Monday, January 14, 2008

Peppermint Trolley Co. (1968)

This one's by request. The Peppermint Trolley Co. were from Redlands/California. Their album will please "Soft Sounds For Gentle People" fans. Highlights here are the outstanding "Trust", the rocking "Beautiful Sun", the lightweight "Baby You Come Rollin' Across My Mind" and the poppy opener "I've Got To Be Going". Too bad that I could make it only in 128 kBit/s available but I've got it from another source (but it's better than nothing and the sound is still okay). You can find more information about the band on Danny Faragher's site.

Latest news:
Danny Farragher has posted that he recently appeared on Steve Stanley's Now Sounds Show on LuxuriaMusic Radio. The link to the podcast of the interview is here.

- I've Got To Be Going
- Baby You Come Rollin' Across My Mind
- I Remember Long Ago
- Put Your Burden Down
- Reflections
- Beautiful Sun
- Trust
- Sunrise
- Free
- Pat's Song
- Fatal Fallacy

Danny Faragher (vcls, clavinet, organ, trombone, piano, perc) [ABCDE]
Jimmy Faragher (vcls, bs, perc) [ABCDE]
Steve Hauser (reeds, alto sax) [A]
Dave Kelliher (trumpet, gtr) [A]
Brad Madsen (piano) [A]
Dick Owens (drms) [A]
Casey Cunningham (drms, perc) [CDE]
Patrick McClure (gtr, vcls) [D]
Greg Tornquist (gtr, vcls, perc) [E]

Band origin:
Redlands (California/US)

1. (E) Peppermint Trolley Co. (Acta 38007) 1968

1. (A) Lollipop Train/Bored To Tears (Variant 752) 1966
2. (B) She's The Kind Of Girl/Little Miss Sunshine
       (Acta 807) 1967
3. (C) It's A Lazy Summer Day/Blue Eyes (Acta 809) 1967
4. (E) Baby You Come Rolling Across My Mind/
       Nine O'Clock Business Man (Acta 815) 1968
5. (E) Trust/I Remember Long Ago (Acta 829) 1968
6. (E) Beautiful Sun/I've Got To Be Going (Acta 831) 1968
7. ( ) Memphis City Letter/Last Thing On My Mind
       (Acta 834) 1969
8. ( ) Spinnin' n Whirlin' Around/New York City
       (Acta 835) 1969

Link removed. A re-issue on Now Sounds is available

Listen to I've Got To Be Going


Anonymous said...

I Just Love This Band Thank You Steven

Anonymous said...

Beautiful music for this unknow band for me. Thanks.

The Boy and the Cloud said...


Anonymous said...

Great stuff I bought this sealed at a department store for $.26.Did you know they did the original theme from 'The Brady Bunch'? Thanks much

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Great record - there seems to be never ending supply of sunshine pop from the 60s, much of which is pretty anonymous and instantly forgettable. but these are all strong songs - making it all the more inexplicable why the album hasn't turned up on CD. Had been looking for more of this group since hearing a couple of tunes on the Fading Yellow comps. Wonderful!

Steve Stanley said...


Great blog you have here. Could you please remove the sound files for this title as we (Now Sounds) are reissuing it with bonus tracks. We want the band to be able to make some royalties, so please understand.


Anonymous said...


Great blog! Now Sounds is reissuing this album on CD. We'd like to see the artists make some royalties, so could you please take down this download?


Danny Faragher said...


Outasight blog! Danny Faragher here. Hey, I just appeared on Steve Stanley's Now Sounds Show
on LuxuriaMusic Radio. We had a lot of fun recalling the L.A. music scene in the mid to late sixties. Plenty of info there for those who enjoy the Peppermint Trolley Company.
A podcast of the interview has been posted. Here's the link...