Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tages - Studio (1967)

Fourth and final album by this swedish band from Gothenburg. Freakbeat and Psychedelic-Pop as good (or better) as any UK-group. Re-issue is from 1998 (Parlophone/EMI 724349428522).


- Have you seen your brother lately
- It's my life
- Like a woman
- People without faces
- I left my shoes at home
- She is a man
- Seeing with love
- Created by you
- What's the time
- It's in a dream
- She's having a baby now
- The old man Wafwer

[Bonus tracks]
- There's a blind man playing fiddle in the street
- Fantasy island
- To be free
- I read you like an open book
- Halcyon days

Tommy Blom (vcls, tamb) [ABCD]
Göran Lagerberg (bs, vcls) [ABCD]
Danne Larsson (gtr, vcls) [ABCD]
Anders Töpel (gtr, vcls) [ABCD]
Freddie Skantze (drms) [AB]
Tommy Tausis (drms) [BC]
Lasse Svensson (drms) [D]

Band origin:
Gothenburg (Sweden)

1. (A) Tages (Platina PALP 3001) 1965
2. (B) Tages 2 (Platina PALP 3002) 1966
3. ( ) Extra Extra (Platina PALP 3003) 1966
4. (C) Contrast (Parlophone PMCS 313) 1967
5. (D) Studio (Parlophone PMCS 316) 1967
6. ( ) The Best Of Tages (Platina PALP 3005) 1967
7. ( ) Forget Him (Platina PALP 3007) 1968
8. ( ) Good Old Tages (Odeon 4E 054-34002) 1969

 1. Sleep little girl/Tell me you're mine
    (Platina PA 102) 1964
 2. I should be glad/I cry (Platina PA 103) 1965
 3. Don't turn your back/Hound dog (Platina PA 104) 1965
 4. The one for you/I got my mojo working
    (Platina PA 105) 1965
 5. Bloodhound/Whatcha gonna do about it
    (Platina PA 109) 1965
 6. So many girls/I'm mad (Platina PA 115) 1966
 7. I'll be doggone/Hitch hike (Platina PA 121) 1966
 8. I'm the man you're looking for
    (Bildjournalen Flexi) 1966
 9. In my dreams/Leaving here (Platina PA 122) 1966
10. Crazy 'bout my baby/Go (Platina PA 125) 1966
11. Miss Mac Baren/Get up an' get goin'
    (Platina PA 130) 1966
12. Secret room/Friday on my mind (Platina PA 131) 1967
13. Every raindrop means a lot/Look what you get
    (Parlophone SD 6004) 1967
14. Gone too far/Understanding (Platina PA 134) 1967
15. I'm going out/Fuzzy patterns (Parlophone SD 6005) 1967
16. She's having a baby now/Sister's got a boyfriend
    (Parlophone SD 6009) 1967
17. One red, one yellow, one blue/True fine woman
    (Platina PA 139) 1967
18. Treat her like a lady/Wanting
    (Parlophone SD 6011) 1967
19. Dancing in the street/Those rumours
    (Platina PA 141) 1967
20. Mohair Sam/Ride your pony (Platina PA 145) 1967
21. There's a blind man playing fiddle in the street/
    Like a woman (Parlophone SD 6024) 1968
22. Doctor Feel-good/Dimples (Platina PA 149) 1968
23. Fantasy island/To be free (Parlophone SD 6036) 1968
24. I read you like an open book/Halcyon days
    (Parlophone SD 6054) 1968

1. Don't turn your back/Forget him/Donna/Hound dog
   (Platina PAEP 2001) 1965
2. TAGES: Sleep little girl/Tell me you're mine/
   I should be glad/I cry (Platina PAEP 2002) 1966
3. HITS VOL 1: Sleep little girl/I should be glad/
   Don't turn your back/The one for you
   (Platina PAEP 2005) 1967
4. HITS VOL 2: In my dreams/Bloodhound/So many girls/
   I'll be doggone (Platina PAEP 2006) 1967
5. HITS VOL 3: Miss Mac Baren/Crazy 'bout my baby/
   Secret room/Gone too far (Platina PAEP 2007) 1967

1. Long Tall Sally
   (Expressens Drömband E.P. »PR 4003«) 1966
2. My home town
   (Popligan »PRH 5003«) 1967

Link removed. A re-issue is available again on RPM

Listen to Have You Seen Your Brother Lately


Anonymous said...

Great album. I have the cd reissue.
We used to play "just like a woman" with my band The Indikation.

Anonymous said...

I'm do not really know what's happening in todays 60's garage/psych-revival scene but if you ever come with your band near Frankfurt let me know.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. We disbanded earlier this year. Please Check out

Anonymous said...

Great album! And my first chance to hear it =) Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic album, easily one of the best made in the 60s. What's more the bonus tracks are as good as the album tracks. I can't believe Tages are still almost completely unknown today.

aldo said...

I was just having a look around, went back and listened to TAGES a lot lately that resulted in a post in my blog...
This is perhaps their best as an album, plenty of great stuff all through their records, many of them, in fact this is their FIFTH album, after Tages, Tages 2, Extra Extra and Contrast, maybe this last one an even better album!
what about OLA & The JANGLERS 2nd and 3rd LP anyone?
the Indikation, from!
i like their album and especially the single before it!

Anonymous said...

Tages was a band from Gothenburg (Göteborg)not Stockholm.

Buffalo Billycan said...

You're definitely right. They were from Gothenburg. Thanks for the correction.

cgm said...

Thanks for this album - I was unaware of it until recently, and it's very good indeed - should be much better known. Classic pop-psych. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!