelic lps list.
For this list many thanks to Rich and Patrick the Lama very sympathetic people.
Buffalo it will be very nice if you tell me how to do to arrive on a site by pressing directly on the link like "get it here"

Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi jeanbernard,
thanks for the work. I will link this site.
How to arrive on a site with "Get it here" is not possible to post in comments because you have to use html. You can download a *.txt file with the info http://sharebee.com/05b66f2c

Anonymous said...

FWIW, if anybody's heard Jim Dickinson's new album, Killers from Space there's a Sugar Cube Blues song on it called "I NEED YOU".

Bill Crowder lead singer for the Sugar Cube Blues Band wrote it and performed it on the cut that's on Rockadelic, but Jim's performing it on Killers.

Anonymous said...

Sugar Cube Blues Band update. Bill Crowder, lead singer for Sugar Cube Blues Band has a new CD release "HITCHHIKING FROM MEMPHIS TO MARS". Great lyrics and music. Worth checking it out.

William said...

Just checked out the cdbaby site. The tracks sound really good. Definately the same singer. Different than sugar cube but good nonetheless. Here is the link www.cdbaby.com/countryboyrs

Anonymous said...

I was reading this with great interest and thought I'd let you guys know that Bill Crowder and Budley Bays are returning to the studio for a recording of new material. I mixed the "Hitchhiking" CD and I'm engineering the new stuff. We recorded in Jim Dickinson's, Zebra Ranch studio. Jim was slated to play keys on it starting back in May, but unfortunately entered the hospital 3 days before downbeat and sadly passed away in August. We were soooo hoping this session would happen. One of his dying wishes was to keep his studio going. We're using his sons on the recording in honor of his memory and legacy. -JR

Heavypsychmanblog said...

Thanks for sharing