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Them - Them Again (1966)

From Belfast/Northen Ireland, this was mainly leadsinger Van Morrison's group. By the time they made their second album, "Them Again", the line-up was nearly totally changed. Only bass player Alan Henderson was left. After then the band split and Van Morrison launched a successful solo career whilst ex-members Jackie and his brother Pat McAuley formed the Belfast Gypsies. Alan Henderson headed to the US and recorded with new members under the name "Them" two fine late sixties-rock albums. On their eraly first two albums Them was a hot and spicy R&B group that could compete with every other band of that genre (Pretty Things, Animals, Rolling Stones ect.). They were also famous for making the two most covered garage-anthems popular, "I Can Only Give You Everything" and the self-penned "Gloria". Well, and their version of "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" is truly a classic. Heartly recommended. Rip is from the original US release (Parrot PAS 71008).

- Could You Would You
- Something You Got
- Call My Name
- Turn On Your Lovelight
- I Can Only Give You Everything
- My Lonely Sad Eyes
- Out Of Sight
- It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
- Bad Or Good
- How Long Baby
- Don't You Know
- Bring 'Em On In

Billy Harrison (gtr) [ABC]
Alan Henderson (bs) [ABCDEFGHIJ]
Ronnie Mellings (drms) [A]
Van Morrison (vcls, hrmnca, sax) [ABCDE]
Eric Wrixen (piano) [A]
Jackie McAuley (piano) [B]
Pat McAuley (drms) [BC]
Pete Bardens (piano) [CD]
Joe Boni (gtr) [D]
Terry Noon (drms) [D]
Jim Armstrong (gtr) [EFGH]
Ray Elliot (piano, sax) [EFG]
John Wilson (drms) [E]
Dave Harvey (drms) [FGH]
Kenny McDowell (vcls) [FGH]
Jim Cole (vcls) [I]
Jim Parker (lead gtr) [J]
John Stark (drms) [J]

Band origin:
Belfast (Northern Ireland/UK)

1. (B) Angry Young Them (Decca LK 4700) 1965
2. (E) Them Again (Decca LK 4751) 1966
3. (G) Now And Them (Tower ST 5104) 1968
4. (H) Time Out! Time In For Them (Tower ST 5116) 1968
5. (I) Them (Happy Tiger HT-1004) 1969
6. (J) In Reality (Happy Tiger HT-1012) 1971

[3.-6. US release]

 1. Don't Start Crying Now/One Two Brown Eyes
    (Decca F 11973) 1964
 2. Baby Please Don't Go/Gloria (Decca F 12018) 1964
 3. Here Comes The Night/All For Myself
    (Decca F 12094) 1965
 4. One More Time/How Long Baby? (Decca F 12175) 1965
 5. (It Wont Hurt) Half As Much/I'm Gonna Dress In Black
    (Decca F 12215) 1965
 6. Mystic Eyes/If You And I Could Be As Two
    (Decca F 12281) 1965
 7. Friday's Child/Time's Gettin' Tougher Than Tough
    (Decca AT 15075) 1966
 8. Call My Name/Bring 'Em On In (Decca F 12344) 1966
 9. Richard Cory/Don't You Know? (Decca F 12403) 1966
10. I Can Only Give You Everything/Don't Start Cryin' Now
    (Parrot 3006) 1966
11. How Long Baby/Mystic Eyes (Decca AT 15078) 1967
12. Gloria/Friday's Child (Major Minor MM 509) 1967
13. The Story Of Them Pts. 1 & 2 (Major Minor MM 513) 1967
14. Hello Josephine/Something You Got
    (Decca AT 15097) 1968
15. Walking In The Queen's Garden/I Happen To Love You
    (Ruff 1088) 1968
16. Square Room/But It's Alright (Tower 407) 1968
17. Waltz Of The Flies/We All Agreed To Help
    (Tower 461) 1969
18. I Am Waiting/Lonely Weekends (Happy Tiger 525) 1969
19. Memphis Lady/Nobody Cares (Happy Tiger 534) 1970

[7., 11., 14. Netherland release]
[10., 15.-19. US release]

1. (B) Them (Decca DFE 8612) 1965

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Could You Would You


El Isabelino said...

Thanks for this gem.Do you have ''Them - 1969 - Time Out Time In For Them''.Would truly appreciate it if you do.Gracias desde Puerto Rico.

Buffalo Billycan said...

I have it but you can find it easily on the ChrisGoesRock blogspot.
Time in - Time Out

François said...

Thank you. I love Them.

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Thanks, great to hear this on digital!