Sunday, December 2, 2007

McGough & McGear (1968)

An album I was full of expactations because of the involvement of Jimi Hendrix, Spencer Davis, Dave Mason, Paul McCartney, John Mayall and Gary Walker, but as I have heard it I was a bit disappointed. "So much" and "Ex art student" are great. "Do you remember" brings the late Syd Barrett to mind. "Living room" is ok. Too bad that the other tracks are more or less (weak) pop songs or poems by Roger McGough. But maybe I'm unfair. Decide yourself.

This is the cd-reissue from 1989 (EMI CDP 7918772).

- So much
- Little bit of heaven
- Basement flat
- From: »Frink, a life in the day of« and »Summer with Monika« - Prologue
a) Moanin'
b) Anji
- From: »Frink, a life in the day of« and »Summer with Monika« - Epilogue
- Come close and sleep now
- Yellow book
- House in my head
- Mr. Tickle
- Living room
- Do you remember
- Please don't run too fast
- Ex art student

Mike McGear (vcls)
Roger McGough (vcls)

Band origin:
Liverpool (Merseyside/UK)

1. McGough And McGear (Parlophone PCS 7047) 1968

Get it here (Artwork included)

Listen to Ex-Art Student


Anonymous said...

I agree this album is a bit of clunker. I just got this album a month ago after quite a few years of looking for a reasonably priced copy. Still, it has at least 3 good songs.

Psycedelic fan said...

I love this one. A loose humorous record. Psychedelic pop, poetry and comedy numbers. swinging London 60's suff. If you're expecting a boogie woogie album, and/or doesn't have a sense of humor, you probably will be dissapointed.

Jay said...

(Mike) McGear is Paul McCartney's brother.