Monday, January 28, 2008

Haigs - Never Die (1966-68)

This collection of all the 45's from this The Hague/Netherlands band was released on a 10-inch (Op-Art OAMLP 005 / 2002). They were pretty much a beat group with few garage leanings but their music heads more for early Beatles than for Stones/Pretties. Nevertheless "From Now On" is a great beat song and "Where To Run" their most garage number.

- Never Die
- That's The Way She Is
- Where To Run
- Separated
- From Now On
- Hey Baby
- Saturday Night
- You've Got It
- Poly Roly Martha
- Out Of Life

Frank v. d. Lende (gtr) [A]
Ed v. d. Sande (gtr) [A]
Jaap Rog (bs) [A]
Wim Bethlehem (gtr) [A]
Jan Timmermans (drms) [A]
Barry Hay (gtr, vcls) [B]
Rob v. d. Zwan (gtr) [BC]
Jaap Mossel (drms) [BC]
Paul v. Melzen (gtr) [BC]

Band origin:
The Hague (Netherlands)

1. Never Die/That's The Way She Is
   (Funckler Artone AR45.148) 1966
2. Where To Run/Separated (Funckler Artone AR 45.224) 1966
3. From Now On/Hey Baby (Polydor S 1220) 1967
4. Saturday Night/You've Got It (Polydor S 1230) 1968
5. Poly Roly Martha/Out Of Life (Polydor S 1254) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to From Now On


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ninedayswonder said...

GREAT BLOG!DO YOU HAVE Orange Bicycle - Hyacinth Threads: The Morgan Blue Town Recordings (2CD EDSEL)?I FOUND IT!

Buffalo Billycan said...

Hi antonius,
I have the "Let's Take A Trip On An Orange Bicycle" album released 1988 on Morgan Blue Town Records.

Anonymous said...

Another Nederbiet gem like Het. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey billycan...

Does that album have the original version of "LA" by the Orange Bicycle...that's my favorite song!

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yeah...can anyone upload Orange Bicycle's Hyacinth Threads: The Morgan Blue Town Recordings???

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Very good album; thanks so much for this one! BTW: Any chance you could post the album "By My Side" by Group $oall? If so, thanks!