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Xit - Entrance (1974)

A group of Sioux Indians from Albuquerque/New Mexico. This album collects their early work in the sixties as they were known as the Lincoln Street Exit (nevertheless it was released under their then known name Xit). It contains their great acid punk-rocker "Sunny Sunday Dream" as well as some unreleased material. "Half A Man" for instance is a cool late sixties rocker, "Open Doorway" and "She's Upon Her Way" are pretty much in the sunshine-pop mould whilst "Orange Benevolence" and "Forever Or Not At All" are melancholic soft-rock ballads. Only the boring "Soulful Drifter" (their last 45 as Lincoln Street Exit) and the standard bluesy numbers "Mississippi Riverboat Gamblin' Man" and "St. Louis Mama" are a waste of time. All in all much better than their "Drive It" album. This is the re-release from 1996 (Sound Of America Records SOAR-145-CD).

- Half a man
- Open doorway
- Yellow man of Paris
- She's upon her way
- Orange Benevolence
- Mississippi Riverboat Gamblin' Man
- Sunny Sunday dream
- Soulful drifter
- St. Louis Mama
- Forever or not at all
- She's my everything

Personnel incl.:
Tom Bee (drms) [ABC]
R.C. Garis Jr. (ld gtr, vcls, keyb'ds) [AB]
Lee Herrera (drms, vcls, perc) [ABC]
A. Michael Martin (vcls, gtr) [A]
Mac Suazo (bs) [ABC]
Tyrone King [B]
Jomac Suazo [C]
Obie Sullivan [C]
Chili Yazzie

Band origin:
Albuquerque (New Mexico/US)

1. (A) Drive It! (Mainstream S/6126) 1970
2. (B) Plight Of The Red Man (Rare Earth R 536 L) 1972
3. (C) Silent Warrior (Rare Earth R 545 L) 1973
4. (A) Entrance (Canyon C 7114) 1974
5. ( ) Relocation (Canyon C 721) 1978

[1. as Lincoln St. Exit]

 1. Who's Been Driving My Little Yellow Taxi Cab/
    Paper Place (Lance 109/110) 1966
 2. The Bummer/Sunny Sunday Dream (Ecco ER 1001) 1967
 3. Whatever Happened To Baby Jesus part 1 /part 2
    (N/K) 196?
 4. Mississippi Riverboat Gamblin' Man/St. Louis Mama
    (Souled Out 104) 196?
 5. Soulful Drifter/Time Has Come, Gonna Die
    (Mainstream 722) 1969
 6. Open Doorway/Orange Benevolence
    (Audio Recording acetate) 196?
 7. Nihaa Shil Hozho (I Am Happy About You)/End
    (Rare Earth 5044) 1972
 8. Reservation Of Education/Color Nature Gone
    (Rare Earth 5055) 1973
 9. I Need Your Love (Give It To Me)/Movin' From The City
    (Motown 1304) 1974
10. Renegade/Cement Prairie (Motown 1320) 1974

[1.-6. as Lincoln St. Exit]

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Half A Man


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Hi friend, this album is a great discovery for me. Many thankx.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. A fantastic record.

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias. Un grupo muy bueno que nunca había oido hablar de ellos. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Thnx, great record, had it in vinyl. Won't have to rip it from there. The cover's colour was green though (and not yellow)

savageYHS said...

Great band!!
Here's their last album, RELOCATION(1977)(and best, as far as I'm concerned!*)
(219.35 MB - FLAC)