Sunday, December 2, 2007

Troll - Animated Music (1968)

This Chicago band was formerly known as The Trolls. They shortened their name to The Troll and released that fine album in 1968, which is full of nice harmonies and psychedelic touches. The reissue (Flashback 10) is from 1997.

- Satin City News
- Mr. Abernathy
- Fritz und Sweeney
- Everybody's child
- Solitude
- I've only myself to blame
- Professor Pott's pornographic projector
- Have you seen the queen
- Mourning of the day
- A winter's song
- Werewolf and witchbreath

Personnel incl.:
Richard Clark (organ, vcls)
Ken Apples (drms)
Max Jordan, Jr. (bs, vcls)
Richard Gallagher (gtr, vcls)
Ken Cortese (drms)

Band origin:
Chicago (Illinois/US)

1. Animated Music (Smash SRS 67114) 1968

1. Every Day And Every Night/Are You The One?
   (ABC Paramount 10823) 1966
2. Something Here Inside/Laughing All The Way
   (ABC Paramount 10884) 1966
3. There Was A Time/They Don't Know
   (ABC Paramount 10916) 1967
4. Who Was That Boy?/Baby, What You Ain't Got
   (ABC Paramount 10952) 1967
5. I've Got To Have You (one sided promo) (USA 905) 1968
6. I Got To Have You/Don't Come Around (USA 905) 1968
7. Satin City News/Professor Potts Pornographic Projector
   (Smash S-2208) 1969

[Tracks 1.-6. as The Trolls]

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Mr. Abernathy


Hippy dj kit-dj fanis said...

I was looking for this album.Thanks a lot...

Vinyl 6 said...

The reissue (Flashback 10) got it wrong:
track 9 is 'Mourning of the day' and 'A winter's' song' joined together
track 10 and 11 is' Werewolf and witchbreath' (splitted into two tracks),

Anonymous said...

This is an amusing album. I wouldn't call it great, but there are some great tracks, especially the novelty songs like "Professor Potts Pornographic Projector," which reimagines "Sgt. Pepper" as a dirty old man (heh heh).

"I've Only Myself to Blame" is a super-catchy ballad that might have had a chance at being a hit if it hadn't been put together montage-style.

-- Days of Broken Arrows

Anonymous said...

God bless you and your wonderful site. It is nice to see recordings I haven't seen in years on your blog.

Keep up the great work!!

Days of the Broken Arrows said...

I want to amend the comment I made above. This album does verge on great, in my opinion. The only thing that keeps it from total brilliance is its lack of focus -- it's all over the map musically (hard rock, Beatlesque comedy, etc.).

But the songs themselves are virtually all first-rate, even if they don't always blend. This band also released some singles as "The Trolls" before the album that are worth tracking down.

ThaMuteOne said...

one more single worth mentioning is Stupid Girl / I don't Recall . .This one being on warrior Records..with Stupid Girl being a take on the Rolling Stones.. and the flip a killer psych,organ stomper I don't Recall..

Buffalo Billycan said...

Oh yeah, "I don't recall" is a great song but as far as I know it was recorded by a Pueblo/Colorado band of the same name. They also had another 45 "That's The Way My Love Is/Into My Arms (Ruff 1010) 1966" and the A-Side is well worth hearing too. The line-up of these Trolls was Richard Gonzales (lead vcls, gtr), Doug Rymerson (lead gtr), Monte Baker (bs, vcls), Fred Brescher (organ), Phil Head (drms).