Wednesday, December 19, 2007

V.A. - Collecting Peppermint Clouds Vol. 3

The third and final effort of this fine set so far. Eventually they took a look on UK Pop and Psychedelia (Technicolor Dream Records T.D.R. 003 / 2002).

01. Cat's Eyes - Where Is She Now
taken from the single
Where Is She Now?/Tom Drum (Deram DM 251) 1969

Personnel incl.: William Filby (vcls), Roger Banning.
Band origin:
Evesham (Worcestershire/UK)
02. John Woolley & Just Born - Look And You Will Find
taken from the single
You're Lying/Look And You Will Find (Ronnex R 1428) 1971

Personnel: John Woolley (vcls, gtr, hrmnca), Jef "Jeff Stone" Van Den Steen (lead gtr), Luc Ardyns (rhythm gtr), Willy Van De Velde (bs), Jean-Pierre "De Champy" Germanus (drms).
Band origin:
Aalst (Belgium)
03. Sleepy - Love's Immortal Fire
taken from the single
Love’s Immortal Fire/Is It Really The Same (CBS 3592) 1968
Personnel: John "Sleepy" Redfurn (vcls, keyb’ds), Rodney Hill (gtr), Dave Forster (vcls, bs), Michael "Mick" Fowler (vcls, keyb’ds), John Deakin (sax), Ian Wallace (drms), Jon Anderson (vcls).
Band origin:
Birmingham (West Midlands/UK)
04. Julian Kirsch - Clever Little Man
taken from the single
Clever Little Man/Adventures Of A Young Cuckoo (Columbia DB 8541) 1969

Personnel: Julian Brook Smith (lead vcls, keyb’ds), Barry Kirsch (lead vcls, gtr), Paul Mason (bs), Paul Pinder (drms).
Band origin:
Canterbury (Kent/UK)
05. Paul Jones - The Dog Presides
taken from the single
And The Sun Will shine/The Dog Presides (Columbia DB 8379) 1968

Personnel incl.: Paul Jones (vcls).
Band origin:
London (UK)
06. Sleepy - Is It Really The Same
see Track 3
07. Cat's Eyes - The Wizzard
taken from the single
The Wizzard/Hey Open Your Eyes (MCA MK 5056) 1970

Personnel/Band origin: see Track 1
08. Screaming Lord Sutch - The Cheat
taken from the single
The Cheat/Black And Hairy (CBS 202080) 1966

Personnel (1965-66): Lord sutch [real name David Sutch] (vcls) [ABC], Ritchie Blackmore (lead gtr) [A], Avid Anderson [real name Andy Anderson] (bs) [A], Tornado Evans [real name Jimmy Evans] (drms) [A], Bill Parkinson (gtr, vcls) [B], Tony Dangefield (bs) [BC], Paul Raymond (organ) [B], Brian Keith [real name Brian O'Shea] (trombone, vcls) [B], Carlo Little (drms) [BC], Johnny Bedder (gtr) [C], Tony Marsh (piano) [C], Peter Green (alto sax) [C]
Band origin:
London [UK]
09. Mike Batt - Suddenly
taken from the single
Your Mother Should Know/Suddenly (Liberty LBF 15210) 1969

Personnel incl.: Mike Batt (vcls, keyb'ds).
Band origin:
London (UK)
10. Esprit De Corps - Do You Remember Me
taken from the single
Lonely/Do You Remember Me (Jam JAM 32) 1973

Personnel: David Ballantyne, Mike Read.
Band origin:
London (UK)
11. Hayden Wood - The House Beside The Mine
taken from the single
The House Beside The Mine/The Lady Wants More (NEMS 56-4499) 1970

Personnel incl.: Hayden Wood [real name Tony Jones] (vcls, piano).
Band origin:
Wellington (New Zealand)
12. Act - Cobbled Streets
taken from the single
Cobbled Streets/One Heart (Columbia DB 8179) 1967

Personnel: Brian Patton (vocals), John Dennis (lead guitar), Michael Gangham (bass), David Simpson (drums).
Band origin:
Dagenham (Essex/UK)
13. Subterranean Monastery - Realistic Patterns
taken from the single
Curiosity/Realistic Patterns (RCA 479512) 1968

Personnel: unknown.
Band origin:
14. Kaplan - I Like
taken from the single
Do You Believe In Magic/I Like (Philips BF 1636) 1968

Personnel incl.: Kaplan Kaye.
Band origin:
London (UK)

Get it here (Artwork included / vinyl rip)

Listen to Cat's Eyes: Where Is She Now

Listen to Kaplan: I Like


frumious bandersnatch said...

great serie of comps, in the spirit of Rubble. Just essential to any popsike fan ! thanks a lot !!!


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thanks friend, keep up the good work

jojo said...

Thanks for this vol.

Anonymous said...

It's psych!!! Thanks. Another incredible vol.

ufo said...

An XLNT series! tanx for the share, i do have one of these on vinyl and still are looking for the others.
Good job, tanx again.

Lurker said...

Excellent addition to the series. Can't stop listening to it - especially the last 3 tracks. Thank you!

Elton Dong said...

Thanks so much for your hard work I hope to download a lot of the stuff on your blogg and I think its done so well with artwork and a choice of links this is one of the best bloggs anything I/we can do to help?
all the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi! What is the track AFTER the Kaplan track on the listening stream?? Loads and loads of phazing. I love it! What is it so I can try and track a copy down! Disco Dan - (May 2011)

Buffalo Billycan said...

The song is called "Trust In Men Everywhere" by T.I.M.E. (see post from December 19, 2007).

Jan said...

This is very good stuff to hear.