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T.I.M.E. - Time/Smooth Ball (1968-69)

T.I.M.E. stands for Trust In Men Everywhere. They were from Los Angeles and the guitarists Larry Byrom and Bill Richardson had their origins in The Hardtimes who released one album and five 45's, all on the World Pacific label. The first T.I.M.E. longplayer is a pretty good mixture of psychedelic, sunshine pop and late sixties rock. On "Smooth Ball", their second and final release, they were shown in a heavier format. It contains "Trust In Men Everywhere", to my ears one of their strongest and most psychedelic songs. See For Miles released both albums on one CD in 1996 (See For Miles C5HCD 643). To complete their history I have attached their only non-LP A-side from their last single, "What Would Life Be Without It".

[T.I.M.E. / 1968]
- Tripping Into Sunshine
- Label It Love
- Finder's Keepers
- Love You, Cherish You
- Make It Alright
- Let The Colors Keep On
- You Changed It All
- I Really Love You
- Make Love To You
- I Can't Find It
- What Can It Be
- Take Me Along

[Smooth Ball / 1969]
- Preparation G
- Leavin' My Home
- See Me As I Am
- I Think You'd Cry
- I'll Write A Song
- Lazy Day Blues
- Do You Feel It
- Flowers
- Morning Come
- Trust In Men Everywhere

- What Would Life Be Without It

Larry Byrom (gtr) [AB]
Bill Richardson (gtr) [AB]
Steve Rumph (drms) [A]
Nick St. Nicholas (bs) [A]
Pat Couchois (drms) [B]
Richard Tepp (bs) [B]

Band origin:
Los Angeles (California/US)

1. T.I.M.E. (Liberty LST 7558) 1968
2. Smooth Ball (Liberty LST 7605) 1969

1. Make It Alright/Take Me Along (Liberty 56020) 1968
2. What Would Life Be Without It/Tripping Into Sunshine
   (Liberty 56060) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Make It Alright

Listen to Trust In Men Everywhere


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