Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yard Trauma - No Conclusions (1986)

This was Lee Joseph's band, founder of Dionysus Records. Yard Trauma came out of Tucson/Arizona and their first album "Must've Been Something I Took Last Night" was re-released a year later by Lolita Records (Lolita 5084 / 1986) in France retitled as "No Conclusions". Although the tracks were from various sessions this is a pretty coherent record and will please garage and psychedelic heads as well.

- No Conclusions
- Only Mistakes
- I've Seen You Walking
- Situations
- Dreamt In Colour
- Just A Dream
- Must've Been Something I Took Last Night
- Over And Over
- I'm Invisible
- Tighten Up
- Your My Style
- Black And White

Lee Joseph (bs, vcls) [ABCD]
Joe Dodge [real name Tim Hupp] (gtr, vcls] [ABCD]
Paul Sakry (drms) [A]
Tom Larkins (drms) [B]
Lance Kaufman (keyb'ds) [B]
Scott Forer (drms) [C]
Walter Neel (lead gtr) [D]
Davey [J. Davies] (drms) [D]

Band origin:
Tucson (Arizona/US) → Los Angeles (California/US)

1. (B) Yard Trauma [mini-album] (Bonafide BFX 4592) 1984
2. (B) Must've Been Something I Took Last Night
       (Dionysus ID 8502) 1985
3. (B) Music (LSD Trip One) 1986
4. (B) No Conclusions (Lolita 5048) 1986
5. (C) Face To Face (Dionysus ID 123310) 1988
6. ( ) Retro-Spex (Traumaphonic TR 101) 1989
7. (D) Lose Your Head (Gift Of Life Gift 29) 1991
8. (D) Oh My God (Hell Yeah HELL 17) 1993

1. Some People/No Conclusions (Dionysus ICD 8307) 1983
2. Try It/Christmas Tyme (Dionysus ID 8403) 1983
3. Pressure/Alibi (Dionysus ID 074521) 1990
4. Get Outta My Way [Split 7" with Ultra Violet Eye]
   (Cocktail CT 2019) 1991
5. Watching Monster Movies/Vicious Circle
   (Munster 7017) 1991

1. Takes Off... (Romilar-D REF 013) 1988
2. Eyes (Dionysus ID 074511) 1990

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Must've Been Something I Took Last Night


Anonymous said...

Great Yard Trauma. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great post, as always. I love this blog. If you have it, could you please share the "red" album. Many thanx

Anonymous said...

Very interesting garage music with sound of the eighties;a modern mix of Dickies & Doctor of Madness ??.

ninedayswonder said...

hi!great blog!have you the ANGEL PAVEMENT-MAYBE TOMORROW in cd (wooden hill 2005)

Anonymous said...

Thankx, i like garage psych 80's revival. More bands please!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for No Conclusions album. You are a great blog mr.

Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi antonius,
sorry, I must disappoint you. Although I have the vinyl edition of the Angel Pavement the CD ist still available by various mailorders. On this blog I'm (trying) to post rare, out of print or hard to get music. Please understand that I don't want to enter into competition with mailorders. Maybe I'm a bit square.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Buff'
Many many thanx for this one I was looking for for a long time !
I only had it on a 20 years old audio tape, you can imagine the sound quality...
Really happy !!!


Term Papers said...

Fascinating stuff, I really like iy. Thanks for sharing this.

Lee Joseph said...

Hi! Wow trip out you put this up on January 30, 2008 and on January 31 - my 50th birthday, there were all these great comments! And - you've nailed the complete discography. I honestly don't think about my past much as I like to live in the now but I feel honored after coming across this post.

One of these days I'll get some of the Yard Trauma stuff back in print or at least available legit on iTunes, etc. In the meantime visit my website, sign up for the email list and buy some stuff! Peace and Have a Happy 2012!

Lee Joseph