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A Passing Fancy (1968)

Operated out of Toronto, Ontario during 1967-68. They were originally known as Dimensions. Their album is a gem and is very sought-after by collectors. Sporting a beautiful cover it blends pop psychedelia (I Believe In Sunshine and Island) with punk (People In Me and I'm Losing Tonight) and features some great psychedelic guitar work, particularly on Your Trip and Spread Out. All five 45s appear on the album but the 45 version of People In Me is different with wild fuzz guitar and screaming vocals from Jay Telfer. The album is essential for connoisseurs of pop, psychedelia and garage punk.
(taken from "Dreams, Fantasies & Nightmares")

The album compiled tracks from four earlier singles, along with four new tracks. As a compilation the album's quite diverse with the band showcasing an almost chameleon-like adaptability. Tracks such as the slashing "I'm Losing Tonight" and "People In Me" are first-rate garage rock. The title track, the annoyingly catchy "I Believe In Sunshine" and "Island" showcase a top-40 pop feel, while "You're Going Out of My Mind" and "Spread Out" find the band immersed in wild psychedelics. Frequently diversity equates to lack of focus, but in this case it simply makes a great album even better. In fact, the only real disappointment is the bland and tame ballad "Sounds Silly".
(taken from "The Acid Archives")


- I'm Losing Tonight
- A Passing Fancy
- You're Going Out Of My Mind
- Sounds Silly
- She Phoned
- I Believe In Sunshine
- Island
- Your Trip
- Little Boys For Little Girls
- Under The Bridge
- Spread Out
- People In Me

Phil Seon (lead gtr) [ABCDE]
Jay Telfer (lead vcls, rhythm gtr) [ABCD]
Ian Telfer (bs) [A]
Brian Price (organ, vcls) [ABCDE]
Greg Hershoff (drms) [A]
Rick Mann [aka Richard Fruchtman] (bs) [BCDE]
Steve Wilson (drms) [B]
Louis Pratile (drms) [CDE]
Fergus Hambleton (lead vcls, piano organ) [DEF]
Ron Forster (gtr) [F]
Dan Troutman (bs) [F]
Wally Cameron (drms) [F]
Brian Smith (rhythm gtr)

Band origin:
Toronto (Ontario/Canada)

1. A Passing Fancy (Boo 6801) 1968

1. I'm Losing Tonight/A Passing Fancy
   (Columbia C4-2729) 1967
2. You're Going Out Of My Mind/Sounds Silly
   (Columbia C4-2755) 1967
3. I Believe In Sunshine/She Phoned
   (Columbia C4-2767) 1967
4. People In Me/Spread Out (Columbia C4-2772) 1968
5. Island/Your Trip (Boo 684) 1968

Link removed (A re-issue on Pacemaker is available again)

Listen to I'm Losing Tonight [album version]


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Thankws a lot . some great music on
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pop psych Can record. Thankx.

Anonymous said...

I own this particular cd and I think it was mastered at the wrong speed(slow). What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Where is the link? I want this album/

Anonymous said...

The version of "I'm losing tonight" on this album is not the original single version, but a re-make. The singler version was much more punk/garage and can be found on a compilation called "Made in Canada" Vol. 1.